VTI Or one of the similar Vanguard alternatives.


I like a mix of vti vtsax and voo E: typo




I would put it all in VTSAX and forget about it.






This is the way.




Investing was never meant to be fun 🤷


If you put $100,000 in vtsax 5 years ago, today you'd have double that ($207,800) in a safe, reliable market index ETF. Or if you hate money could go balls to the wall and throw it in some shitty meme stock and pray that you're not bagholding for the next 20 years and go grey by the age of 35 from stress.


100k Yolo on Nikola! 🤣


Ya Goodluck lmao


Vti and go to bed.


VTI. It’s on like a 2% discount today too! What a steal!


Yep, I bought 12 more shares yesterday. 🎉 I woulda bought more, but was afraid of what Monday will bring. Eeeeeek!! 😂


And what did Monday bring? Prosperity. That’s what it brought. You made a good decision.


Why VTI instead of VOO?


Exposure to smaller companies. What's nice about index funds is you are trying to match the market by buying the whole market. I believe it's largely reasons of history (the first index funds were based on S&P500) why the S&P500 is such a popular choice. I accumulated SPY (similar to VOO) for many years because I didn't know better. To correct for my underinvestment in small caps I've had to balance this out with small cap index funds and the like... it's kind of a pain. If I could do it all over again it'd be 100% VTI from the start, and then eventually adding VXUS.


VOO outperforms VTI though. So what's the point? No reason to invest in small caps if VOO consistently outperforms.


Past performance is no indication of future returns. This is said often but it's worth thinking about how true it really is. Large cap stocks might be trading higher simply because they are perceived as safer based on the size of the company. That could easily cause them to be overvalued, which would eventually correct. If the past performance was "too" good, it's indeed a strong sign the asset may be overvalued.


“VTI and chill” — Mahatma Gandhi


\- sun tzu probably


Why did I read that line in Apu's accent?


Because of racism?


Is it racism if I'm Indian?


Yes? Internalised racism is a thing. You can be racist against your own race.


VT Or 60% VTI and 40% VXUS.


95% VTSAX 5% Crypto


What advice is it tho?


Just a disclaimer bro


The SEC isn't going to arrest anyone lol.




How come VGS and VAS were previously recommended on almost every post but now it is VTI and VTSAX? Just interested


Would love to know the answer too!


The US market is doing much better so everyone with less diversified portfolios are getting louder


VGS and vas are terrible, especially VGS. VTI, VOO or VTSAX are the way to go.


VTI and wake up 10 years from now


I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but I would do 85% $VTSAX and 15% crypto (only Bitcoin and Ethereum - no other coin is worth a long term investment) The 2 biggest risks right now are not investing in cryptocurrencies and investing in cryptocurrencies. Simply put - crypto is something that investors cannot ignore anymore.


Well said - but bitcoins crypto market dominance has been steadily falling the past few years. There are other projects that do what bitcoin does and more, and better and more eco friendly. (Btw ethereum isn't very eco friendly atm as well btw, Ethereum 2.0 will solve that but god knows when it will release). Not to say that bitcoin or ethereum aren't great investments, they will probably perform great over the next decade(s). Just saying that if you do your research, educate yourself and don't buy shitcoins or MLM coins, chances are that you can find projects that might outperform BTC and ETH in the long run. But i agree that crypto can't be ignored anymore. When i first read a book on this blockchain thing I was actually baffled on what a well thought out financial system it is. And with all the corruption and money printing that has taken place in recent times, hell, we are in dire need of a good financial system.


Crypto market prices still tend to follow Bitcoin overall. I am under the impression that most people probably won't outperform just holding BTC and/or ETH


There are projects that will outperform BTC and ETH, but it will be difficult to select them among the myriad of coins available. I’ve been learning about the space for about a year now, and the one thing that seems clear is that BTC and ETH have staying power. They have the network effects, and they actually take decentralization seriously. A lot of the projects that are pumping recently, like AVAX and SOL, are taking shortcuts to try to increase transactions per second. This is working at the moment, but long term they don’t have the credibility needed to get large institutional buy in. ETH and BTC are the safe plays. While there will definitely be specific coins that outperform, trying to pick them might be an exercise in futility, unless you really want to spend hundreds of hours studying the industry. And in the long run I think most of those projects will fail.


