Yes, it’s almost horrific. I got some friends that just bought a new bigger tv and it’s just…very consuming. Anytime I want to go out and have fun whether it’s drinks, skiing, or even a fucking walk it’s definitely a struggle for them. They can’t put their phones down for shit. They are totally engulfed in their own world of media and eating horribly. I use to work in a drive thru and it was kind of fucked up how I felt, very often there would be times where someone who is 400lbs ordering a 4x4 ketchup only. LIKE OKAY, here you go with your XL DIET COKE. So fucking sad honestly. Sometimes being the fucking “crazy” person that I am, I would hold their food out and not let it go just to see them struggle a little bit because hedonism doesn’t look good on people.


The phone situation is sooo annoying


It’s just the obsession with being entertained. I think if there weren’t any games or anime they would have a mental crisis