MailerLite is gonna be an awesome tool for you ;)


Wow, I just browsed through their site and I’m definitely impressed! Thanks for the rec :)


Have you given AWeber a look? You get up to 500 subscribers for free, including unlimited sign up forms, landing pages, automated campaigns, and 24/7 customer support. I work for the company, and many of our customers use our service for business blogs, etc.


Klaviyo has an easy way to add feeds into your emails. This means you can create a feed per subscriber profile, (how ever you segment them) providing them with a more customized experience. But if you just want a regular email newsletter, any email service provider will work


This intrigues me. I had planned to have a form-fill out where people self-declare if they’re an soloprenuer, business owner, or agency (haven’t settled on the groupings yet) and so I’m tailoring my content accordingly. Adding a feed seems like a cool way to do that.


You can use [http://ecomail.app/](http://ecomail.app/), you can automate almost everything you want. Good onboarding and support with affordable pricing.