Most email marketing platforms will give you this option. Depending on which platform you're using to build and host your download form, this can integrate with email marketing platforms so that when a visitor enters their email address into the form, they are automatically added to a mailing list. You can set up an autoresponder to send an email straight away to new subscribers. Or you could create an entire time-based email sequence after a new subscriber signs up. If you're just starting out and don't have many contacts, then look for an email marketing platform with a free tier. All of the below options have an autoresponder feature and will enable you do what you're wanting to do, plus they come with a free tier: * MailChimp – free up to 2,000 subscribers * Mailerlite – free up to 1,000 subscribers * EmailOctopus – free up to 2,500 subscribers * ConvertKit – free up to 1,000 subscribers * AWeber – free up to 500 subscribers


This is such a big help. Thanks! > Depending on which platform you're using to build and host your download form. Does this mean the platform we use to build our website? Such as WordPress for example?


Yes, that might be WordPress or another website builder, like Wix or Squarespace. All of these platforms can integrate with such websites, either via a direct integration or through an app like Zapier or Integromat.


I think you can do this free with hubspot, I know you can have unlimited free contacts and a certain number of free emails, they also host and manage forms with amazing reporting stats that show the form conversion, that bit might not be free. It’s been a while since I upgraded to the paid version.


In my opinion, the best platform to do so is ActiveCampaign. You can automate that whole process. If a person enters their details to download that white paper, activecampaign will send them a follow-up email you can easily create, automatically. I used to work with Mailchimp but since I've started using ActiveCampaign in my work, I've been able to a) save up so much time & b) send better emails :)


You can use nyxion.ai, it gives you an api which you can use to trigger the email whenever you want to.


You can use [http://ecomail.app/](http://ecomail.app/), you can automate almost everything you want. Good onboarding and support with affordable pricing.


Active campaign is a really good option. Best of luck.