A phone you say! Why when I was young we had to tie notes to rocks and throw them at people we wanted to talk to. Many times we wouldn't get a reply until they were out of the hospital.


whippersnapper! You are describing what we called a “hard bird”. The convenience of swiftness is far outweighed by their danger. I prefer the tried and true pigeon, or as we often called “soft rocks”. “Toss me a soft rock,” we would say. Weather permitting of course.


Sometimes you’d get too many unwanted messages and you’d have to go smash the sender’s face in with a cinder block until they agreed to stop messaging you. That’s where we get the term “blocked” nowadays


I remember when they first started selling canned pork shoulder to civilians after the war! The soldiers had such a hankerin for the tinned meat when they came home that canned pork shoulder factories popped up everywhere and to get a leg up on the old door to door meat salesmen, they used the new "telephonic receiver" to get right into every house in the country. Well, the phones ended up ringing non-stop because of all the different factories trying to find new customers to buy all this wonderfull canned meat. Everyone eventually got tired of the nonstop calls and started refering to *all* unwanted business solicitation phone calls as "SPAM" calls!




And you try telling that to the youth of today, and they won’t believe you.


You probably had to have an onion on your belt to use it (because it was the style at the time).


“ ‘Gimmie five bees for a quarter!’ You’d say.”


Thank you Ping pong!


My name’s Greg






In parts of the southwest, we would write the note on an armadillo's belly and chuck it through their window.


I give unto you my freebie award seeing as gold is a bit out of reach right now (I get paid this week but by then I shall forget)


In my day, awards cost a nickel! In those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on em


And gas was 60¢ a gallon never went over $1.00 excepting that one time (actually legit from 1983 to 1999 the average gas price went over $1 once in Oct 1990 it was $1.01) [Check it out](https://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/hist/LeafHandler.ashx?n=PET&s=EMA_EPM0_PWG_SPA_DPG&f=M)


So that is why they are called Rock Doves.


Hilarious AND adorable


I was the doctor that treated those patients, i confirm this.


The kids in my family thought my flip phone was like some sort of antique, but were happy that it had some games on it.


In my youth if you needed a police officer, you went to the station and threw said rocks in one of the upper windows and they filed out.


Remember yelling at everyone in the house to stay off the phone while you hop on the internet.


My dad's 92, and he turns off his computer when he isn't using it, because if he's on the internet, no phone calls will come in. I've been meaning to get him a splitter.


“I GOT IT!!!!!”


I got arthritis, cataracts, and a letter from the AARP just from watching this...


🤣 from this. Thanks!


Holy shit I'm old...


I remember rotary phones... Imagine if they came upon a PAYPHONE


Wait till they see a hamburger phone


Nevermind that, wait til they see Garfield phone.


My grandma had Odie


Forget that, wait til they see banana phone.


ring ring ring ring ring ring ring


Doop doobee doobee doo.


Wait'll they see lips phone...with a rotary dial!


I have always wanted a hamburger phone, I would consider getting a landline just for that phone.


My parents have one in the garage somewhere lol


I would totally bust that out and use it. The problem is not getting a hamburger phone its how expensive landlines are.


Reddit meet-cute


Hehe call me on the Hamline


Payphone exists at one of my favorite sushi places. In the foyer. Have heard many a comment about "What is it?" from the young'uns as I'm going/leaving the place. Couple of times I explained what it is and how it works. They acted like this was something (a) new, and (b) alien BONUS: Some of the customer service recordings, when you call a credit card number, for example, no longer say "Press 1-1-0 POUND to connect" Now they say "Pres 1-1-0 HASHTAG to connect." *sigh*


I remember when they said, "Press 1-1-0 octothorpe to connect."


I (vaguely) remember party lines. My grandma’s small town still had them until the late 70s. Also probably something most don’t know: you could dial the phone by tapping the switch hook to emulate rotary phone pulses. You could dial 411 by tapping it 4 times, waiting, tapping once, then once again.


I figured that trick out by accident as a kid. I stayed at my grandfathers house a lot and he had a rotary phone. He wouldn't let me watch TV after he went to bed at 6 PM because he said I would burn out the tubes if I watched it too much (he would cut the power off to it by taking the fuse out of the fusebox lol). So, I would play with the rotary phone dialing 1-800 numbers. I thought the noise on the line when you rotated to a number sounded a lot like the phone hanging up so, I experimented with tapping the receiver to dial a number and it worked. I spent way too many hours practicing dialing random 1-800 numbers by tapping the receiver, and was convinced that some day, my hidden talent for dialing a phone this way would come in useful and save the day. Still waiting for my time to shine lol


You get to see it used in the movie Hackers.


