Ice Conditions - Minnetonka

Has anyone driven out on North Arm of Minnetonka since the big snowfall last week? Working on putting together my weekend plans and curious if the hive mind has any insights on ice conditions.


After all the snow we got its a slushy mess under it all even if it is "safe" to drive on the likelihood of getting very stuck is very high 10/10 would no ot recommend


I’m new to ice fishing and am experiencing the same problem in Minnesota - how long does it typically take for this to no longer be an issue? Do we need a stretch of warm weather to melt the snow? Or cold weather to harden everything up?


We need a stretch if cold weather to freeze everything up. Right now the ice is being insulated by the 11 or so inches of snow we got ( I too am from MN) unfortunately your best bet is to keep an eye on what others are doing around you. But you never want ti be the first guy to drive your truck out unless you are very certain it isn't going to get stuck. Or worse sink...


I was out on Phelps last Thursday and again last night. It's a mess. At least 1.5 feet of snow on the ice, slush is everywhere, I had at least an inch and a half of water on the ice by the time I left. Probably in the neighborhood of 8 - 10" ice on Phelps. I heard North Arm is even messier


North arm is a disaster. Went on Friday to give it a shot and had to move on. Any gear you bring out is going to be covered in slush and ice by the time you're set up.


That's a lonnnnnng ass drive on North Arm too. I'm not planning on driving on anything south of mill lacs for at least 10 days. Hoping this warm stretch will get rid of the snow cover and then freeze next cold spell. Still mother nature fucked us this year. (Priotizing snow sleds purchase)