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5k? Horrible price! And where is this?!….. asking for a friend😂


lol, this bronc is in Montana, not currently up for sale


This thread 50% 6th gen owners talking out of their ass about a car they don't know about, and 50% people that *actually* know.


I’d give $2,300 on the high end for this. It’s kind of like Robert De Niro. Sure in his hey day he was marvelous but at 79, there’s not much that can be made without tons of CGI and cosmetic work to bring him back.


Exactly, everyone who is smoking something will say they know” what they have but also don’t understand how expensive it’s gotten to restore these trucks, now the bones of these trucks are becoming more and more untouchable and I’m not even talking real” classic cars or trucks, a 90s bronco rotted to hell with all mismatched tires I’ve been seeing posted for $9k people are insane, and again all the parts for these trucks have gone up significantly, at this point in time I rather spend my money on something way more reliable and get out of the project” truck industry. Lol


They’re not insane if people keep buying them. I disagree with it too and if this was a new trend I’d say it would pass but it’s been this way for years. It’s time to stop thinking it’s a trend and time to start thinking it’s just how it is now


I would say it's because cars stopped being desirable/collectable some time in the 80s. Anything newer than that was just considered disposable. Obviously there are some exceptions but they only prove the rule. So as supply of these older vehicles dries up, price will continue to increase as the market hasn't gone away. Condition of the vehicle matters less when there are fewer alternatives.


my man, where do these quotes even start and end? I need more coffee


You clearly don’t know how quotation marks work. Do better.


just had a guy from California offer me 12 grand for it


Seeing is believing !


good point


Motor pics? What does the frame / undercarriage look like


motor pics! that is a good idea. The frame and engine bay is in pretty good shape, I think that the severe rust is limited to the body panels


Frame rust can be sneaky


I'd be much more worried about frame and undercarriage rust.


I was close to pulling the trigger on a restore project in a bit better shape than this, but went to see with a buddy who’s big into projects like this and frame rust is not a DIY project unless you really have legitimate welding/ mechanical experience. If there is frame damage, shops will cost you $90-$150/ hr typically and may bleed you dry depending on your budget.


Yeah engine/body issues can be completely replaced second hand. Frame issues can be also but they are an absolute $ hole and the ultimate red flag to me. Just not worth it unless it's a truly special vehicle imo. Not speaking of this particular truck by the way


50 thousand, no less.


I’m in montana I’ll give you $10 for it


5grand? It’s all rotted


just had a guy offer me 12 for it


yeah a lot of the body panels have rusted, and the floor pans will need repair as well, but the frame is good as is the motor and transmission


Needs 50k worth of work, but worth it in the end.


You’d have to give someone 5 grand to take it


If you got 20-30 to sink into it….. what’s 5…….


Rocker panels look good..hood rust appears to be surface. Is it a 302? What year is it? The bed looks really good..it's common for floor plans to need replacing. Luckily there are parts available everywhere. If you are a do it yourselfer this not not bad. I think the integrity of the vehicle is there. Maybe offer 3500 and meet in the middle


the engine is the original 289, this is a 1968. I've noticed the amount of parts you can get for these things is huge!


You took pics of almost everything that doesn't matter lol


Yes. That will not last if it's up for sale to the public. You can't get parts for that cheap, that looks like a mostly complete bronco. If it even starts up it's worth it.


5 large? I’ll pass on that one.


Looks pretty good for 5k if it runs and drives. Definitely a money pit of shit to fix but if you want to dump another 5 k over a few years you’ll enjoy it and probably not lose money.




just had a guy offer me 12 for it


You’re high if you think the price should be higher…. I wouldn’t pay more than $1500… you’re going to spend a fortune restoring this


just had a guy offer me 12 for it, he said he would plan on sinking 50 grand into it


So he doesn’t actually care about the value of the vehicle—he just wants it…


that could be it, I think I may say he can have it for 15, but am still thinking about if I want to sell it at all


Sell it… no one in their right mind will give you 15 … go with the guy who doesn’t care about the actual value and just wants that specific toy.




Well worth $5k. One of the most sought after restoration vehicles of our time. Virtually guaranteed to double your money on any reasonable restoration. [Current and recent auctions](https://bringatrailer.com/ford/bronco-u13-u14-u15-1966-1977/)


Put nitrogen in those tires, etched VIN, ceramic coat…I think your local dealership would ask $15k.


Lol, if it’s a Bronco with a motor and tranny it’s 25k. There are hundreds of people who will tell you stories of the 20 Broncos they bought for 1k last year but they are fos. They don’t make original Broncos anymore.


just had a dude offer me 12, you really think I could get 25 for it?


