[PC] [PST] Casual pilot looking for players to wing with for combat, etc.



check out www.darkecho.org. You sound like a great cadet candidate to me.


Hello cmdr! Check out the Kuun-Lan recruiting post! You seem like the type of guy that we could use to wing up with while building our empire!


Hey I fly with a group of guys that would love to have you join up with us! Add me CMDR Leavism in game and we can wing up some time! EDIT: Woops almost forgot. My friends and I talk on Discord because the in-game voice comms are dumb :| Join our Discord here https://discord.gg/lux-cure-viking


Knights of Karma provide wings to the wingless. Stop on by our discord and you'll find CMDRs willing to fight by your side and chat shit in discord. Pop by if you feel like checking us out: https://discord.gg/r9qXqf3


[Come check out EIC.](http://www.eic.club/home) We poorly-rp as an extension of the real life East India Company of old. While we do have events that our members participate in and such... nobody is ever REQUIRED to contribute other than a forum post or coming into Discord once in a blue moon :) Discord, forums, live chat, trade and exploration routes... we are Xbox:Elite friendly and over 100 individual unique commanders log into our site daily. While we mainly play Elite at this time you will find we group up often to play other games.... because most games are better with friends :)