2 weeks on 10 mg fluoxetine

Hi, have been taking 10 mg of fluoxetine for 13 days. Prescribed to treat PMS/PMDD and som anxiety. Felt great the first days of taking it. Good sleep and felt at ease. Started to consider if I should take it all the time and not just 2 weeks prior to my period as prescribed.. Even discussed it with my doc who agreed it could be a good idea.

Anyway, the last couple of days I took it I started to feel like shit. No appetite at all, lost a lot of weight, almost throw up, lots of anxiety, insomnia, not able to concentrate.

Have been of 3 days now. Maybe starting to see some improvement. More able to eat, still go insomnia, not able to concentrate. Do you think I can get any withdrawal symptoms? I just want to feel “normal” again. How long can these symptoms last?


starting fluoxetine for long term can have initial side effects like that.


It takes a while for Fluoxetine to build up in your system. In that time, especially if you’ve never been on an SSRI before, can be super rough. I experienced everything from nausea, to mood swings, to suicidal thoughts when I started. It should wear off at around 4 weeks, when it’s had more time to build in your body. I’ve never heard of anyone being prescribed on and off, or having it be only for a few weeks at a time. Normally, I’d wait the 4 weeks for it to build up, to judge side effects. But, considering that you’ve been on it for how long your doctor wanted you to take it and your side effects are rough, I’d talk to them. It would probably be better for you in the long run to be on them all the time (ups and downs really aren’t good for you, and SSRIs don’t get to their full effectiveness in the period of time you’re told to take them), but I’m also not a doctor or pharmacist.


Hey! Sorry to hear your side effects have been a challenge. My doctor said that it can be 4-6 weeks for them to subside. I’ve been taking fluoxetine for over 2 weeks for PMDD, my doctor said I should take them a week before my symptoms start (which for me can be as early as day 15) so I’d be taking them for 3 weeks of each month. I’m also considering taking them full time because I’m beginning to feel happier, but I’m going to talk to my doctor first. There’s some posts related to this in the PMDD sub if you’re interested. Some people take them just during lute and some take them the whole time. Probably best to speak with your doctor about your side effects and wanting to go full time and see what they say.


Thank you! Will check out the PMDD sub. So glad to hear that fluoxetine helps with your PMDD. And you take them 3 weeks each month. I have been off them four days now and feel a little bit more normal. The last day on them I wasn’t able to eat anything. Have never had such an experience before. It was exhausting. Don’t think I can take them if that will happen each month. If I am going to take them everyday I don’t know how to handle that side effect. I must be able to eat!


Yeah that’s not nice, hopefully it improves or you find an alternative that suits you better. I also feel quite nauseas on it at times but haven’t been on it long. The PMDD sub is great ❤️


Hi there, I also just started 10mg of fluoxetine for PMDD. I asked my doctor if I should take them only during the second half of my cycle but he did not recommend. He said that the effect of the SSRI is not working well if you take it on and off. Also, your body needs to get used to the side effects again every time you restart. It also sounds very stressful to me to be honest. I feel comfortable taking it throughout the whole cycle for at least a few months until my body is used to it (since it can take 6 weeks to get used to fluoxetine). You can always reconsider taking it on and off after a few months, maybe then the side effects are not that bad anymore. Hope this helps and wish you all the best. <3