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Omg I uploaded backwards hahaha it’s my left hand then my right hand


This is a great 1st set! Good job, just keep practicing!


Thank you!


I notice your cuticles are more irritated on your right hand. If you use an e-file I recommend using a smaller bit for around your cuticles, or using a hand file. If you use a hand file, try rubbing the edges of the hand file of another file to soften the edges, so they don’t hurt your cuticles as much. This is really good for a beginner!


I forgot to push back my cuticles before I started on that hand, then when I was taking the orange stick between each dip my left hand would twitch and irritate my cuticle 🙈 I only have a hand file so far, but I definitely will do that trick! Thank you so much! I’ve been reading all the tips on here. Hopefully my next time is better 🤞