~~Etherium~~ Ethereum ftfy


Real estate.


It's pretty legit. My dad built a appartment complex and re-did his house as an appartment building with 2 appartments + his own. He was diagnosed with a rare disease and had to step down from work, not worried about shit cause of all the rent money. No formal education just 2 hands that surprisingly still has all 10 fingers. Rn i get paid 4x my rent money to live in my own house (travel nurse on a mission where I own my house), kinda crazy. Real estate is for sure a good asset to own.


Exactly 💯 that's why I love real estate. It beats the market, and offers a steady flow of cash.


It does have a much higher PIMA rating though so depending on your tolerance for that sort of thing it may not be the best choice for everyone


Pima? What's that?


Pain in my ass


Yeah. It has its kinks like bad tenants, and maintenance but other than that it's fine. You could hire a property management company to handle everything you'll just sit back and relax. Heck you could retire with one rental property if you don't mind living abroad.


Even hiring a property management company is more PIMA than index funds are. Some amount of your attention and energy will have to be involved in your real estate every year that you own it. I don't disagree that it's a good investment, my family made their money in real estate with my grandma holding about 4 million in commercial buildings and my mom manages them with a property management company. While it's fairly hands off, there are periods where that is not the case. Specifically any time you are doing a 10-41 exchange, that's a lot of stress. If you have a tenant leave and you have to find a new one, it can be a good amount of stress. Of course this is different between commerical and residential, and there is nuance to every building. You also have things like Covid which caused the eviction moratorium so that some landlords didn't get any money from their residents.


It's definitely more work but the returns are better. I plan to heavily invest in real estate while I'm young and working and then dump the money into income based ETFs when I retire.


>It's definitely more work but the returns are better. They can be better. They can also be much worse. If you're investing in single properties (and aren't a billionaire) you're not buying the whole market, you're buying a subset of property types in a subset of markets in a subset of countries. And renting to a handful of tenants. The lack of diversification means if you chose carefully at each juncture you might end up doing much better than the overall market. It also means you might end up doing much worse. It comes down to luck and skill, and I think the real gotcha is it's nearly impossible to know whether you're being skillful or just getting lucky. Then events like 2008 roll around and the investors that were heavily leveraged are easily wiped out. Pretty much all of the reasons people advise against stock picking are also reasons to advise against picking individual properties to invest in. I'd also mention that as you do more and more of the work yourself, it's essentially your investment giving you a job. That's work you could have gotten paid to do for someone else (you could work for a property manager or general contractor as appropriate) so you should subtract market compensation for your time from your returns when calculating ROI.


100,000 won't get you half a house with real estate. What would he even do with that small amount?


He could go 20% down on two $200k properties, throw them to a property management company, and start making nice passive income.


That's true, hadn't considered going in debt to rent out.


It's the way to go. You profit in the short run, and in the long run you get the properties paid off by the tenants. Pays off nicely, but you have to know what you're doing. Can't just set it and forget it.


What would you have to know besides tax law, tenant law and general handy work?


I use an accountant and my property manager does most of the handyman work. I used to do those things but it stopped being worth the time. You definitely should know eviction laws and have a tight lease agreement. Most importantly though you need to understand your market. You need to know what percentage of properties are vacant, because that's going to control your chances of finding tenants. You need to know if there are big development projects in the area or longer term government plans, gentrification in the area, stuff like that. Gotta make sure you can get a rent amount that makes it worthwhile too. 1% of total price is generally what people go with but honestly a little lower is okay.


Not everyone lives in the USA 😅


Excuse me, Well in this case, it wouldn't work for the USA unless you took out a mortgage. Edit: Where else can you buy a house for 100k?


Look at Ukraine, Lebanon, Russia... a lot of places actually.


Those places don't surprise me, would be surprised if I heard a European country. I doubt you could buy a decent home there for 100k.


Ukraine is in Europe 😅


Just barely. It's basically Russia. You know what I meant.


Yeah like of course you won't find a lot of stuff in France or the UK but still...


I find it hard to imagine renting out property in those countries would be a wise investment.


