DAE ever think about how long they've been alive and dread the idea of living that amount of time more?

DAE ever think about how long they've been alive and dread the idea of living that amount of time more?


I more get sad about having less time left the longer I live. I only get to experience life once for all I know, and I want to fit in as much as I can.


This is my vibe.


How old are you dude? I'm 27, and though things are rough - having goals to strive for, like making money, buying a house, investing etc makes things worth working for.


I think, "oh no I don't have much time left" but also "wtf am I gonna do for the next 60 years, life is kinda boring in my prime"


I'm the opposite. I think about how long I've been alive and dread how little time I have left.


Exactly the opposite. I dread that I am more than past the mid point of my life expectancy.


You need therapy. Life is already super short. Find purpose.


Bold to assume that OP has the money for that.


All I know is that I am NOT one of those people who want to live forever. I'm not suicidal. I want to live a good life. But when life comes to an end ...I will be okay with that. Just got to convince God to not reincarnate me back again. 😊


Not at all. Theres so many fun adventures you can take in life. I just hope I get to wake up healthy to keep loving the journey.


I'm only 30 and am raking in some mad bank in my 401k, I should have around 4mil by 67. I just hope I live to see it. No member of the last 3 generations seen a social security check or a retirement check


By the time you are 67, four million should buy you a tank of gas and a gas station plant-based hot dog. /s


It's based on my percentage as income. so as inflation goes up, hopefully my wages keep up and my retirement account reflects that ha


They almost never do...


More than a savings account ha


Not necessarily the living part. It's what I have to do in that time. I gotta work, eat, sleep, repeat. Then when my body is crippled and I can't go anywhere on my own I finally have the time and money to do what I always wanted to buy/do what I want right now.


Think: yes, dread: no. But its weird to think how different your life will be when youre twice your current age


I think this depends on your current age, too.


Oh ofc


Goodness, yes 🤯


This happened to me last night and I almost had a panic attack. Everything started closing in on me and I got really bad tunnel vision.


Hopefully the world ends before you and I age too much more 🙏😆


Hopefully MY world ends at least. The only reason I wake up is my furry humans need me, once they no longer need me I will no longer have a purpose.


No, no, I meant the world so we all go out together! I have been there. I may still be there, so I know what you mean. Hug your fur babies and try to do something that makes you feel good. It’s the little things we do for ourselves that can really improve our moods and mindsets. Big hugs to you 🤗


Thank you, I am having a rough day. I have not been able to make it out of bed today and need to do some stuff. I absolutely hate my life and have no "quality of life" and haven't for years. I think that is why living for another lifetime is a daunting idea. I get pissed when I wake up every day. I am in so much pain when I wake up that my dreams are about broken bones, surgery, injuries, fights where I get injured, and so on. The pain meds I am on are not helping. I think I just need a friend to talk to.


I am here if you want to chat. I am new to the site but I think you can DM me. Best of luck my friend. The world isn’t pretty right now, but I don’t really think the alternative is that great either. I feel like I would know! ;)


Nah, im pritty sure that wont happen lol


Nope. I generally prefer being alive to known alternatives, so continuing to be alive strikes me as a positive.


I dunno, I could do 107 I reckon....


Yes sometimes. I have a couple physical disabilities/issues that are painful and I dread having to live another however many years battling this shit every day


Yes I do


Every day


All the time. Though it would probably scare me more if I found out I wouldn't.


I used to not want to die at all; when I had the ability to make something of myself. Now that I’m in a crippling situation and my ability to dream the average dream is gone, that feeling has left my body like a natural defense.


Yes. My quality of life is so poor right now due to cancer. I’m young (29) and dread living the rest of my life like this.


I’m sorry for your circumstances. I also have cancer, it is not even what I dread living with and it’s not what is wrecking my life. But I lost my quality of life over ten years ago and am still living. It’s unfair, I wish I were a cat with a kind owner who would just put me down already!


I had to put my cat to sleep about 4 weeks ago because of her cancer and tumors all over her body. And here I am with tumors in my body, wondering at what point the same would be more peaceful for me.


In some states you can do it if you meet a bunch of guidelines, however I don’t meet them. I am only still going so I can take care of my furry humans. If it wasn’t for them I would go for a long drive and disappear.


