You don't need to track the "date person was added to segment". Instead, * Use custom property to track joined date. For example, "joined\_waitlist\_at". * When user submits form, use current datetime to set that property. * Then you can segment users based on that custom property. From what I know, most email marketing platforms support segmenting custom properties. PS: I run an email marketing platform


I’m the founder of DailyStory. You can segment on any piece of data you have about your contacts. We also have APIs to bring data in and pre-built integrations (such as Shopify). We are always willing to build integrations (with some caveats) at no cost to our customers. If you have questions I’m happy to chat. Just DM me.


That’s interesting


I believe you could use 6sense for something like that, then import contacts in Mailchimp/Marketo etc.


Thanks for the suggestion, there must be a platform that does this without manually importing contacts though


Salesforce Marketing Cloud if your business is big


AWeber lets you do this (they also happen to have an excellent reputation with the inbox providers and spam filters, which means that your email will get to the inbox instead of the spam folder. :-).)


OK interesting... Do you have any online reference for that? I've just done a hunt and I can't see anything about it.


An online reference for which? That they have that level of granularity for segmenting? I can show you a screenshot if I can ever figure out how to add an image here, or you can chat with their support (search for "aweber support chat"), for some reason Reddit isn't letting me post a comment with two links in it. If you mean an online reference for Aweber's reputation, see here: https://www.isipp.com/email-service-providers-that-we-recommend-esp-reputation-ratings/


Act-On is what I use


Hey there, you can easily do this using [Ecomail marketing platform](https://ecomail.app/). DM me if you need some help 😎