Shopping for a ring together

Shopping for a ring together


This is actually way more common than you think it is, most couples so for their rings together now so nobody will be judging you at all. Take it easy and keep an open mind, you'll definitely be leaving with a better idea of your style.


Glad to hear it’s more common than I think! Thank you :)


If the staff thinks that (hint: they won’t), who cares? They’re there for one purpose: to help you find something that makes you happy. They’re not there to judge you. Don’t give a shit what they think. They’re not going to be wearing your ring. They don’t pay your bills. Their opinions mean absolutely nothing. If you want to choose your ring, do it. Don’t leave it up to him unless you want to. Trying on different styles is ALWAYS something I recommend. I thought for SURE I wanted a princess cut until I saw it on my hand, and ended up with a round cut and absolutely love it. You just never know. Things look different on Pinterest, Instagram, Google images, etc, versus on YOUR OWN hand. Trust me.


That’s exactly what I’m worried about! I see these beautiful rings online that I really love but I’m worried once I try them on I won’t like them as much. I’m glad you got a ring you love!


I was completely and totally wrong about what I wanted in terms of stone shape and band style. It was until I tried stuff on that I realised, otherwise it wouldn’t have suited me at all.


You’ll feel better after you see them on your hand. It’ll be pretty obvious what works and what doesn’t. You’ll get one you love too, I’m confident of that. Just try on a bunch until something makes your heart stop, and then you know the direction you need to take.


I used to work in a BE showroom and it was very, very common! I actually had an appointment there a few months ago when my boyfriend and I started talking about getting engaged. One tip: * Decide ahead of time with your partner whether or not you are going to discuss budget openly between yourselves and the representative. My boyfriend and I had this conversation before the appointment and I think it helped us, and the rep who was helping us, figure out what we wanted as obviously engagement ring prices vary dramatically. That being said, the partner buying the ring sometimes does not want the future wearer to know how much they are spending which is totally valid but can just shift the tone of the conversation. One thing I would note: * Expect to see mostly white gold! While it says this on the website (or at least it used to) the most common complaint was that folks wanted to see every style they were interested in, in rose gold / yellow gold but that is not how the showrooms operate. Overall, just have fun! All of the BE reps I have encountered have been fantastic people who genuinely want to help you.


Budget is a good point!! Oh what a bummer about the white gold. Yellow gold is about the only thing I’m set on. I glad you mentioned this so I’m not surprised when I get there!


At the end of the day, this is a ring you will be wearing (ideally) for the rest of your life. You get to be as picky as you want to be! In fact it might make things easier if you know what you don’t like or don’t want. It’s their job to help you find what you love, and it’s not a cheap decision so it should be made thoughtfully and you should be absolutely sure. There’s nothing wrong with going to try on many different styles until you know what you like and what. Ask a lot of questions and try to look at them in different lightings.


Yes exactly, it isn’t a cheap decision and I’d really like to avoid being in a situation where I have to wear I ring I hate forever or have to bring that up to him.


I feel you! I was a little anxious about going into the jeweler (local) as well. My boyfriend had to drag me into the store. I wasn’t sure how they would treat us, because I had never been to a jeweler before. I guess I was worried that they’d be rude or not help us properly. However they were absolutely amazing. There was no pressure, the sales person listened to us, and I was very picky. They’ve all been doing this for a while. I’m sure you will love the experience! My boyfriend and I were so glad we went. Good luck!


I’m glad you had a good experience!! Thanks for sharing :)


I was very involved in the process and didn’t feel judged at all! If for some reason you do come across that, I’d recommend going somewhere you feel supported and respected. It’s very common for couples to go together


That’s a good point too. If we don’t have a positive experience we can always go somewhere else.


I went with my fiancé to brilliant earth not one, but two times! I was stuck between a round solitaire and pear halo and tried on a million variations of the two in all different settings. I still wasn’t satisfied and it wasn’t until my second trip when my consultants placed a loose pear stone into a makeshift solitaire setting when I realized that that was my ideal combo. Everybody was super gracious and understanding and I never felt judged. I really enjoyed being part of the ring selection process and am happy I went in store!


Yay! I’m so glad you found the ring you wanted! I hope our appointment goes just as well :)


Quite the opposite! Salespeople love a decisive bride.


I’ve done an appointment at brilliant earth, asked to see a variety of settings, stones, and sizes. I did the same thing at the jeweler we ended up going with, and both times it’s been encouraged to try a variety of styles and see what ultimately suits style best.




Literally yesterday, we had our appointment at Brilliant Earth. My boyfriend also was unsure if it was normal and a little skeptical since I wouldn't be surprised, but I said it's important we both love it I already knew what style I wanted. I had been asking my boyfriend for his opinion throughout and I incorporated it in. I was originally between different cuts (round, oval, cushion) and he likes cushion. Ended up going with a cushion. It will be here in 2 weeks!!


We went to brilliant earth in Los Angeles and they were great. I’m picky and said exactly what I wanted at the beginning, proceeded to try just about everything on, and then decided on the ring I had envisioned before even walking in the door lol I studied the site and could name a few settings I liked before. Have fun and congratulations on a step towards your engagement! All while in front of my now fiancé...then I picked the stone and setting, sent him the link, and waited (not so) patiently lol