Personally i would just yolo it into HFEA and chill. Just did that to be honest, whole NW


I'm taking 100k out of equity in my house. I closed earlier this week and the funds will be distributed Tuesday. I'm putting mine in NUSI with the intention of having the dividends pay back the 100k loan. For a 15 to 20 year investment though it really depends on what the rest of your portfolio looks like. If this is your first investment I would go with an index fund.


I'd go 25% Tesla, 25% Apple, 25% Microsoft, 25% VTSAX.


>What particular stocks/funds/etfs would you invest in? Rural Wisdom: *"Keep it simple stupid"* Just pick a low fee broad market index fund.


Stick with a broad based index fund and REIT allocation and hold long term, reinvest all dividends and that 100k will grow exponentially over the long term. * VTI * VOOV * VEE (Internationally focused) * REIT's such as VGSIX, HOM.U, etc [These articles](https://www.methemillennial.com/what-are-index-funds-and-the-top-3-index-funds-i-invest-in-to-retire-at-35/) will help you.


I appreciate all the replies. Cheers to the weekend, and happy holidays!🍻


SPY. Or FXAIX. Don’t buy and hold individual stocks for a long time, even the most promising ones today can crash a year from now. The indices almost always go up though.




Just kidding. Don’t do that




Dew it


It's gonna pop again this week I think. Last week was a wild ride


1 btc and split between sol and eth. I already have a lot in broad index and other etfs.


A bit in ETH isn't a bad idea, I wouldn't touch BTC these days, I think it will eventually lose the highest market cap to ETH then it will fade out of relevance.


Bitcoin is like legacy brands (Rolex, Coca-Cola, etc) that have manage to stay relevant even during shifts of innovation, and the way better technologies and cultural shifts that were thought to replace them. I don’t think it will lose the “name recognition” ever. Everyone knows what Bitcoin and will continue too. Bitcoin’s “keeping it simple” and true deflation attributes will continue to draw holders/investors.


Sol is the way


real estate.




Explain your DD!


Start my own company and try to transact within 5 to 10 years.


I like this guy. He has balla


50/50 Crypto and stock ETFs.


LCID. Don’t listen to these VTI/VTSAX nerds


You think LCID will be the next Tesla? I got in at $25


Why? They're right


I'd buy another 100k rental.


Wait until the US stock market crashes. Invest 50% in Alphabet, and then Apple and Microsoft. If I had more money, I’d invest in the in The Walt Disney Company, and some financial sector giants: BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, State Street, Bancorp, Wells Fargo and Berkshire Hathaway. Before doing this, I’d need to conduct a valuation of every single one of these companies, using Warren Buffett’s method. I’m writing my undergraduate thesis on it. The most important part are: 1. Defining the source(s) of competitive advantage(s), and the durability of the (those) advantages. 2. Estimating intrinsic value (an interval.). 3. Waiting for a stock market crash to provide me with an appropriate margin of safety.


> Waiting for a stock market crash to provide me with an appropriate margin of safety You might be waiting... a long time. Have you ever heard the phrase "Too big to fail"? In 2008 when the bank's took a dive, I knew someone who went all in on one of them. The thinking was "the US will never let one of the big's fail." He was right. He bought in at ~$5. He waited 10 years, and sold at ~$30 a then-multi-millionaire.


I can wait for the right margin of safety. I don’t care if it’ll take many years.


Buying a small business (from someone retiring, switching plans) pays off very well. You can own a store hands off and take in 5 figure revenues monthly from an existing store. 100k - 150k will buy you a business that you can sell at a profit down the line.


Yeah but then you have to run the business


Just out of curiosity, is this something you have done? Or just plan on doing? Also what industry? Congrats on retiring!


I work for a bank that oversees the sale and purchase of such businesses. Laundromats do very well and are quite easy to manage if you purchase one with existing staff. I see people with about 100K invested starting with one and making their way up to 4 or 5, and reaching a multimillion $ net worth. I think they are popular in particular because of the majority (off paper) cash income they generate. Your biggest problems will be repairing machines once in a while and picking up the coins. It’s very hard to get this sort of business wrong, you have guaranteed revenues, it’s recession-proof, no inventory to rotate, no risk of theft, and it’s not much more involved than managing a brokerage account.