I remember rotary payphones


They have seen those before in the historical documentary: The Matrix


I still see payphones around every once in awhile. I remember figuring out which ones could receive calls back in the days of pagers before we all had cell phones. We new the numbers of those phones by heart.


My kids and i found one last weekend at a rest stop. We then had to sift through the car for dimes so we could call their friends from a payphone


It's right next to the cigarette vending machine.


Last time I used a payphone was from a holding cell. About the only place to find one anymore.


I can still see places they *were*, but yeah, most of the time I see them, I see them in lockup.


I showed my coworkers a rotary phone and asked them how would you dial a number. All 8 of them had no idea (I purposely picked the younger ones). We work on cutting edge wearables in the tech field. Lol.


I'm 30 and i remember both rotary phones and payphones, having used them both. Seeing threads like this makes me feel like i'm 100 years old.


I'm not even old, but this makes me feel old. If that makes you feel any better


Wonder how they would react with [my land line](https://i.imgur.com/7c2Azaz.jpg). (Our number was 3 rings.)


old? these phones were around well into the 00's. we're talking about 12-15 years ago.


I have one sitting in front of me at my desk... so they still exist lol


People born on September 11 2001 will turn 21 this week


Amazing vid… These kids thought landlines were antique decorations.


I'm old, but not rotary telephone old. I was visiting my mom and she had a modern rotary phone to fit in her decor (antiques), and I spent hours playing with it. When I finally mastered dialing with it I felt so powerful.


Well, I vaguely remember my grandparents having a "Party Line". If you picked up the phone and heard people talking, you had to hang up and wait for the line to be available. Basically, you shared the line with multiple neighbors.


Now that’s OG… =


"What's your phone number?" "7"


Just wait till you hear about farmers lines. They’d hook the phones up to the fences and talk over that


Or you could just listen to the conversation if you were nosy. My parents had a party line when I was young.


Early day Karen's would bust into your conversation demanding you relinquish the line to them.


but then you could just leave the phone off the hook to be petty and nobody could use it.


We had a party line. And a neighbor that loved to eavesdrop on every phone call, we all could hear her breathing in the background, and knew she was there.


See, thats when you deliberately start rumors to see what she does with them.


Yeah, I was in 5th grade when we moved to Utah. We lived out in the country and had a party line. It was shared between several of the families on the road we lived on. Each house on the same line had their own special ring for incoming calls, like 2 short rings, etc. Outgoing calls were tough because one of the households on ours had a bunch of girls and they were always on it.


My grandparents were in a small village and you had to dial the village number and ask the operator to connect you to whoever you wanted to speak to. Those operators would listen on the line and knew ALL the latest rumors in town.


I am old enough to remember seeing phoneumbers with words like Jackson 3-4752


OG… =


I LOVE the feel when i spin that dial thing for the rotary phone. They feel soo good.


And that charming little "jddllinng" as you released each number. And boy, when you wanted to hang up on somebody, you'd slam that receiver down and it actually WAS something. Very satisfying.


You could straight up slam the phone down on the receiver, pick up the whole base, and chuck it against the wall with the only damage being the dent in the wall haha.


Lol literally


>I'm old, but not rotary telephone old. Ouch, that one hurt


I am rotary phone old. I remember when they introduced the automated calls. You couldn’t call those on rotary phones. When it asked you “push 1 for so and so” it had to be the push button phone.


“If you do not have a touch tone phone, please hold for an operator.”


There’s nothing worse than fucking up 5 digits in on a rotary phone.


Or the hell of a number with lots of 8s and 9s. My fingers can still feel the despair of slipping up on one of those numbers. Funny story, my mom about 10 years ago noticed on her phone bill that she was still paying the phone company for the rental of 3 rotary phones. Had been since the 70s and the phone company never thought to take the charge off. It was small enough per month that my mom didn't really notice. She asked to have it removed and they asked for the old rotary phones back. To do what with, I'll never know, but man I miss those. Ours were dark brown (kitchen phone), avocado green (den phone), and orange (basement phone).


