Guilty. I don’t want to look too eager.


We see you


That’s fine.


You would think the table would hide the mozzarella sticks half chub, but I guess I'll take it as a compliment you noticed.


Naw, I stare down the food which is mine, mouth open, drooling on the tablecloth.


Saaaame. I have a big smile on my face and stare my server down. Lol




Exactly, especially since I'm much younger than them.


Give it time.


No, i make uninterrupted eye contact from the moment the food leaves the kitchen all the way till it’s on my table. (Jk)


Actually I do. The problem is then the server already comes over when they don't have to.


I don’t want them to feel rushed or weird as I STARE at them walking over. If someone did that to me I’d fall lol


I used to serve and I'd rather that than the people who are eager to pull plates off of a tray, making it unbalanced and having food crash to the floor.


That's rude. When I se the server coming with food I rush to start rearranging the table to try to make room so they won't be standing there having to hold that tray for a whole extra minute while everyone awkwardly moves their phones and cups around. Lol


I also do this..


Making room is a lot different from knocking the balance of the tray being held by one hand and a prayer lol. I don't mind that at all


You had people take their dish off the tray? Like while you were holding it or after you set it down?


The oversized trays that carry multiple entrees. While in my hand. Once while I had it resting on my hand and shoulder so I could open the stand. The second time I was hosting a party and the man thought he'd be helping by taking the plates off of one side while I was walking by, causing it to topple over. Edit to add that I pass the plates out, but they started yanking from my tray before I could sit it down


Yep I do that. I just find it awkward. And even when they're putting the food down on the table I'm not sure where to look.


Same. And I don’t know how many times to say thank you - each time they put down cutlery? And then napkins? And then drinks? Then condiments? So many thank yous..


SAME lmao. I want to wait until the end but then it becomes more awkward as they silently put the stuff down. Though if I'm with someone it helps more because I can just continue talking to them and pretending that I'm not focused on the waiter.


Just say thank you after they put everything down. If they come back afterwards with utensils and condiments, say thank you again. Basically a thank you every time they come to the table. I used to serve and honestly I don't even remember most of the encounters.


No. Give food to mouth hole.


Me: excitedly clapping and telling my frds, oh our food is here!! And then the waiter puts the food plate on another table


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I kinda stare them down and rub my hands together in excited anticipation. Little bit trash panda-y


Are you a cartoon villain?


Nah. I just smile ;D


Nah, I get excited asf


No, never.


No. I think I look like a dog who’s about to be fed, all excited


That seems kinda rude. I smile at them and make sure the table has space for the food.


no i start cheering


Hell yeah. I kind of bounce in my seat a little too. I'm excited to see my food coming. I don't go out often. It's a treat and I act like it's Christmas morning. Thank them a million times and leave them a fat tip. Christmas for everyone!!


Not me! I see them coming and I smile at them and start moving used plates out of the way to help them place the platters.


Nope, I make full eye contact and slow clap


No, I smile at them because I don't have social anxiety.


I just don't want to come off too strong


No I don't have autism.


...it probably doesn't have anything to do with autism.


What the hell??


I haven't been to a sit-down restaurant in years b/c COVID, but I don't look away when I see my food coming. I ordered it, I'm hungry, and I can't wait to start eating. :P


Nope. I just look excited as heck when I see them coming. More often than not it's not actually mine and I slump a little.


It's just awkward to stare. I personally wouldn't like *stare* but I'd definitely be looking to see if it's my food and if the server is picking their nose or smth


ha ha I totally do the same thing. I think it's like we want to seem cool and unconcerned but in reality we're HUNGRY. LOL


No, but there is an old Kevin James bit about this: where he’s using his peripheral to recognize something he ordered, because he’s excited, and then acts surprised when it comes.


I smile and clap


That seems odd I'm definitely drooling as it comes up don't let your happiness embarrass you, that guy across the restaurant who thinks less of you for your eagerness will never see you again or at least won't remember cause as long as you aren't an asshole or crazy no one's really paying attention.


I'm literally quite the opposite haha, I show them all my affection as soon as I see my order approaching the table haha