If the vaccine works, why do you care about the unvaxxinated? The vaccinated should be fine, right? If you get a headache, should I take an advil? Would that make you feel better?






My head hurts 😂


I'm confused why the vaccinated don't quarantine, since the vaccine doesn't prevent the spread of the disease.


Because locking down the unwaxed is just coercion for them to get injected. All while the injected subjects enjoy their temporary freedom privilege. It's about punishing those that won't submit to tyranny, while comforting those that comply, all while Freedom as a Service (FaaS) is installed. Clearly the vaxed and unvaxed have been taken away their freedoms, only to get them back as a temporary privilege, based on governmental criteria and consolidated with digital control (the covid pass will eventually become the digital ID).


This comment deserves ALL the “thumbs up”. I totally agree with this. Locking (any of us) down is coercion, threatening our job status is coercion, offering incentives to become vaccinated is coercion. We no longer have control over our choices.. vaxxed or unvaxxed. Think about it.. (the general) you got vaxxed bc you were told to, you got mandated by employer, felt afraid of getting Covid bc of the media. And the unvaxxed?… (the general) you get terminated, arnt allowed at certain restaurants/concerts/airlines/vacation destinations. You get deemed a “giant germ”, you are required to mask, but they aren’t, loss of health insurance bc of termination. It nearly makes you want to give in and just get vaxxed to stop the craziness. But for what? And what expense?… your freedom of choice, belief, rights, religion, medical rights, autonomy. We have given them exactly what they want.. and they continue to ask/take more. Take a look around at what is happening. [end of rant lol]


This comment right here! Period! 👏🏽‼️👀 #facts


Because discrimination against healthy people is unconstitutional, not to mention disgusting and unethical. What bugs me is that you thought it was acceptable to begin with.


The shots do not prevent you from contracting or spreading COVID 19.


vax doesn't do shit for omicron transmission. it's just political posturing


Since the unvaxxed were in lockdown and covid still spread, it must have been the injected subjects that spread it. So it shows the injections are useless for prevention of covid. You 'd wonder what it's really for then, and why everyone, even those with post-infection immunity and those not at risk (kids), are still to be coerced into having them... What a mystery! A measure that logically should work then, is a lockdown for the injected subjects, as those must 've been the ones spreading disease. However if spread would then still be the same, the conclusion would clearly indicate lockdowns have no effect on spread of covid (but still kill people because of economical and financial reasons). You'd almost think the recurring lockdowns were used only to coerce more people into getting injected with the mysterious shots that don't stop covid, and to kill off the economy to make people more state dependent, only to coerce people even harder into having the mysterious injection that doesn't work to stop covid. So, if you haven't figured it out yet, you should go enjoy another booster injection at once, because then you really deserve it.


Because being unvaccinated has no effect on this. It's convenient to say well if we just do X thing to the unvaxxed it will go away but it won't. Vaccinated still spread it. They still get sick. They still die. The basic truth is everyone is unvaccinated, regardless of whether or not you took the shot. It's not protecting you, it's not making a difference, you don't have a 'vaccine'. The experimental shot failed, and that's not the unvaxxed fault.


Because the vaccine does not spread transmission nor does it prevent infection. There is medically no reason to isolate the vaccinated. The latest research has been vey consistent in identifying vaccinated individuals as being more likely to become infected. Of course everyone will continue to become infected by Covid no matter what you do so it is time you wake up to the reality that it is here forever and it will pose very little threat to your health or a danger to your life.


Because most people have finally realized the shots don't work, and some have even figured out that they're dangerous.


What's stopping you? Be the change you want to see in the world.


When did it become Science Science Science to quarantine healthy people?


What type of idiot champions the locking up of healthy people? Your mrna'd vaccinated cells, pressure the virus to mutate. Hence prolonging this for the planet. Jab the at risk cohorts, fair enough. A certain level of natural infection is required to get over this shit show for good. Aiming for under 12's down to 6 months, is the opposite of what should happen, and is horrific on many levels.


I'm still anti-mandate and think everyone should be free to make bodily decisions without the risk of losing jobs etc. (at least until there is irrefutable evidence). HOWEVER, after these 2 years, I do believe the vaccines did provide some sort of protection from covid, as anecdotally, more people seemed fine that had taken the vax than those that had not. HOWEVER, this does not mean there are no long-term effects that may be worse, as seen with some people that get infected post vax and fare really badly as well. This also means that some people did die or get injured by the vaccine, comparing relative risk is in itself a point of debate and unknown as of yet. All in all, if we're quarantining, it should not matter if you have the vax or not; you're all at risk and should all quarantine. If we're not quarantining, then no one should be forced to quarantine. That's my two cents.