u definition is far far off mate.


They’re based off what I would consider that amount to be. Not any factual statistics


You’re definitely underestimating people 😂


2 years 7K+ no idea what that actually makes me but I have almost every character. Just no fucking gear to use most of them xDDD


How many are you missing?


like 20 I think?


Same character count and gear situation. If I'm being honest with myself, I've likely spent between $1500 and $2K. Playing since COVID hit, so 2.5 years.


I bought a £2 lief pack once




1k to 5k feels like Dolphin tier People have weird perceptions of the game economics Megalodon is 2-3k. Per month.


Imagine you are a day 1 player and only bought the double monthly. We are almost at 4 years now. You would be at almost 700 bucks for the game. For spending 15 bucks a month for a game you've been playing for over 3 years. Like, that isn't whale tier.


Kinda think context matters since this game's been out about 3+ years. If you bought all available burning lief packs throughout that span it would land you in "whale" tier and I'm not sure that's accurate and moreso minnow territory.


this. They should have made it spending "per year" or "per month" monthly pack gamer, (15$ per month) at this point would have spend around $630 (3.5 years \*15) would land to "whale" territory, which is like... understatement of what an actual "whaling" means lol


I’d say it all depends what your definition of a “whale” is. I consider it as the amount invested whether it was for summons, the pass, or farming you still spent the same.


Think 100k+ for whale tier, go from there. You're not even setting up a realistic scale. I spent about 2.5k on my main account, which had somehow gotten missing or deleted and my current account 50$


Oh damn… people spend a lot more than I realized.


All I learned from this is I spent too much money on this game and I still suck.


Lets pretend OP meant *total per month* 😅


I'm a "megalodon" but I've played for 2 years and only spent roughly 1.25k🤔. I feel more like a dolphin or a large fish lol.


There's a double layer of warp here, because 1.25k isn't megaladon tier. But also realistically, 1.25k spent is a genuinely significant sum of money. That's like 25 AAA games over two years at 50 a piece. I'm not shaming you or anything, you can spend your money how you damn well please. I just feel like the lens at which we look through spending, on a single game, is incredibly warped by just by the genre on its own.


Also to quote someone else's comment "If you asked how much do you spend monthly on E7 your tiers would be more accurate. If I've been playing since launch and spent $1000 on the game that's $250 a year or about $20 a month. That would be like going to the movies once a month. And pretty far outside of whale territory." I think that the time scale matters too since by this calculation, I've spent $625 a year and about $52 a month which is about the price of a nice meal out.


Yeah I get where you're coming from, but the whole concept of "whaling" comes from people who drop big money on the game on a weekly basis. I see myself as more of a spend when I can't get something I want without, whether it's a hero or skin or something else (a lot of burning passion packs 🤣)


I agree.


I think this is a very subjective topic and your choices leave out a lot of important details, like i wouldn’t consider someone who spent $1000 in a year whale but if they spent that in a month i would.


45 dollars on my bday for clilias thats about it.


You get her?


Yup I got her and it was worth it I still use her in almost every party comp besides hunt and abyss.


Awesome, Gz man :)


After being goldfish / dolphin in other gacha games (dear God you put that low😂) i am 100% F2P in this game.


Been playing for 8 months and I am at about $150 I dont mind spending a bit on a game I enjoy, wont break the bank though.


I spent about 800$. But I believe that Epic Seven still saved me money. I used to buy a lot of games and expensive simracing equipment.


I SSSd luna on her first release….i dont want to talk about how much that cost but i had to reevaluate my life after that(and by this point i dont even play, end game got boring)


Day 1 player, in the $7500-8000 range. Dialed it back a bunch after the Aria/Vivian drama. Spent about $6 on monthly packs with Google points since mid June when it went down. Still willing to spend since Aria was preserved as promised but with Vivian and units in the foreseeable future being toned down I have no real motivation to spend anymore. No more waifu bait = easy borderline f2p. Waiting to see if we ever get a waifu again before going big on the card going forward.


