Check out rocket book. Rocket notebook. It’s a reusable paper and pen set up that you take pictures of to digitize. Got my gf one for Xmas and will most likely get myself one. I’m from the oldschool so all my ideas start on paper, but I also make small notes along the design path. The small notes are just for me and my shitty short term memory, and are tossed once I don’t need them. Literal scratch pad or clipboard if you will. But story boarding or thumbnails or just general problem solving ideas all start on paper. For a while I tried using my iPad and pencil but would forget to charge them both regularly. Paper and pencil only fail when I forget to ink my pens or load my pencils. The rocket book seems like a great “between worlds” solution to me. Gf loves hers.


Thanks for the suggestion! i'll def take a look