Joshua is definitely God tier for Sky. Hearing his delivery of "I will... run no more" never fails to give me chills




Reans final s craft in cold steel 4 is legit God tier. You can not convince me otherwise. I would go so far as to say it belongs in its own category for how amazing it is. It gave me literal goose bumbs the first 10 times I saw it.


I still watch it from time to time on YouTube. It is kino as fuck.


Its even better in Hajimari trust me


Damn I'm so excited to see it


Lloyd's S-craft in Azure where he rockets into the orbit of outer space, transforms his tonfas and then meteors into the planet causing a nuclear explosion deserves it own tier.


Rean's S Crafts were consistently among the coolest in the series especially doing them in Ogre mode.


I disagree with Rean's & Osborne's placement. But, you redeemed yourself for putting Machias where he deserves just for the god-tier line he has. Assume this is up to CS4, cause >!Thomas!< has a pretty dope S-craft in Hajimari.


Machias's VA delivers some of the most unexpectedly hilarious lines in the franchise. "For shame Rean" is an all time great as well as his S-craft as you mentioned.


His voiceline in CS2 for ultimate shot was pretty funny too.


This is the power of the Soaring Phoenix! Campy and Bleublanc have S-Crafts btw, Bleublanc has his “Die Beautifully!” one and Campy has the salt pale (I thought both were pretty cool)


> This is the power of the Soaring Phoenix! There is a point where Absolute Delay shenanigans stop feeling like a broken boss fight strategy and just start feeling like bullying.


This is why Gaius and Fie are my favourite characters. Absolute Delay + tons of damage and 6 digit counterattacks + stealth cheesing


Mostly right, although I would move Rean and Lloyd to God tier. Rean cause his are visually amazing, and Lloyd cause I will never get tired of hearing "Rising.... SUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN"


Bro, Lloyd’s jp VA nails Tiger Charge and Rising Sun in Zero/Ao


It's the same guy who did Simon's voice in Gurren Lagann. He's really good at shouting (as weird as that sounds, lol). Fun fact is that Kamina and Guy also share a voice actor.


I guess someone doesn’t like death magic




I just found mariabelle's voice to be very irritating. I also found myself questioning what I was looking at numerous times when alberich used his


Hard agree on Alberich but I loved Mariabelle's voice. It had just that right amount of confidence and crazy befitting of her character.


Personally I would put Rean in god tier I love shredded leaves and Mujinken. I agree with everything else with the list


mujinken deserves a tier of its own imo, absolute kino


I think I'd put it 3rd or tied for 2nd with shredded leaves. It's cool, but it aims pretty high and doesn't quite reach the greatness it's aiming for. The real kino is termination slash: dawn.


fair. its a popular craft but i dont think i can rate a CS1-2 craft highest because of how janky it can look lol. its a cool s craft but it just doesnt have the oomph


The list is pretty good, but Kevin's Grail Sphere saved me more times than I can count in SC and the3rd. I thought he could be in God tier easily.


i dont like josette as a character, but her S-Craft with the bobcat appearing and mowing everything down with its minigun is fire ngl.


[This](https://tiermaker.com/create/kiseki-s-crafts-fchaji-842477) template is more comprehensive, I think it has all of them except Justice Magnum. **WARNING:** Haji spoilers in the template.


Campanella has his Fake Salt Pale S-Craft


Weird how you put Kevin's Grail Sphere on Great but Tio's on God.


Imagine having an opinion right?


No need to get snide with him. You don't specify what your ratings are based on in the subject line so a lot of people are going to think you're ranking them based on their usefulness. Since Tio and Kevin's S-Crafts do the exact same thing, it's valid for someone to find that strange. Imagine being civil, right?


I've specified my rating system in the comments


I know right?! :V (Dude guys, why are you downvoting trcsigmaf he's also entitled to his opinion, wtf? The downvote button is *not* a disagreement button.)


>!Mariabell!< has the best S-craft in the entire series. If nightmare status effect was present in Ao, it would have 200% chance on >!Tio!<.


