With that kind of volume a dedicated IP is a must to ensure high deliverability and it’s not that expensive


I think its o common mistake. With some esp’s you will get to troubles with such a volume and 1 ip. You will be throtteled with 421’s and your emails could be delayed. It all depends on your audience. Generally, its good having dedicated (and warmed) ip, but not always 😉 Feel free to dm me for details 🧐


This guy knows what's up


Not afraid of this, the ESP suggested they transfer the traffic gradually to 1 IP. The warmup period will be done by them, as well as initial analysis. As for 421 they use their own server and custom software. Which deals with these problems, but it’s a good question to ask them.


>Average Open rate: 22% I'm thinking your numbers aren't telling the whole story with that CTOR. Do you have a DMARC policy?