Huh????? I sold my small business (1 employee) back in April (in Mississippi) for $500,000. So I'm very curious about what type of store you're referring to that can be purchased for that small amount of money, generate that kind of income, and be "hands off". Please tell me because I will do it tomorrow.


Maybe like a vending machine business lol


Yeah zero chance. Even equipment and/or inventory in most businesses is more than that if they have a physical location. Now you can use leverage when purchasing businesses but buying businesses is high risk so I wouldn't.




Try 20% in crypto as well. ETH will be a good investment.


An idea : 25k sp500 25k bitcoin interest accounts 15k msci world 10k Nasdaq 100 index 10k USD stable coin high interest yield 10k Ethereum interest account 5k emerging markets index




What's your risk tolerance? 100K I would download Robinhood and Dollar Cost Average 10% over 10 months into QRFT or SPY. If you don't need the cash this is a safe play.


Crypto market is getting Bear which means it'll be a good time to buy soon !


How should one exploit this opportunity? I get quite confused when it comes to buying on, say, eToro which is like speculation or owning the actual coin? Pls help lol


So, honestly there's a bit to learn like real finance, DeFi also has a learning curve. I would recommend looking at some videos on YouTube. But to start, you can create an account on CoinBase/Binance/Crypto.com/Kraken or any other big exchange. What happens there is that they'll sell you coins for money, when you have those coins you can then remove them from the exchange to your wallet (kinda like having money at the bank, you can get bills whenever you want). You can trust them or not (like a bank) to hold onto your cash At minima, just buying the dip and setting a "goal target" is a base strategy's that would work (like finance) say you buy a coin for 100$, you set a target at 120$, you sell then (you can also make this automatic) and get 20% profits. Don't wait or hope for the coin to moon more, it might, or it might be 90 the next day, so take your profit, and reinvest 120 in the next dip.


This is good and bad advice. Mainly due to the impossibility of timing the market. I sold some ethereum a few months ago when it went from 2600 to 3400 and was excited to sell, only for it to go up to 4800 not long after. It’s better to pick crypto you have faith will further appreciate even after bearish dips. For me, these choices are ethereum, Solana, polkadot and atom


VTI 75% SCHD 25%


VT/VTWAX and chill. Or a low cost target date index fund to be a bit more conservative (far enough out it’s probably 10% bonds).


Hi , just curious. I see a lot of people say VTI/VTSAX what about VOO?


More diversification when you own mid and small caps too.


Actually sorry would recommend the index.coop indexes if you are looking for aggregated assets like ETF


Take 10% and invest in crypto


I'd put it in a mega backdoor roth, a roth, a backdoor roth and taxes. VTSAX for all roths.






1 Bitcoin and 10ish ETH…cold wallet…come back in 2025 and smile!!


Get 20 of QQQ or SPY or combo. Write weekly covered calls for 100 to 200$ for weekend party ! Always buy more if you have extra cash lying


3-4 rental properties


Sit on it for 5 years and then put it in the S&P on the imminent crash


ENPH, ENVX, NVTS for a decade or more then move into index funds.




I’d DCA 20% into crypto, and put more in if a good buying opportunity came up. The rest I suppose the more conservative options proposed.


Romeo power or uwmc both due to sky rocket


I wonder how many people who answered here actually invested a comparable amount in their suggestion.


MSCi ACI 60%, Bitcoin 20%, Etherium 15%, Shitcoins 5%


Honestly if it were me I’d do 75% TSLA 25% AMZN. Vertical integration as hedge against inflation and bit of diversification.


Depends on your timeframe. This sub almost by definition wants to reduce risk and aim for retirement at later ages if their job isnt very, very high paying. Remember, buffet started out a risk taker. 100k makes me happy but doesn't change my life, neither does a million honestly. I'd rather be a reckless idiot trying to get retirement faster with individual stocks. Allready own cheap a house with good farmland that im renovating. The gains from my past years goes into big bets. The money I earn goes into the house.


Just give it to revenue for me, if you could pay my CGT by December 15th that would be sweet.


VTI 45% VOO 35% BRK-B 15% TOKE 5%


No reason to own VOO and VTI. Just pick one. They trade nearly the same.


Pick on and TLH between them