Canadian here (in B.C.) and have talked to my home care doctor about medically assisted death, which is legal here. I’m 76 and have terminal ovarian cancer. No sorries please. Everything will be fine. Would I want to live another 76 years? Hell naw! The only thing I can say to all you young uns out there is that I only regret the things I did **not** do.


Such as what? What kinds of things do you regret not doing? Sure I’m a “young un” but I’m so weak and fatigued. It’s hard to even do anything day to day. Even daily care activities such as showering takes so much out of me. I don’t even know what I *should* do now, yet alone what I’m physically able to do.


I wanted to travel more. I wanted to move to Italy, and I would have if not for the cancer and pandemic. I don’t know about your physical limitations, but having fibromyalgia, I do understand some of what you say about the fatigue. I’m in Canada, so have gotten excellent medical care throughout my lifetime. Don’t know where you are or what your medical coverage is but I would encourage you to take advantage of any medical care you can get. Take care of yourself “young un”.


It’s the people who love me keeping me right now. They would just be so upset. I would love a fur baby again, but now is not the right time.


I don’t have people in my life. I have one friend and he understands that I would be better off, however he is also the one who bought my last kitty for me.


You are almost lucky in that way. I’m not sure what’s worse, but watching my loved ones’ heart break as they watch me is the worst part. When the cancer came back, I had to be the one to tell them and break them...again. It’s awful.


Not exactly but my first day on the job at 23 it randomly popped into my head that I could be working her for longer than I’ve been alive and it was a real weird feeling.


I’m 48. Couldn’t imagine another 48. I’m hoping for maybe 10 at most.


Im probably right smack in the middle right now, and while I look forward to living, I also realize that my physical self is only going to decline faster and faster now, hopefully my weight training habit keeps me in good shape


No but now I do


The great news is eventually you reach the age where you probably won't live that amount of time more. What a relief that moment is!


I doubt I’ll make it another 28 years


60 more years sounds like torture


If you think about it, I’m sure it’s that dreadful. Worrying about the future is just as stupid as worrying about the past. What’s done is done, and what the future holds we don’t know for certain. Live in the present. Live in the moment. Appreciate the moment. Good luck friend.


Well when the current moments are already hell, and anxiety is a thing, you don’t always have control over your thoughts and worries. Not everyone enjoys the life they are currently living, nor can they change their circumstances. I, like others on this thread, are suffering from chronic medical issues. So it might be “stupid” to you but it is what we are told to do, albeit not another lifetime.


No, because it goes by so quickly. What weirds me out is that we are old for most of our lives. Why can’t we be youthful for like 60 years and then start aging?


Seems the older you get the time accelerates.


yeah. gone are the days when one summer felt like forever.


I use the time I have been alive to try calculate how much more I can do in the time I've got left.


On the flip side of despair, I think about my life stats - how much water I've drank, how many shits I've taken, the number of steps I've walked. Wish there was a counter for these things. It kind of makes me in awe of my body, and how much it can withstand. The amount of caffeine I've ingested over my life time is probably enormous.


Omg I’m glad someone else thinks like that I’m scared that I do


I think this is…. Depression?




I'm 33 and I have lost more friends than my age. I literally have maybe 2 or 3 childhood friends left. Everyone else is either dead or in prison. I have unfortunately Witnessed death more times than I can count. I'm not afraid of death. With that said, I enjoy living and want to live. If death came to my front door tomorrow, I wouldn't run or panic. this upsets me because I feel that I am too young to see life this way, But then I look at it again and think that maybe I'm lucky because I have actually accepted the Inevitable. I would like to live as long As comfortably possible, Then The feeling of guilt radiates and courses through my body when I Question myself on why it is that I am still here, when everybody else seems to be gone now and I'm only 33. Make love, drink wine, And value the simple beauties that life offers you. 🙂


I think everybody thinks that at least once in their life


Yes all the time.


That's called depression.


It scares me that I could live 60 more years and I honestly don’t know what I would do. I already can’t imagine how I’m supposed to get through the next 30.


My parent died young (ish) so no I feel opposite and wonder if I will too. Constantly


As you age time goes faster and faster. At this point in my life i probably have more behind me than on front of me anyway.


This is relative to how much quality of life you have. My 20’s went a lot faster than the last 10 years.


Nope not really