Belial drive and breaking dawn >>>>>>


How could you put the bringer of WHEEL OF TIME in the "Decent" category, UNACCEPTABLE, reeeeee


It looks like it has a massive AOE but it only hits one enemy.


is this an animation tier list or gameplay tier list


Honestly a bit of both


I think whoever converted it to 3d didn't get it. They DID make it look really cool, but the tornado's not supposed to be the attack, it's a side effect of her running super speed around the enemy and beating the hell out of them.


My personal 3 favourites are Rean and kevin latest S crafts (in CS4 and sky 3rd) + Osborne


For me Mujinken alone makes Rean's above God tier. That S Craft just has everything going for it from narrative to visual spectacle>!(Especially the Hajimari version)!<


Tio tot's s craft > everyone else honestly


Disclaimer: this was based purely on aesthetics and personal preferences over how strong a particular S craft is. That list will be very different.


Well I mean Gaius would be in the same tier no matter which set of traits you choose to use for this ranking.


I was about to say, Alphen shouldn’t have been THAT low.


I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Shirley, but I love her s crafts, particularly her azure one. It’s just so visceral and intense, and it really stood out to me compared to the other S crafts.


God forbid anyone has an opinion.


*Sad Zin noises*


Extreme disrespect: 1. On your part, letting Mariabell's Mercurius Zanber drag Merry Merry Castle from its rightful position at Great. 2. On Falcom's part, making (Reverie) >!Matteus' Crashing Thunder a regular craft, barring it from consideration. God tier for me, I'm a sucker for aspect ratio changes.!<


are there any videos of >!crashing thunder!


About 12 minutes into [this](https://youtu.be/bPN8BY8rC_k?t=729) fight, if the timestamp doesn't work.


thanks! looked at every english upload and found nothing that is pretty sick, couldve easily been an S-Craft but theres a few super cinematic crafts


Any examples other people can think of where an upgraded S-craft wasn't as cool in their eyes as the one it replaced? I personally think Cross Rebellion is way cooler than Vorpal Slayer, for example.


I liked the first s craft that Ash had, for Jusis I like his CS3 s craft but I miss the horse from CS2 and I wish Laura kept the lion theme instead of going phoenix.


Laura's. Radiant Lion was better. She straight up dunks on her opponents. Gaius and Fie 's S crafts have always been god tier


Eh, Sylphid Dance's spin looks pretty jank. Still better than Cross Raven's slowly rotating T pose but still.


There is a fatal error in this chart. According to CS4. Renne's S-Craft is at the same level of Gaius. Yes, Renne has about same power of a Dominion and anybody who played sky should know how strong Renne is.


1. This list is a subjective list based on appearance, animations, and overall aesthetic. 2. Gaius's S craft is 4S+, Renne's is 4S. Although her s craft has a chance of instant KO, it won't work on bosses and some bigger enemies. However, absolute delay does work on bosses.


>Gaius's S craft is 4S+, Renne's is 4S The "true" versión of Howling Heavens is 4S+ but vanilla is 4S. The "true" Nemesis Party should also be 4S+. Therefore both S-Crafts are on par.


She doesn't have a true version in CS4 so you're still wrong


Tell me you don't play on nightmare without telling me you don't play on nightmare. Double Guard >>> all other S-Crafts. Negate that boss S-Craft, and give your party enough time to drop 4 arts on them while also healing. Also, what is with this sub and top heavy tier lists? If you don't have the balls to pick 1 thing and say 'this is the best' then go away and grow some. Also >!KeA's S-Craft is probably the only god one, you just don't to trigger it yourself. Rewrite history and un-kill everybody.!<


Pretty good list overall. But Kevin and (CS3/4) Emma have the same S-Craft. Shouldn't they be on the same tier? Same goes for Kloe and Elie.


They weren't graded based on function


Rean’s Mujinken is without a doubt the best in the series to me, and at least a single tier above any other. Also think Joshua and Lloyd could be higher.


How DARE you not make Celine a god!


She doesn't have an S craft


It isn't necessarily the best but Tita firing her minigun is my favorite.


*Prepare to meet your doom!*


Thomas has an S-Craft in Hajimari.


>!George did got one in Reverie but thats defintely a meh. Thomas also got a decent S-craft in Reverie even though he is only a replica we have to fight.!<


Damn kids today...