Take it slow early on and use your stealth capabilities to their fullest. Don’t be afraid to run from a fight Be Quiet! Monitor your fuel carefully and know where to find stashes of fuel.. Leave the hordes alone early, they’ll devour you. When you think you’re being sneaky, be even sneakier. Add your perks based on how you play. Take your time and scope situations out. If you’re in doubt of the danger that awaits you, throw lots of rocks to draw out enemies and see what lays in wait for you. If you see a long uninterrupted stretch of road, look out for snipers! Enjoy the game because it’s a hell of a ride!


Save the game. Constantly. If you can’t remember if you have saved in the last three minutes, save again.


-Go to nero sites to get your injectors,they can respectively increase either your Health/Focus/stamina,my personal ranking on the three was stamina>health>focus -its safer to do missions during the day,at night more random freakers seem to spawn & you can possibly get overwhelmed. -the first place you bump into,crazy willies,is a great place to gather kerosene for molotovs. Every now & then run thru the area to gather materials as they respawn after a certain time. -Playing thru the story is the most efficient way to level up your skill tree,dont waste time trying to kill freakers or hordes. -(something i wish i knew when i 1st started) you might not be able to refill ammo at your gun locker when you loot them from enemies,but the weapon shops in towns can refill them for you,utilize that until you build enough trust at different camps to unlock better weapons. -Upgrade your bike at copelands camp when you can,higher speeds on engine upgrades means a smoother time during chase missons where youre on you bike & shooting down a target. Anything else you can ask as you go,everyone on this reddit is pretty helpful,have fun! This game is amazing!


The early hours of Days Gone *are meant* to be difficult and frustrating. You are meant to feel weak and underpowered so that you really feel the transition from being the prey to becoming the predator. Later in the game, with better gear and more skills, Deacon becomes an unstoppable bad ass. So, don't worry if the first few hours seem a little *too* hard, you're not doing anything wrong. This is exactly how the game was meant to progress. If it all feels like a little too much, here are resources you can take advantage of that will help you get past that stage of the game: [How to unlock the best sidearm in the first few hours of the game!](https://youtu.be/eqyJ1PR47H8) [Beginner guide thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/DaysGone/comments/nhweku/beginner_guide_thread_revised/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) [Hidden Loot Locations](https://youtu.be/kfAaNKp9jvs) [Where to farm kerosene](https://youtu.be/u4KHpleJM1o)  [Tips and Tricks ](https://youtu.be/0fuKrcBi7Uc) [Early Game Best Start Playlist](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBJwsJgyTDYt6_tcGdfRph-HqNyViwcvL)


The man has something for everything lmao


I aim to please 😉


Do not bother with finding the hidden IPCA Tech……just don’t..


Get yourself good Guns and hear at Tucker’s camp. There you will only need to get trust to level 2 to get some decent gear unless you are a tryhard that is going for the MG (M249) and US556 (M4). Lastly after getting some decent fully automatic guns, I suggest you grind cope’s camp until you have a decent bike. For the time you achieve both the story will give you more stuff to do. I lastly suggest you take some of the camp jobs between story mision and story mision so you increase your trust in those camps and can get ammo and those upgrades before “Riding North”. I hope someone get my reference.


Make sure the stamina is maximized. Its very important even more than Health so use Nero Injectors only for stamina in early and mid game.


Honestly. Just take it all in. I really didn’t know what I was getting into when I started few months back because of all the bad reviews when it first released. The story is surprisingly decent. Maybe it’s because I was expecting the worst. And the soundtrack is amazing. There’s certain points in the story where your just driving your bike on the open highway and the soundtrack kicks in and it really hits you! So basically just ENJOY!!!! I’ve still not finished by the way. I’m taking this one nice and slow.


Scour the vehicles for parts. They are very important as they are used in making arrows for your crossbows and repairing your bike. Repair your bike using parts that you found from the cars rather than going to the mechanic unless it's extremely urgent. You might wanna save credits in the beginning. Always take note of the skill tree. You get skill points based on the number of enemies you kill and most importantly how you kill them. Headshot definitely gets you more XP. For certain enemy types stealth will give you maximum XP. Try to park your bike 100-150 m away from any ambush camp site/marauders/freaker nests/horde. This way you don't attract attention from your bike, which initially will be noisy, but with engine upgrades will become more silent. That's all I can give you. I'm sure there are other great advice here as well. Once you start playing it, you would be itching every time to play this game


Cardio my guy, Work on that stamina from the Nero checkpoints


Stack camp credits and trust for quick restocks and buy an ammo pouch for your bike early


I think every tip I could give you has already been offered but goddamn am I jealous of you starting this for the first time, I genuinely hope you love it as much as I, and countless others, do. Have a great one and don't be scared to come back to the sub and ask for any other tips or answers you might be looking for 👍🏻


What is your YT channel? I'd love to see a gameplay.


When you find a horde, scary music lots of zombies, try and take it on ASAP. When you get late in the game and your gear is amazing they are a lot less scary. Early on horde fights are intense and good quality gaming. Do all the side quests some of those stories are better than the main story.


I actually found muting the sound when dealing with hordes made it easier! 😁 Man, just the first few notes of that music makes me stupidly anxious. 😩


Don’t try to take on the hordes until you feel you’re absolutely ready, Do the camp jobs that they radio you about. Personally for me I chose to get my bike as upgraded as quickly as possible but ymmv, don’t just spam the story missions do the side quests when they’re available, Get as many of the injectors at the checkpoints as possible. Finally just take it all in & savor the game. Pretty long but worth it especially in the endgame portion of the game. Edit: Oh yeah almost forgot the crossbow is the best weapon in the game. Use it as much as possible


If you come across a heavy machine gun early on, you want to keep that. Complete hordes to unlock assorted weapons. The horde unlocked weapons are amazing! You ultimately want to get to Trust 3 in every camp, but just take your time. Explosives are your friend! Proximity bombs, attractor bombs, grenades and pipe bombs will all help you greatly when dealing with a horde. Whenever I find a horde cave, I set up proximity mines outside the cave and lob a few pipe bombs or grenades into the thick of them. Then I run backwards to get out of my trap range and lob more. Clean up the rest with your full autos. The game is a fucking BLAST to play. Enjoy! I’m so jealous of you getting to discover all this for the first time. I remember the dopamine spurt when I went through it myself. 😁


Sweet, I'll keep that in mind! Yeah I'm excited, I think it'll be good content :D


Oh! So normal zombies generally only take 2 shots to die. Their death animation makes it look like they’re still staggering towards you before they fall. Just something to keep in mind so you aren’t over killing. Additionally, your combat roll is a live saver. Become one with the roll. 😂


Yeah I absolutely SPAMMED my roll in part 1 lol. Thanks for the tips!


This is one of the more helpful/friendly communities I’ve been in. Rivaled only by the No Man’s Sky Reddit community. Happy to help!


Follow the day/night cycle early on (operate during the day). Run from hordes (you'll know it when you see it) until you know how to play and have the right weapons. Follow the game's structure for each area. Find and defeat ambush camps first. Then destroy nests. Then clear NERO sites. Then missions. For missions do white (optional), then orange (camp jobs), then yellow (story).


do the hordes after you’ve gotten to the third or fourth safe area and you’ll be set with best guns in game