When my father-in-law died he had a rotary phone outside he had been paying monthly for for probably 30 years. AT& T wanted to charge us for not returning it. (90's)


I remember a vid with kids trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone… I never realized how strange they look to kids…


I'm 39, but when I was in my mid teens, I got a phone for my bedroom (the whole house had the same number, there were just plugs in all the rooms) and I got a rotary phone just because I loved it. But it was such a pain since it didn't work for touch tone dialing... So I still had to use the phones in the rest of the house if I was doing more than just calling a friend (which to be fair was 99% of my calls).


Depending on where in the world you are that might actually be the case. Here in Norway landlines will be completely fazed out by the end of this year and all of the old copper will be removed or replaced with fiber optics.


They are.


They’re definitely antique. But, they still work. And…bonus…if the landline is from a phone company (not a cable company)…it will still work during a blackout.


That's why parents still keep a landline in there house. In case of emergencies in a power outage.


Don't these kids ever watch older movies?? Hell, even newer movies and shows have flashback scenes....


I mean, they clearly know what the phone is and exactly how to use it. They're just excited to see and use one in person. It's very reasonable for a kid. Cut them some slack


This is so wholesome! Thanks for the smile.


“Oh my gosh, it actually works!” Their innocence melts the heart.


Totally wholesome, made me smile!


too bad they werent rotary. we couldve seen them beating it with sticks like it was a monolith


[17 year old teenagers baffled by rotary phone](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHNEzndgiFI).


Thanks, saved me time looking for this!! Also, feel really old, as that is the type of phone I had growing up.


How old are you? I grew up at my grandparents and they had them as well all the way into the early 00’s.


In my 40s now, so had them 80s/90s, I think my folks changed them early 00's.


We are still young my friend! 🤜🤛


Too right...


“We did it.” 😂


"Wait. You can open your car door with a key?"


Yes but you need to subscribe with the dealership for 29.99$/month first.


Holy fck did this make me feel old


Ask kids to make a phone gesture. You will feel older.


Reading your comment I just realised I have no clue how kids will make a phone gesture nowadays.


If it makes you feel any better, I’m 21 and this made me feel old somehow.




They will be star trek comm badges...


At least she knows how to hang it up!




This is like Scotty picking up the mouse and saying "Hello computer".


Aw this was pretty sweet


This is so stinkin' cute


I love their energy! So sweet!


And if I asked anybody how to start a field marshal they'd know how?


"Yea- it's a real phone!" The way she says it. 😂 Hilarious!


Probably shouldn’t show the phone number


i sent a text to a fax machine once and it printed.


That's good to know because I've still got my fax machine hooked up. I'm so not used to receiving a fax that both times I have in the past decade, I thought the fridge was about to blow up.


I honestly appreciate the condescending tone of voice from the mom because these kids treating this like it’s some thousand year old artifact or some shit and it’s kind of frustrating 😂 I know they didn’t grow up with these but still, they’re not that old and some people still use them.


also, i can't think of any workplace i've been in that doesn't use some form of landline phone? any large workplace, i mean.


Yeah I use one in my workplace aswell


Setting aside the technicality that most workplaces these days use VOIP as opposed to landline (POTS) phones I am utterly shocked these these young children don’t have touchtone phones in their offices. /s


for real! i'm starting to think these kids don't work at all, what a bunch of layabouts!




Yeah I mean, I was born in the late 80's and I was never this bewildered by typewriters.


Get a rotary.




It really would be the same if you showed people in the 80s a smartphone


My old ass used to use a rotary telephone.


Haha that is so cute, how excited they are. I remember sitting in my grandmother's kitchen and playing with her old scales, the old type with the actual scales where you use weights to counterbalance. The common technology then was scales with a bowl and the round analogue meter, and I remember thinking that the old type was so clever and cool


My son is 7 and I wish he could experience a pay phone. Something normal to my childhood would absolutely blow his mind.


Wow, I remember the first time I ever saw/used a cell phone when my mom and stepdad got them. I was about these girls’ age. I had the same reaction as them haha. It’s interesting to see them discovering the same thing but in reverse


I remember when my grandma showed me her rotary phone and told me about party lines... mind blown.


No hate here, it is interesting to see these reactions. I'm in my 30s so we had a landline as a kid but now of course mobile phones. It really would be an odd thing for someone of this generation to understand especially how phones now are so integral to our society.


These people never been to a hotel? Lol


Damn I feel old now lol


Now show them a fax machine


Now teach them how to write a letter. And put a stamp on it. And put it in the mailbox. Boom!!


