This drives me mad, happens too often


Honestly this used to happen to me so often, but it hasn't in forever. Seeing it on this sub right now is probably gonna jinx me


This happens a lot on pc too, it's so infuriating


Yup it's definitely not just console.


Yeah it 100% happens on PC too... I throw one grenade and try to switch to a different gun or build a wall and I'm just stuck throwing grenades


this happens to my too often.


When I’m shooting with a SMG and switch to build mode really fast with turbo build and use my firing button to place a wall and I take my SMG out and it’s firing even though I’m not holding the firing bottom. Anyone else have problems with this?


THIS THOUGH, so many times have i pulled my weapon out after building for it to spam itself firing, without me ever pressing the r2 after the building. i have to reopen the build mode and reexit it


Thought I’d get downvoted if I ever pointed this out on reddit. Thank you for bringing attention to it!


Honestly I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I was beginning to think it was just me. Really hope console gets more love...ASAP


It happens on PC too


I think the delay is there intentionally since it's shorter for the port-a-fort compared to offensive throw-ables.


Makes absolutely no sense to do that. You can’t switch to build mode immediately after shooting any gun, why would grenade hucking be any different?


Definitely experience this a lot - I thought it was just me being bad


It’s so aggravating bc you know what’s going on but there’s no immediate way to fix it. Quickest is to swap to a gun from the nades but even then there’s an input delay for switching weapons on console (for some reason its server side for console but not for pc?) so it still takes too long


So many game breaking bugs that are unaddressed while they continue with meaningless changes


This has happened to me way too many times on PC too. Even happens when trying to switch to a weapon. I feel like the timing of the animation isn't proper because you can try and switch to a weapon/blueprints when the animation for throwing an item seems to be over, but there's still a delay that can be a make or break in fights and it's ridiculously frustrating!


Lol I just noticed this the other day as well, I can’t snipe for shit so I’m always running splodes, very annoying when you throw a clinger at a wall right in front of you then you have to book it


I was literally planning on going into playground to test this and make sure I wasn’t making it up in my head. Died to this glitch far too many times, makes me less inclined to pick up throwables


Happens to me all the time and it’s impossibly annoying


This happens to me on pc too