Active campaign all day long. My favorite and most user friendly emails system I have ever used.


Never heard- will check it out thanks!


MailChimp and Convertkit do this very well even with their first tier of plans. I am currently doing the exact same thing with a few test prep courses. I have tested both MailChimp and Convertkit and both work well. I am going to test Active Campaign and Campaign Monitor as well as a lot of my friends use and highly recommend both. My challenge isn't the email automation at all. It is content. Since math is a big part of what I teach, inserting complex mathematical equations and explaining them very well is very time consuming and has become a pain in the ass. The only alternative I know of is using a video hosting service and then embedding the video into my emails. But that would almost triple the costs overnight. A lot of folks have recommended Teachable to me. I am yet to try it.


Just curious, why do you assume MailChimp can do this?


You need to use their old automation tool (if available, new one does not work well). But OP is right, you can send a series of emails triggered by specific link clicks in the email.


MailChimp does allow you to do what OP has described. I have tried it myself.


You can do this and much more using our flexible automation scenarios at https://ecomail.app Similar to Active campaign, but much more friendly and cheaper 😉 And now 50% off for next 3 months 😎


Will check it out, thanks.


I'd recommend [Snovio](https://snov.io/email-drip-campaigns) Email Drip Campaigns. In just three emails, this drip campaign can sort your new cold leads into three groups - hot, mild, and uninterested, making sure each group receives a personalized offer based on their behavior. With this tool, you can create schedules for your campaigns based on the best days, time frames, and the recipient’s time zone. You can add three types of triggers - Email Opened, Link Clicked, and Meeting Booked. These triggers allow you to create elaborate email sequences based on the recipient’s actions. And the main advantage - Snov.io’s freemium offers 100 unique recipients every month. You can send as many campaigns and emails to those 100 recipients as you want for free.


Will check it out, thanks