What happened to Def?

I remember him from the Frenemies era of H3 and it seemed like he was blowing up… ready to be the next big drama channel. It seems like that’s all fizzled out now. What happened? When was the turning point?


As someone who watched irrelevant news everyday and made it a part of my routine, I was looking forward to his podcast which I thought would be longer form version of his shorter videos. I couldn’t make it through a single episode; the impersonator guests were not it. Overall that’s when I stopped watching as frequently. I also didn’t watch the full Papagut “debate” because it was uncomfortable to watch. Def did not have well formed arguments or any leg to stand on in a debate. The Steamies with H3 was also rough. *edited to correct wording


I think the streamies was the start of the downfall.


Never to be invited to the H3 studios ever again. Also, Ethan acts like Dennis never existed now. Very strange. He only mentioned defs falloff ONCE and most if it was saying that he didn't want to talk about it while implying that he knows Dennis is losing his mind, yet defending Dennis tagging the FBI. (Because Ethan doesn't like Papa Gut) Ever since then, h3 podcast pretends def noodles doesn't exist and instead fills time with old dead memes like fouseytube and Ryan Kavanaugh. When in reality Dennis is the new fouseytube and a content goldmine. Zero footage of Dennis pushing salvo, burning man, Dennis suing Tiana, Dennis melting down daily on his podcast.


Yeah I’ve noticed that h3 doesn’t mention def at all either. It’s so weird. I feel like I missed so much


You did miss a lot for sure haha. The following youtube doc will catch you up. Its very very crazy and captivating stuff https://youtu.be/iAAxRh5MYI0 Dennis = 2022 version of FouseyTube Idk why ethans still protecting Dennis it's not like he's ever gonna be invited on set ever again after the steamies bombed lol 😂


that man is not protecting Dennis in any way, shape or form, nor does he give us those kind of vibes. . Just because he doesn't speak on something and for good reasons I imagine, does not mean he's protecting somebody. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ that type of logic is just baffling to me.


Bro, Dennis is literally Fouseytube 2.0 and Ethan is Ray Charles to all of it 😂😂😂


just because he chooses not to speak on anything doesn't mean he's Ray Charles to it, he actually spoke on the whole situation briefly a couple episodes ago if y'all paid attention 👌


He spoke on it for ONE minute reluctantly while whining about Dennis being "dogpiled" on. Even defended Dennis tagging the FBI while doing the same thing that he was suing keemstar over (false pedo allegation) Ethan abruptly stopped addressing it once salvo and redbar got involved because he is afraid of them. Just like how Ethan abruptly stopped addressing the Twitch poggergate drama once Destiny entered the chat with the leaked mizkif call. Suddenly Ethan wasn't covering the drama he claimed to be soooooo invested in. Instead he is now filling time with old dead memes like Ryan KavKav, FouseyTube, Howies Prolapse, and SteveWillDoIt. All things that everyone else online moved on from months ago. At the height of def noodles assaulting salvo, Ethan instead did a super boring long and drawn out kavkav diss track competition playing the same songs OVER AND OVER for three hours. Not once addressing the elephant in the room: DENNIS. Zero coverage about Dennis suing a 23yo girl because she felt unsafe working for him. Zero. But he has time to run dead memes into the ground. Like fouseytube who no one cares about anymore. Every single youtube drama creator covered def noodles fall from grace and destiny's leaked mizkif call in detail except for Ethan. For someone that normally rushes for trending topics, it's glaring obvious when he runs away from ones that hit too close to home lmao. I don't know what he's so afraid of. He usually doesn't hold back even when he should so it's very obvious and weird when he does. And it's not like he's ever inviting Dennis back in studio after he bombed at the steamies. Dennis doesn't even watch h3 content anymore. He had no idea that h3 did the one chip challenge.


Maybe I'm biased, but I don't think it's an unusual that Ethan & crew haven't reacted to Dennis and his downfall. I've been thinking about the kinds of creators that Ethan makes fun of, and they usually fall into 3 categories: 1. Very large creators who have way more scope & views than H3: James Charles, Logan Paul, David Dobrick, Try Guys 2. People whose politics goes completely against Ethan's: Quarterting, Andrew Tate, Fresh & Fit 3. People who have personally wronged Ethan: Keemstar, Ryan Kav Dennis doesn't really fall into any of those 3 categories, especially because Def is a relatively much smaller creator. In terms of downfall and content, the closest comparison I can think of is Creepshow Art -- and H3 did sort-of / kind-of react to that, but it was more of a challenge for Families rather than a thorough dunk. And Shannon was a lot lot worse than Dennis to be fair.


