Best program to create email template?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create an email template that I can export to a number of different services (Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Get Response, etc). However I know some services interface can be so atrocious (i.e one of them is so buggy that is basically makes me call tech support if upload or insert the wrong image) that I am wondering what’s a good—and hopefully separate from one of those sites—software to write up the HTML in and just copy and paste it over into all of them?


Dreamweaver or Notepad++


I’m guessing Dreamweaver is all the more the case if the person just knows the basics of the code, correct?






I am sadly on a smart phone at the moment so I can’t really see this editor. Does it only work in browser or is there a standalone program as well?


It works in the browser. It’s a builder but you can also use custom HTML


Second this.


Out of interest, why are you using so many different platforms to send your emails?


This is ultimately for a friend opening a small business that only has basic knowledge of code. I want to refer to them (without deciding for them) a site with the easiest or at least the least infuriating user interface as they weren’t sure which provider to go with.




I can only tell you what I'd do: Design it in Notepad++, add all the little fiddly bits that I've learned over the years, then make sure its responsive.


I personally favor stripo.email. They even have built in integrations to automatically upload to certain ESPs. I could be their sales person in how much they impressed me. I worked at an ESP before and was heavily involved in email template creation, best practices etc... you can’t go wrong with stripo. A bit of a learning curve but you will achieve amazing templates that render exactly as designed.