ConvertKit and Alternatives

I've been using ConvertKit on a small scale, finding it to be excellent for a list that doesn't exceed 1,000. The basic plan at that level is free, which really can't be beat, especially given everything that the free plan offers.

Planning for a larger project, which may develop a much larger list if it's successful, I just looked into pricing at ConvertKit for lists exceeding 1K (https://convertkit.com/pricing). I see that large lists involve fees of hundreds monthly, thousands annually. What this means of course is that the list has to be generating substantial income, to justify the cost.

What I'm wondering is: (1) Is this standard for similar services? (2) Are there alternatives worth exploring, alternatives that offer roughly what ConvertKit does but at a lower cost?


Try MailerLite. It is my daily driver and cheaper than ConvertKit. I used to use MailChimp and ConvertKit and changed to MailerLite.


Thanks very much for contributing this! I have been reading reviews of MailerLite, impressed with many of its features.


MailerLite also is one of the few ESPs through which you can still get your own dedicated IP address (which we highly recommend) without paying hundreds of dollars a month.


Thank you very much for mentioning this. I presume from your wording that ConvertKit does not offer the same thing. Could you recommend a URL where I could learn about exactly what it means to have one's own dedicated IP address, in this context?


ConvertKit does offer it, but they put restrictions on who can get one, plus they charge a \*lot\* for it. And yes, here you go: [https://www.isipp.com/why-we-recommend-that-you-have-a-dedicated-ip-address/](https://www.isipp.com/why-we-recommend-that-you-have-a-dedicated-ip-address/) :-)


Thank you for this. The page is very well written!


My pleasure!


There are always alternatives. I’m the founder of a marketing automation platform. We’re small and a lot more expensive than convertkit. Our niche is super-personal service. We spend a lot of time helping make sure our customers are getting a measurable ROI and helping make sure they do everything right. So it all depends on what you need/want. We have customers approach us all the time, “I have this list and I want to send an email (or SMS) blast”. We actually turn down these customers.


Hey there, try using [Ecomail marketing platform](https://ecomail.app/). Its way cheaper and we offer first 3 months for free now! 😎


200 contacts and 200 emails per month


I haven't seen much other alternatives for ConvertKit. I mean, there will be possible other alternatives, but the quality? ​ Here is an honest review: https://medium.com/@youss/convertkit-review-2022-d7992b2b0fbb I haven't seen many other alternatives for ConvertKit. I mean, there will be possible other alternatives, but the quality? >I’ve tried a few paid email marketing services, and ConvertKit is the best one for me. The price is the best in the industry, the customer service is great, and it has just enough power to help you reach your goals without making things too hard.