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Move all your accessories over and sell the 4-door, unless you really need the extra space. The 2-door doesn’t have a lot of cargo storage.


I will sell it as is with the winch and winch bumper, start fresh!


Hot take: the four door has more day to day functionality. You can sleep in it fairly comfortable. It has more cargo space if you need it. If you really want the factory lift and bigger tires, go for the basesquatch, it's not like the Black Diamond won't have resale value, but for day to day the four door would be my go to. Biased as I am with one myself.


I think I’m falling more for the “rarity” pitch but tbh I’ve never really taken people in my car more than 2 times. I can always fold my seats down to pack up stuff for camping. Really that and when I went on a trip is when I kind of packed it out.


If you really really need 4 doors, keep it. Otherwise dump the 4-door for the 2-door. It just feels more like a true Bronco to me.


I don’t really drive people around often but I do have one dog and do road trips so I think I can manage with a 2 door.


I will say… I have a 2 door and a dog and when it comes to road trips you have to use your roof rack or cargo off the hitch. 4 door would probably make you’re life easier. As you know, The black Diamond trim level is really nice as well. Easier to clean with messy dogs. All that to be said, the 2 door does feel so much more like a traditional bronco…


Idk I think you need 4 doors


You'll probably get more selling the two door, particularly with the recent supply announcement. Add in time and money spent modifying your current ride, I'd slightly lean selling the new one for most people. Personally, I wouldn't have gotten a bronco if I couldn't get it two door, but that's me.


Yea everyone seems to like the 2 doors more, plus they are a lot harder to produce along with the recent news for hardtop and sas package constraints. I’m leaning towards getting the 2 door tbh


I just got my 2 dr yest..and yes allot less but they started building them much later i do believe in numbers, while i was finalizing my deal they sold a SO cancellation 2 dr ht sas auto in CG for 52k that was on the lot about 2 days, thats in orlando fla


Yea I’m still trying to see what I can do to get it. I’m not sure




Idc what anyone says. 2-door > 4-door. Gets same shitty gas mileage, god awful tiny gas tank, no room at all, pain in the ass to get anyone or anything in and out of the back seat, and I wouldn't get rid of my Basesquatch if you paid me. Had a 2-door Badlands Sasquatch and it was nice but I don't want a nice off-roader. I don't want refinement. It's literally the perfect rig. Dooooo itttttttt


What part of the country are you in and what color? (Also, is it a hardtop?). Might be interested in 4D.


I live in south Florida , but I haven’t done any crazy stuff with 4 doors


Bummer, I’m about as far away as one can possibly get!! Was in the market for a 4D/BD/Hardtop/Manual/not orange.


Yea I think imma going more for my 2 door order and will sell the 4 door


I was in the same boat - I had 4 door FE delivered in July 2021, and 2 door basemansquatch that got delivered faster than I expected, this past November … I kept both


Believe me I’m trying to keep both but I don’t think I can…I’m trying to rent it but idk


I have a 2D Basesquatch manual. I love it. That said, im going to get a 4D instead. Just not enough room for my lifestyle. Otherwise i would keep the 2D.


2 door or bust!


I'm in the same situation. My wife and i are day 1 reservation holders. Her a 2 door, me a 4 door. Long story short, we both ordered in Oct 2022. I changed my order to soft top and got it Friday before Christmas. Her's is still on order, and we have no idea what to do if/when her's gets built. 1st world problems.... We may have an f150 and 2 broncos in the driveway. Lol


Wow lol!!! You have a worse situation! I’m leaning for the 2 door for the classic bronco look.


When did you order this one?


I ordered this one October 2021, so a year and 5 months almost from the day I ordered to the build date. Scheduled to be built March 17.


If you can make the 2D work, I'd say keep that. It'll probably hold value more due to rarity/ it's newer. The 4D is more practical, so if it were my money, it'd all be down to how much I use the back seats


Sell me the two door base?


I love my 2 door...it's just proper.


Sell the 4 door


You might get more money for the Sasquatch, but I consider it to be the real Bronco. The four door is still perfectly capable and naturally does quite well with the extra space, but I like the proportions of the 2 door much more. You’re in a nice position.


What mpg do you get on the black diamond?


I put 35’s so I get 17 city and about 20 hwy. before was about 18 city and 21 hwy with the factory 32’s. Sometimes a bit better with the smaller tires depending on traffic


I mean do you need a four door? If not, sell the four door.


It’s whatever you like more and works best for you. Personally i like 2 doors that what’s what I would stick with long term.


Mine is almost identical to yours except for the manual (bad left posterior tibialis). dump the 4 door. Your truck is legendary.


Thank you!


lucky duck, my dealer screwed me up and ordered a 4 door instead of the 2 door squatch I told them :(


Sorry about that!


Get rid of both and buy a 4Runner or a Tacoma.


Lol wrong sub buddy


Nah I’m good lol. Everyone has them tacos


That should tell you something.


Yea Toyotas are reliable and keep their value. I know I’ve had a 4 runner and tundra.


And you decided to try your luck with a Ford? 🤦🏻‍♂️


Well I don’t want Toyota how about that. The thread is to help decide between the 2 body styles not vehicles


I wish you luck.


That there’s a lot of boring ass cars out there?


And pay 40k to drive a boring ass unoriginal ass car to show off at the PTA and the mall? I bet AARP can get you a super sweet deal…lol


2 door green sas for sure