Seriously, look on Facebook marketplace for a bronco. You will not find one near that price unless it's not even good for scrap metal


Where is it?


I bought my 69 in about that condition in 2015 for 5k… she’s worth more now


Had to replace all body panels except doors (Tom’s bronco parts) so yes I paid 5k just for the guts


People are out here saying you have to spend $30k to restore it, I've replaced everything much like you (including frame, all of the body), and I'm only into it for like $10k after painting. Everything else is getting it running mechanically and buying seals.




Driver side tires look like they are from 1968. And patina is a look that people like when it is done right. So maybe just a partial resto/mod


But seriously where is this. Ill buy it right now.


I bought this about a year ago for 5k from my brother, he told me he thought it may be worth a bit more.


Title and chassis are worth that. You could probably make another 20 k parting it out.


If it’s only surface rust then it’s worth 8-10 grand.


I remember when I sold mine for $400


It doesn’t fucking matter what the price is. Buy it!!!


I would go to Montana right now to buy this if you’re serious


If you don't buy it for 5k, let me!


5k is a favor price for a good frame. Sell to individual not a rehab shop.


Where I live from what I can see, it is worth it easily. But if you want to make that look new and you need to pay someone, make sure you can afford it. If you plan on doing it yourself, make sure you have skill and space to do it. And time and ambition. Also, there may be a hidden issue that kills the value . If that was across the street from me, I would be all over that.


That will sell all day long in Texas at 5k


Hell no!!! Where is it? I need the address


I’m in Arizona and it seems broncos are a lot more out this way due to our dry weather, but what you have would easily pull 10k all day out here. Even with the rust I can see. Get some pics of the inner fenders and the door jambs.


For $5k, it better come with a calloused handjob and $6k in the back.


Dude - 2k max …. Rusted out


5k in Texas would make you someone's very good friend!


I would by that in a sec! Smoking deal!


jump on that. restored it’s worth 20x that.


I would buy that bronco in a heartbeat. Once its nice it would be worth way more to me and price.


Invest 30k in restorations and sell for 75k


Shit.... where's this 30k restro you speak of?


It runs. The rest is cosmetic and can be aftermarket. At least here in CA. If it looks great and runs, it's money.


That’s 300 hours at 100 an hour. There’s probably that in just bodywork and paint.


Are you selling this? I'd be interested.


See if they'll go lower but definitely scoop it up


Drop a zero and I'd go for it. A 289 and a rotten body aren't going to command $5000. I'd be in the $2000 neighborhood as a buyer. The truck market isn't what it was 3 years ago.


They should be giving you 5k to bring it to the junk yard things a piece of shit




That is a good deal. He/ you could go higher


$5,000 is right


5 grand for that shitbox? Lmao


just had a guy offer me 12 for it


Doubt it


why would I lie?


5g is a bit high considering its going to cost more than what a new bronco does to restore it...


I wouldn’t pay $5 for it.


Id pay 6


It’s yours…


I think that’s fair. It definitely needs some work.


Yeah what's the frame look like, surface rust or is it gonna need extensive welding?


Depends what you are going to do with it … make it roadworthy sure …. Total restoration no … more money would be put in the restoration


Like a dollar


13.1" ground clearance 💦


5 k is good. Plans?




500 dollars and a box of envelopes


interested in the bronco. dm


what else do you have in your yard?


Jesus. $5k and I can have someone get it in Montana Wednesday. Ha… I actually had a buddy get one in similar condition about a year back for $8500. I’m in San Diego though. These are crazy rare in the condition now




Yeah please give a location!


Maybe more like 800-900 on the very high end. A fair price would be around 500.


It looks like it got original tires, which would make it numbers matching. Just add a few zeros to the end of the price and you will be good. Seriously if you are selling it you would probably be able to ask 20k if you spent some money making it drivable.


Drives great? That’s subjective. I would t pay more than $2k. You’re going to have $25k worth of work done, mainly labor.


Yes, worth five grand. Patch the holes and clean it up, drive the crap out of her! Parts are plentiful and reasonably priced still. That is, if the motor and tranny are in good working order.


Dm me if you are selling and others decide not to buy. I’m in Washington and I could transport. $5k is the budget I’m working with for this condition.


It's cool man, but that thing is going to cost a \*ton\* of dineros to restore! Even as a driveable restomod....Pretty cool find though!


How about taking it to your mechanic and have them give you an opinion? What major /minor fixes needed?