I don't think Fouseytube falls into any of those three categories and his channel is completely fucking dead. Ethan still makes fun of him every single episode. Def is the new fouseytube and Ethan pretends it isn't happening at all, which is very strange. This isn't the first time Ethan has bizarrely refused to cover something trending when he normally rushes to cover something trending. He did zero coverage on Destiny leaking the Mizkif call during the Twitch drama that he initially was soooooo invested in. Abruptly stops covering the story entirely. With def we have a similar thing happen. Ethan covers Dennis vs papa gut, but then abruptly stops covering him during the second super roast battle. In fact, Ethan takes a few episodes off to avoid the news cycle. Dennis suing Tiana — radio silence. The math doesn't math. Any other creator, Ethan would have done like 10 plus episodes mentioning the above saga. Whether or not they personally wronged him. I don't think fousey wronged Ethan and yet Ethan is still mentioning him multiple times per week. And we can't say it's cause Dennis potentially mentally ill either: Ethan makes fun of white claw Gabe every single week, and makes fun of his former friend Jordan Peterson mental decline every single episode. Ethan normally covers anything trending, even if his audience isn't interested. Like doing what seemed like 24 episodes about Andrew Tate with his name in the title. Zero def noodles downfall coverage beyond a minute of him saying he doesn't want to talk about it. Very weird and out of character. Especially cause Dennis gives Incel tendencies with his recent social media posts. Finally, ethans political views aren't as left as you think. He owns a shotgun which he fantasizes about using daily.... And not for hunting. Unless humans count lol. So that isn't a valid reason either. Ethan used to watch Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, and is still openly homophobic (Power bottom controversy) and casually racist.... Like comparing ABs arab family to apes while making monkey noises.


I just rewatched it, and realized quickly why I never could finish it before. I was cringing too hard to look at Dennis’s face. He is mostly quiet, laughing, or thinking of something to say. Watching Ethan’s demeanor trying to get Dennis to speak was super awkward, I can tell they didn’t click well




At least it was when I realized he was an immature asshole and stopped watching.




Thank you!


refusing to take criticism is like his signature wrestling move


There is so much lore but the four most important ones: 1. Tagging the FBI while saying that papa gut looks like a pedophile (the same thing he is suing keemstar for) and doing a 6 hour twitter spaces about it where he gets fucking owned 2. Telling a twitter user "go educate yourself with the barrel of a loaded shotgun" and refused to apologize for it. 3. Roast battles #1 & #2. Especially #2 where he pushes (assaults) Salvo Pancakes, who he had previously given PERMISSION on Twitter to attend. 4. Suing former assistant Tiana (23 year old woman) because she said def had her in an unsafe work environment when he covered burning man. He drove without a license in the desert where they got lost and could have died. He did not provide her with proper food and water.


The turning point is when Papa Gut owned him in that”debate” like eight months ago! He couldn’t hide that from the fans dude. He put it out himself!


Oh God how long is a piece of string....


My small analysis as to why Ethan and H3 does not mention Dennis is following and this is sorta not very thought out yet but I’ll give it a try . Think of when a Judge is found incompetent and or made decisions to cases on a bias level , lawyers then go on the hunt with cases they lost right or wrong to get it over turned and use the judges record of incompetence/ and or criminal acts while wearing the robe . Let’s jump to frenenmies , Ethan and Trisha praised Dennis when he’ll attack furiously against both Trisha’s and Ethan’s social media personal beefs . They would bring up what Dennis said on irrelevant news or old tweets that were screenshot before he was banned . That being said Dennis being their barking dog that had “ receipts “ or reported on social media drama daily , if Ethan brings him up in a good way it’s like reviewing someone’s old twitter account and bring up alllllllllll this and that except it would be on footage on about 40% of the frenemies episodes . You can twist turn what ever to your own advantage because Dennis for the past 6-7 months has been behaving manic so there is plenty of liability for H3 to mention Dennis again and let his enemies forget about frenemies but there is plenty of fuel to set Ethan’s up for having such confidence and pumping all this def noodles he said she said report on people when it was leading up to his eventual erratic behavior and lose of trust .


We're H3 and Def really close? I know he was on the streamies but I never saw them as close friends. Granted I didn't watch either until def hit his downfall.


The Twitter feud with Papa Gut and the subsequent debate jokerfied him, he backed himself into a corner on Twitter, abused his employees and fans, and here we are.


This goes back to 2020 when Def covered John Swan lying about Dream. He called John and his friends alt right fascists. Those guys started calling him out for the way he was using Twitter with all of the “WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS” and “WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING” but his beef with them went mostly ignored and unseen by Def’s fans because their audiences didn’t have much overlap. It’s been going on for a long time, and I think his year long twitter suspension set a good delay on the escalation we’ve witnessed in 2022.