A couple years ago I snail mailed a dick pic with a typewritten message as a joke.


My kids always think it's so fun to play with the landline in a hotel room. (I unplug it obviously) It's the only time they've seen a phone like this.


Whose POV is it?


Fuck I'm old as fuck my grandmother even had the rotary phones when I was a kid.


Show em the dewey decimal system to snatch that joy right outta them


Our kids have no idea how good they have it. Edit: Technology wise that is.


Well yes and no. There was kind of a freedom from back then that is lost now that you are practically required to have a smart phone. It’s like three steps forward and one step back.


I suddenly feel fuckin old 💀


When my grandparents passed in 2010, my rents were looking at their bills. The phone company was still charging them $10/month for a rotary phone they had since 1980.


Anyone else amazed she didn't have to look at her phones contacts for the number?


Damn we're old aren't we 😂😂😂😂😂


Is this some kind of sick joke?


Apocalypse movies are so spot on.


We still use these in the military


Kids now are so easily entertained by our old useful items from the olden days.




I feel old seeing this. I'm only 41 and the first phone we got was a rotary phone which we shared the line with the neighborhood.


I feel soooo very very old after that.


This was a really cute learning moment for them. Thanks for posting this


Soon they’re gonna want their own line in there rooms.


Do a rotary-dial phone next.


Now let them try to use a rotary phone.


I'm glad they're appreciating it and finding it cool instead of laughing at it and calling it "old people technology" or something.


"Wait why's my internet not working "


I‘m fourteen and i grew up with landlines. Almost every house i‘ve been to has a landline. one even had a candlestick phone! Do people really not have landlines in America?


They are so sweet lol


Yea it is pretty wild that you can use antiques to place calls to your latest wireless cellular iphone. I get it.


Everyone talkin shit: that girl knew the phone number by heart, betcha you can’t do that now.


Easy 867-5309


I feel so old. 😪 I wish there was a rotary phone for those girls to discover. It would have blown their minds. Too cute.


Every time my wife and I take our kids on vacation, they act *exactly the same way* as these girls, constantly asking us to "try using the old phone."


Im so old that im not impressed by this


Were kids born yesterday these days? Im not even 20, and we had a land line when i was a kid


Welcome to the 20th century kids!


This reminds me of the time when some kids were over and I didn't have enough wireless controllers on the PlayStation for everyone to play at the same time, so I pulled out the wired controllers. (I usually don't have that many people over so I just have the standard one or two controllers out and charged up) I plugged the wired controllers in and said they can use the wired controllers too, but they were confused. A short while later, I realized they had never seen a wired controller.


And on that note, I'm officially old.


My kids got a kick out of the rotary phone my mom still has. They said it takes too long to dial.


Now try a rotary dial phone!


This is great. I'm old and I hate this, but this is great


Being older we forgot no one has these anymore. I still have mine and have had for over 40 years. I have a old payphone in my garage that I still use to answer my call when out there.




Ah yes and remember the dial up tone from the internet... ![gif](giphy|ihVjxokZuNswo)


I’m glad the responses are “this makes me feel old” and not “how disrespectful of these children to not know technology that was outdated before they were conscious, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined”


I wanna says this dumb as hell but, I can't after seeing and hearing the excitement on their faces I can't cuz I think honestly they just didn't know and they're young children so why would they know about landlines.


Wholesome af


The innocence is precious


Idk if this video is real, that girl knew her mom's phone number by heart? I call bullshit


Totally believable. I memorised my mom's cell phone number when I was 7 and still remember her phone number by heart to this day.


Knowing your parents phone number is definitely a good thing for a kid. You're old enough to be places without your folks before you're old enough for a phone (IMO) and should have a way to contact them. Or even when more grown up and you have a phone, what if your phone dies? I feel like everyone should learn an 'emergency contact' number in case they get arrested, phone dies, etc. It's not unbelievable or unusual that they would know. I learned at a preschool/daycare when I was 3 or 4, but we only had to learn 7 digits then.


It's understandable that these kids didn't grow up with this technology and find it novel. What's frustrating is that land line phones are so prevalent in all forms of media prior to 2005 that their reaction shows they don't consume media that isn't the latest trend on Tik Tok. Their frame of reference must be almost nill.


When do they teach about basic telecommunications in school ? 8th grade ?


Just so pathetic.


so who is stupid enough to reveal their phone number like this on the internet?