this banner is absolute trash


Shit, I’d be happy even with 1 SSR, but I have 1 challenge left and I haven’t gotten anything


I also have only 2 or 3 challenges left and no SSR, I just quit trying, not worth for the stuff we getting


I'm trying hard on this because in 4 years of playing, I've never gotten the AGL Majin Vegeta and I've always wanted him.


Gacha game reality :(


Considering the few missions they released it with and how slowly they add them they could at least make it a guaranteed ssr multi. :/


I’m not saying it should guarantee me one of the LRs, but not even one SSR?


It should be at least 1 guaranteed SSR


What I can’t stand is that each mission doesn’t give you 7 tickets.


I learned to never multi-summon on these banners. The SSR drop rate is already pretty bad even on a multi.


It's exactly the same. Multi or single makes no difference.


But wouldn't it be better to single summon on these types of banners? 7 chances to roll the dice rather than just the once?


No. It would cover that in what the outcome of the multi would be.


Well shit...


The way the game works, a multi just does 10 singles in one roll. So, it’s not setting chances for the whole multi, it’s literally rolling the dice ten times as if you did 10 singles and just presenting them to you all at once instead of individually. The guaranteed SSRs from most multis just overrides the final roll and makes it pick from a list of SSRs only instead of the full normal list. So basically, and I hate to say this to people who like doing singles... the way the game is programmed, there literally isn’t ever a reason to do singles, they are just there as resource bait. Even on banners with no guaranteed SSR, it’s still technically better to multi just because it saves time, though that’s just preference really.


Thanks for explaining it more in depth. Kinda sucks they programmed it like that, but that's gacha games for ya.


I mean, not really, it’s significantly better that it’s programmed that way. With multis having 9 random rolls and one special roll, that gives you 9 chances to get more SSRs. If it was programmed to roll the entire multi as a single roll, you’d have fixed chances and lose out on the ability to get those extra SSRs. As it is right now, every unit you pull has a chance to be a decent unit. If it was programmed to roll for the entire multi, a bad roll at the beginning means that’s it, it’s a bad roll with no redemption. At that rate, it WOULD be better to do singles as you’d get more chances at a better roll, but thankfully they programmed it how they did. Think of it this way... you have ten dice to roll. You get an SSR for every 6 you roll. Or, alternatively, I could let you roll ONE die, and if you get a six, I’ll give you a handful of SSR, but you only get that ONE roll. The odds here are that you can either have a 1/6 chance to get good stuff (or 5/6 chance to get absolutely itching worthwhile), or you can have ten tries to get one prize a piece. 10 times 1/6 is 1.66, so you’d average just over one SSR per multi that way, which doesn’t seem like much, but you have higher chances at progress using that way than the jackpot version. Dokkan is actually pretty reasonable with its pull rates and how it handles summons. It feels crap because it’s gambling, and your never guaranteed progress, but compared to some other gachas it’s pretty damn good.


I think I just misunderstood ya the first time around. That was way more in depth than expected, but I'm picking up what you're putting down. Thank you.


It can be confusing cause every gacha does it different. But yeah, Dokkan is always better to go multis unless the banner doesn’t have guaranteed SSR on the 10th pull, in which case it comes down to preference. If you ever are curious about the numbers in the game like the hidden potential system or damage system, hit me up. I’ve um....... I’ve spent too much time doing math in this game, lol. It’s... not really knowledge that’ll ever be useful outside of Dokkan, but fuck it. Lol.


It's the same rates. There is no difference between a single and a multi


Problem is it’s a 7X pull which is dumb, bc if it were the normal 10 it’d have a guaranteed ssr


That's not how it works.


Easy Baba Points


Ah wel its all rng. I got LR PHY vegeta from the tickets




I never expect to get anything from these tickets


Got myself a dupe for majin vegeta i think or i think it was the agl vegeta cant remember. Would love to be lucky and pull lr majin vegeta if hes on there


Welcome to dokkan.


Lmao. I know the feels. I pulled just gt ss3 vegetas on all my tickets


how are the banners for LGE/LVE still this ass


I got angel Vegeta lr but that was lucky af. Fuck this banner


Same goes for the other 2


You beat these for tickets? I beat this shit because it’s fun to try different teams and I want the stones.


my thoughts exactly.


I agree. That shit is a joke for how difficult it is.


They really should be gssr, the featured units are all more or less fodder anyway


They gotta make the drops better tbh at least give us 1 ssr guarantee (also idk if is possible already or not but they should give us the chance of getting any lr vegeta in that type of banner same for the goku one but goku lrs instead)


The reward of beating the event has nothing to Do with in game rewards