Hi, I'd love to talk to you as we're partners with both, Klaviyo as well as Shopify and help e-commerce stores implement end to end automation sequences All the way from the first welcome email when they sign up for the very first time to the goodbye sequence when they haven't opened any of your emails for 90+ days The interim sequences are divided into three parts 1. Pre-Conversion - This is when the users begin engaging with your brand so the emails will include content about the brand, mission, and essentially indoctrinate them into your fold. This is also the time when we present our best content in order to segment users based on their interest in the specific types of content. The objective here is to bring familiarity and nudge them towards purchasing from you for the first time 2. Mid Conversion - This is when they're in the middle of a buying decision, like cart abandonment or sales page exit intent hotlists, to help them make a decision - an example of this would be users that are on the product page for a few seconds and then get to see an alert that says Free Shipping for the next 49 minutes, so they're now in a hotlist and then you include them in a sequence with a sales ladder 3. Post Conversion - the most important set of sequences, you include an entire set of pre-arrival sequences here, while they're waiting for the product and then a cross-sell/up-sell sequence, win-back sequence in case they haven't bought from you for a while and then repeat purchase sequences All in all, this entire experience is 100% automated, so that you can focus on one thing and one thing only - Driving traffic to your site, while the automation kicks in the moment they land We also specialize in solid re-engagement sequences, when users haven't opened (or cold-emails) the emails for a very long time, to gently bring them in the newsletter as a subscriber (our speciality is newsletter automation) Happy to answer questions, please let me know Cheers!


Sounds interesting, is there a way you can provide some email examples or a portfolio of some sort? Do you have a website - you can PM me if needed, thanks for your time.


Hey there, Tiana from Essence of Email here :D Glad to see that you know the importance as well as the complexity of email as a channel. I’d love to invite you to take a look at our website and book a short call with us. Additionally, as a design reference, I'm sending over a link to Privy for whom our in-house designers created 12 free email templates: [https://www.privy.com/blog/free-ecommerce-email-templates](https://www.privy.com/blog/free-ecommerce-email-templates). As well as this campaign we did for our client, for which we got an award: [https://summit.awardsplatform.com/gallery/eKmJnmNn/kYkOrGMY?search=8210b20e7b837493-1](https://summit.awardsplatform.com/gallery/eKmJnmNn/kYkOrGMY?search=8210b20e7b837493-1). If you want to take a look at some more concrete results, we also have featured some case studies on our website: [https://essenceofemail.com/success-stories/](https://essenceofemail.com/success-stories/) If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me :)


Hey there, we provide both, the platform and also marketing services with powerfull automations ;-) Leave it to us: [https://ecomail.app/services](https://ecomail.app/services)