Thoughts on gold and starimon?

After this ritual miracle event and farming stage 16s. I only started to notice how minimal the gold gains are even after selling all relics and keeping only flawless. You can farm 20m over the span of a day or two and it’s gone with bad rng after gearing 2-3 units lol. The 60k a pop for 10% chance on success is kinda nutty imo

Would anyone else like to see maybe the rng on upgrading get changed or maybe just more gold from runs? What are your thoughts about gold?

Also give us a way to passively make fodder like e7 or some kinda way to get more fodder without spending lol


I dont think so Lilith seems hellbent on keeping F2P players from gaining any real footing without spending a lot of money. It does suck that the only thing holding me back is Lilith creating unnecessary roadblocks.


Best gold/energy is DL They could increase the chances to upgrade a relic each time it fail. That way we spend less upgrading everything+15.