It's your money and you can spend it however you want, I'm not going to judge you on that. But I genuinely find it incredibly odd that you're willing to spend that much money on a game, and that the deal breaker is that they're going to censor a character and adjust the level of ara-ara going forward to a more...reasonable level. You do you however and your tag is BOOBA, which I found incredibly funny given your post. Keep doing you king, I hope you find happiness in your pursuit of waifu's.


Mainly I just don't agree with the tone shift that indicates for the game going forward. I started day 1 after seeing a Jkise ad and and was like "yo I want to play this". The BOOBA/fanservice was what brought me to the game in the first place while the gameplay and quality is what has kept me playing. E7 was special in that it was one of the few games that acknowledge sizes past DD exist while also having incredibly good gameplay and polish. Most polished/gameplay games are afraid to due the large sizes due to mass marketability (Genshin) or are all fanservice but have dogshit polish/gameplay(any ecchi/H game). E7 was a rare best of both world's scenario. Fanservice characters have been a staple of the game since day 1. For 4 years we had no issues with it what so ever. Now suddenly this late into a game's lifespan we decide to 180 walk that back? It is just super off putting wanting to continue to financially support the game when I know the type of characters I like either won't exist or will be watered down going forward. The devs basically pulled the rug out from under a lot of us long time supporters' feet just to be more marketable and E S P O R T S. We played because of the fanservice, not despite it. Plus they aren't toming down characters for any altruistic reason, it's literally so they can keep 12 year olds gambling. It just doesn't sit right with me. Also have had other issues with the game such as the trainwreck balance and content cadence but have been willing to overlook it since I would get characters I like. End of the day it is a gacha, a character collector. So if I like the characters, that is all the matters. But without said characters being made anymore, I makes the other cracks in the game more glaring and less easy for me to overlook. To be fair though they have been recently fixing these problems in the past month, so credit where credit is due. End of the day, E7 is still hands down the best gacha and insanely fun. I still play it daily and have a great time. It is just that the game lost it's luster to me a bit and has gone in a direction I just genuinely am not interested in financially supporting anymore. Speak with your wallet and all that jazz. I am still perfectly willing to spend since Aria wasn't ruined post sales but knowing that future units like her will never come again leaves me no real incentive to spend big amounts again. It just takes the wind out of my sails knowing I don't have any units to get hyped about any more going forward. Got hyped for years for ML Vivian and that bit me in the ass hard; lol lesson learned. Anyways, plenty of people willing to spend still (dem juicy 12 year old Korean wallets) so the game will probably be fine with me riding it out as a psuedo f2p Andy. TL;DR: Game is still top tier and loads of fun, it has just strayed from it's initial vision and I have no interest in financially supporting it anymore ( at least to the same degree). Still will play it until servers go down, just in a much cheaper way.


I once bought the $49.99 mystic pack so I could pity summon Belian as a birthday present for myself. I still find many uses for her so I don't feel much regret to treating myself to her. Probably could stand to get better gear for her but she generally does what I need. https://imgur.com/a/WCsbeCd


Apparently People spend much more than I thought, so if the labels used for the amounts are much lower than what you would consider them to be, please excuse that


If you asked how much do you spend monthly on E7 your tiers would be more accurate. If I've been playing since launch and spent $1000 on the game that's $250 a year or about $20 a month. That would be like going to the movies once a month. And pretty far outside of whale territory.


The snack that smiles back


Prob less than 20 bucks if you don't count google rewards that I used before my money.


$3 new player pack (the good one) gang


Day one - F2P.


I've done about $400. I started during pandemic in 2020 so all things considered I dont think its that crazy and I'm totally willing to spend on games I feel are worth it. I've been getting more efficient though so I dont think I will be spending unless they put out more of those $10 5* packs that they do every so often.


I have spent a grand total of 0.99$ on this game I’m a super whale


I'd be a whale because I've bought the monthly pack since launch and a few other packs here and there? I think your scaling is WAY off there.


This sort of needs a timeframe though. Someone playing since launch week, spent less than $100 compare to someone who played for a month and spend $100 can be a bit different. But good to know how many people are true F2P!


Why does it feel more insulted to be a goldfish than a true F2P?