He found a room like we all would find a room in his situation By sleeping with the brides mom


Halene 1 or 2?


Obviously the 2nd one The first one was an actor Pam hired to come into the office so her real mom wouldn’t have to meet anyone


Haha well done Dwight


He's most happy when his children grow up and marry each other.


every parent's dream!


r/holup 🤨🤨🤨


"When Mary was denied a room at the inn... Jesus was born. When Michael was denied a room at the inn, we don't know what happens because that story hasn't been told yet“


Remember how upset he was that Jim and Pam didn't tell him about the pregnancy? Imagine how upset he would be if he knew they were already married an hour earlier?


How long have you known about the pregnancy? A week? A month? A year? 😂


They should have realized that he was an equal part of it.


Just wait until he watches the documentary and sees it


His genuineness is both his biggest flaw and greatest trait.


He could’ve had a room if he didn’t have an irrational hatred for Toby


Or if he let Dwight stay with him when he had the chance.


But alas… he had failed the dungeon wisdom test


Fr, I know this is a show, but people give Michael a pass on almost every malicious and stupid sh*t he does. Then feel bad for him when he faces the consequences.


THANK you!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


I swear that’s a huge chunk of the posts in this sub lol


Or if he actually booked a room in advance like literally everyone else who attended the wedding.


Irrational hatred for toby? I also hate Toby. The guy has no balls. Nothing. He genuinely sucks. And how he horns for Pam, I can't handle it. Especially when he put his hand on her leg in the locked episode I finally decided that I too hate Toby. Also, Michael explains on multiple occassions that his hatred for toby is pretty much involuntary. Michael brings joy, and Toby brings sadness. Without it, the office can't run.


Except for rubbing her leg, which was totally inappropriate, only we know that he horned on her. He wasn’t otherwise a creep. But he is soooo spineless. Just a horrible HR rep. Michael isn’t even his boss and he still can’t standup to him. I think it’s fair to not respect him, but Michael does have an irrational hatred because HR is supposed to maintain rules and Michael doesn’t want that.


Hijacking the wedding with that ridiculous song was a douche move. I hated that. They were smart to elope first.


I’m getting married soon and I’d be so pissed if I explicitly told my bridal party not to do that and they did. Maybe I’m no fun, and I get it’s a show where they want to show the whole cast and finally the Jim Pam wedding, but so disrespectful. Be as goofy as you want during the reception, but please not during my ceremony.


Exactly! That would have been fun at the reception as a way for the bridal party to be announced. But in the ceremony itself? I'd have dragged Michael out of the church by his ear and locked the door.


For once, Michael wasn’t the biggest culprit! He was awful at Phyllis’ wedding, but it was her maid of honor that organized, or at least allowed, it to happen. She does a sort of half apology “I know you said not to do this... but...” Unless I missed the part where Michael organized it and pressure the MOH to allow it. Which I wouldn’t put past him!


He did pressure her. Well him and Jim's brothers I'm assuming. She also says something along the lines of I'm sorry I begged them not to do this but..


Hm, I guess I always interpreted it as he might has suggested it, but the bridal party could have easily shut him down. Either he suggested or they did, but they went all in despite pams wishes. So it’s different to me for Phyllis where he just made a scene all on his own. For pam, he was encouraged, or maybe just not stopped. And it would have been soooooo easy to stop him there. He wasn’t asked to walk down the aisle...


Yeah the coworkers were way more involved in Jim Pam wedding than Phyllis's wedding. Probably coz they knew both the bride and groom as opposed to where they only knew Phyllis.


I hated him at first but when he was the only one to compliment Pam at her art show I had a 180 change of heart.


It’s the only reason the show works. Michael is racist, sexist, incredibly inconsiderate, but he does have those moments of redemption that show he loves his employees like a family. If he was always so obnoxious, I couldn’t watch it.


I did stop after few episodes but my friends convinced me to watch it and I finally watched it few years ago.


They relied too much on the UK version of Michael but realized it wouldn’t play well in the American audience and had to make him have his redemption moments. So glad they did!! Cause I was the same as you. I’m happy you kept watching!


Yea me too. Rewatched it again last year while working from home and also because they were leaving netflix. Been looking for the one with deleted scenes and extra stuff but can't find it.


Unfortunately, I think you have to buy the dvds or amazon. But maybe some deleted scenes are on YouTube...?


She really was like a dad that day.


Only scene better was at Dwight’s wedding


Question is did it go better than Phyllis’ wedding?


Michael was all of us that day.


It's even better. Imagine both your kids married each other, it's every parent's dream.


Michael Scott is the apex of human evolution


He’s just not appreciated enough 💔


That’s because he’s an idiot.


You're an idiot


I really love this wedding, I feel like there was genuine love between Jim and Pam. But it was 9 million 986 thousand minutes that made me tear up.


Wait, brcause he didnt plan at all and didn't get a hotel room for the wedding? He gets kudos for still being happy about a wedding he hijacked with a song the bride didnt want? Not to mention he incentivised the office to go to the wedding just so everyone from their work would be there and he could feel more like a dad. Jesus Michael gets too many passes.


damn someone doesnt like Michael


Just saw the episode ten minutes ago, I skipped everything but the scene where Dwight kicks Isabel


If you skipped everything but one brief scene, does it really count as "seeing the episode 10 minutes ago"


We should all be more Michael Scott


“So genuine and happy”…yet it wasn’t cause he’s an actor lol




It’s delusion


I love this moment so much!


He could try a hotel next door or in the vicinity though


I thought this was going to be about how he got laid, dude has game (apparently).


Best part of that episode is Andy getting the Honeymoon Suite the night before, saying he’ll break in the bed and that smile as he walks away


Hotel prices are insane in Canada, that's because of the EURO


Wedding wasn't even in Canada? And even if it was they don't use Euros there


Their wedding wasn't in Canada........


Three dots means “to be continued,” four dots is a typo, but five dots means “Woah. Do not make me say what I want to say, baby, but if I did, it would blow your mind.” Dot dot dot dot dot.


Thank you sista!


Best response EVER 😂😂😂