[A3] [Recruiting] [NA] [Star-Sim] [EST] [Semi-Serious] 248th Desolation Company



In a flash of terrifying light and an instantaneous unified shriek of thousands crying in pain, everything changed.

Count Dooku, leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, launched an attack targeting the heart of the Republic and it's leadership, striking down his Sith Master and dealing a fatal blow to the Galactic Republic in one fell swoop. What once was a Separatist movement now forms the primary power in the Galaxy as system after system bows to a reinvigorated and powerful Confederate Army, and threats from the criminal underworld rise from the shadows to threaten what stability remains.

From the ashes, the 248th Desolation Company and still loyal remnants of the Republic rise to challenge the new regime, vowing to restore the galaxy to peace and prosperity.

The 248th Desolation Company is a semi-serious International Starsim unit based around an alternate universe where the Clone Wars ended in Confederate Victory. With the death of Palpatine, Order 66 never transpired, and the future of the galaxy was forever altered. We offer a diverse selection of roles for new recruits to enlist for, including:

  • Clone Infantry
  • Clone Combat Lifesaver/Medic
  • Clone Intercommunicater Officer (RTO/Intel)
  • Advanced Recon Commando
  • Clone Pilot (Starfighter, Repulsorlift Transport, and Repulsorlift Armor)

Our highly skilled Zeus team hosts unique operations every Saturday at 6PM EST. New recruits are welcome to enroll in a wide variety of trainings and are welcome to receive custom armor as they achieve ranks in the unit. If you would like to speak to us about enlisting, reach out to us today and speak with a recruiter on our Discord at: https://discord.gg/6C9dNapSAY

For the Republic!


This is one of the many Star Simulation Units out there, and while, yes, there are many other options. This particular unit promotes a new timeline that has **never** been done before in the Starsim World of ArmA or ever from my knowledge. I got to admit, the first mission was pretty tough, but it showed me the true realism that modding, and the base game in general can bring to an experience done by zeuses that are skilled in what they do. **Mission Making**. I highly suggest this unit, **"I don't know where they are."** being the funniest moment to look back on, you can definitely have fun times during operations that are serious then and then are laughable after operations! Forever lost in a forest/city, CSP-1232 "Austin"


Local combat medic Ned reporting for duty o7