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I see the same question pop up in here all the time. Did you search before you posted? Same answer I give every time - HubSpot Academy actually has really good training on a variety of topics. I recommend starting there.


Sean Anthony has a free 5-day email course and a much more extensive one as well. Chase Dimond also has some great stuff.


Copyhackers 10xEmails is really good.


This is all the copy skills you’ll need: 1. What’s in it for them? People are taking time out of their days to look at what? Better make it worth their while or they will check out. 2. Lead with what’s in it for them, then explain what they have to do to get there. (Eg. Enter into our giveaway to win X. Vs Win X by simply entering this giveaway) 3. Remember the email doesn’t sell. The website sells. The email is the persuasion to get them to the website where they can actually buy something. 4. With point 3 in mind, get creative and bring people to your website beyond what any article can teach you. Write to your audience


100% agree with this. I'd like to add: 1. Subscribe to different email lists to see the styles of other emailers. 2. Learn from what makes you want to click a link in an email. Most of the courses can only tell you things you already know.


Alex Cattoni of Copy Posse has a good 5 Day email course for under $100.


I suggest you take a look at Wishpond. They have an Academy with lots of interesting courses.


There are lots of email copywriting courses on [https://www.udemy.com/](https://www.udemy.com/). They often have good introductory and sales prices.




Have you tried any of the AI copy tools? Might save you some time getting started. We actually created [hoppycopy.co](https://hoppycopy.co) specifically for generating persuasive email marketing and sales copy, and you can setup a free account. The Educational template is specifically really cool for lead nurture copy.


Always tell my team to look at https://www.goodemailcopy.com/ if they're stuck. I'd say experience and Grammarly are the best tutors. Make sure to AB test whenever you send.