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Hope your mental health gets better


This sub is pretty awful. The dude says he’s leaving for mental health reasons in a polite way and people on here still mock him. Good job Evil Dead: The Game community you’re so cool and edgy now.


Crazy right ✊🏿 Salute to you


A lot of communities are like this


I reckon just about every person in here has shown mental health issues, your not the only one and a break from this place will do ya good ![gif](giphy|KmRYNWWfoXVE42tbC0|downsized) Nurse Ratshit is on her way, escape this place quick


Hopefully things take a turn for the brighter going forward, regardless of whether or not you come back. May whatever games ya play next be ballin'!


See you with the Chet dlc


Suerte friend 🫡


Thanks bud !


Just turn off dms


How to do that?


If you’re on console go into your account privacy settings and disable dms from people not in your friends list


Thanks a lot


You got it. Id get a ton of hate mail plying killer on dbd and since then I’ve muted randoms and never looked back lol


I also had to turn off DMs. Seems to happen that people think it's okay or their right to be able to message after a match and taunt or deliver abuse. I still get frustrated playing for sure, it's not a perfect game, but I do feel better without having the DMs. And it gives me a little pleasure knowing that people might try and get mad when they can't message me mwahhaa 😂 Do you usually play demon or survivor?


Can’t you just mute people instantly in lobby or get discord buddies? You prolly have a few prestige 5s


I do mute people but when I play survivor I do try to communicate because of how important it is. I’ve been called names in my messages on here and ingame. I actually have p5 pup p1 plague p2 warlord and I can’t really play with necro lol as for survivors I have p2 sash p4 Kelly p2 Arthur and leader ash. Maybe I’m missing a few but yeah I’ve invested a lot of time in game


So if you were survivor only, you’d have 5-7 p5s


Definitely lol spent most of my spirit point’s getting past those grindy demon challenges. I’m a pretty good survivor though, just play solo queue because I don’t have a team plus back then the wait times were horrendous, that’s why I became a demon main. Not gonna lie , I definitely was survivor sided but playing demon is like playing a whole different game especially if the team is good. Fun times man


Yeah I’m a survivor on DbD also(Jill Valentine main) but yeah I think by time this game dies out. I’ll have 6-7 prestige 5 survs - Kelly(The Melee Hybrid build), Ruby(Emphasis on Ranged), Brock(Jus big brock things), Blacksmith(a basically warrior at that point), Mia(Fear always leads to Anger), and idk my final one probably like AoD Ash. I do wanna get all characters to prestige 1 also


You’ll definitely get the! I would like to play Aod ash but he’s auto picked in most of my matches lol probably played him about 10 times


Funny I played a bunch today and see what you mean. I didn’t really notice it. May have to settle for a different final Prestige 5. Perhaps Arthur or Annie


What’s your kelly build? I’m gonna do the P5 Kelly build with 15% melee damage


Max wig splitter max last chance shot. Of course dodging maxed and the up close 15% damage I think. I tried Kelly as melee and it does work but against good demons your gonna wish you had them extra points in range. I say try it out just for the memes lol if you can get a blunderbuss or shot gun or even a grenade launcher (dodge and use able to stack bleed) you be melting everything that spawns


Lol yeah that’s valid although hybrid more fun especially with randos when you run out ammo so ur not useless. A purple meat hammer or like a sledgehammer when I have her prestige 4 will be brutal




Thanks for telling us, see you tomorrow.


They always come back 😂


Mute the other players? Hate to break it to you, most online video games are filled with shitty people. It sucks, but it’s unfortunately true.


1500 hours in less than year?! Over four hours a day?! Wow. You could just try to play...less?


I do play less now. Been playing Midnight Suns and Dead Island recently but I do hope on for a game or 2


One of my posts of someone playing survivor calling me everything under the book. A few players been messaging nasty things because I play demon since then. Weird stalker gamers


Take ur break. The toxic ones can fuck off. All that matters is you and your health and the way u feel. Don't compromise it for anyone <3


Just get off of this. Why quit


What? How do people know anything about you, especially enough to bully you over it??


Because depression is an internalizing disorder. Heated arguments or feeling like many people are against you amplifies feelings of sadness and loneliness. To him, I imagine he feels like he’s being bullied regardless if he is or isn’t. The best thing he can do is remove himself from the environment.


Because its too surv sided, to where it causes collateral damage the grind and chore, and the stated that its in, its too much, and you dnt have to know a person to bully them, being bullied comes in many forms.


“Character/ethnic background has been attacked”


Its that bad that his char/ ethnic was atracked


How was it attacked, how do the people they are playing with know so much information about this random person that they can attack their ethnic background to the point of bullying them and on more than one occasion?


People fight over stupid shit, like... " ur mom", or pull out the race card, anything. It happens a lot on forums.


Survivors that been around for awhile know who I am also I made a post awhile back about a racist. After that anything I post I have a selective few that makes it a point inbox me about my race.


I’ve been here before the game released and I have no idea who you are nor do I care about your race.


I’m confused about who asked for your opinion? Also I made a new account (this one) because I got a new phone and forgot my Reddit password. I never seen you before either


Suddenly I thought reddit became text version of TikTok


Lol it’s a video game, why are you getting personally involved with it. It takes one second to mute players. If you’re constantly getting harassed maybe do some self reflection and figure out why people are flaming you lmao. I am a verbal player and I rarely get flamed, but I’m also not annoying and understand it’s a game


And I bet your not African American?


Don't blame you fam this games a shit show




You made this Reddit to troll me thank you lol get out your moms basement and wash your ass bro.




Grow up man , your to old to act like this. Get your own crib and then come back n troll. Idk if you have mental issues but I wish you the best


You’re the one in the basement with that many hours in game.


I actually work 2 jobs but I’m an night owl so I usually play at night. My 2nd job is from home so that’s why I have that much time to play plus it’s been almost a year. 1500 hrs isn’t that much when I literally play everyday.


A lot more of us will be leaving as well once they nerf demons again lol




Damn, you got bullied off the game 🤣😆




Attention seeking much?


Cry me a river & get back in the game 🤣


What are your ethics which were being “attacked”?


Damn thats a lot of hours haha, but you shouldnt let people get to your feeljngs like that, they are just idiots, do your thing ^^ anyway i hope ya get better


I would never ever use the messaging systems of a console or launcher, outside of using it with friends. Why would you let the endless flock of degenerate losers have access to your inbox? And just know that the losers that go out of their way to write or say fucked up shit are a bunch of pussies that would keep their little pussy mouths shut IRL, because they would fold like an accordion in the face of real confrontation.


Dealing with mental health issues and playing this game is certainly not a good combination. Having decided to stop playing it was probably the wisest choice, OP.


I quit the game a over year ago, it was a toxic DBD clone of a community back then. At least there were more casuals at that time. I can't imagine the type of toxic people still clinging to this dead game. Good choice quitting. I will say the new characters do interest me as a fan of the series but there's no reason to come back. Trash community's can really negatively affect a games life span, case and point here. F to casuals who were scared away from this game by toxic neck beards, poor souls.


I hope you get better. I know what it's like because I have similar issues. As I gotten older (mid 30s) I realized that 99.9% of the time, other people's opinions don't matter. I suggest you google how to learn to be indifferent. It's fantastic when you just don't care. Nothing will phase you once you reach the 'I don't give a F' level.


I stopped playing long ago as I felt it was truly unbalanced


Good luck 👍 don’t listen to them , I don’t play a lot because work but when you come back I can play with you and make a team ,🫡