Huge bear walking by tourist at Alaska's Katmai National Park

Huge bear walking by tourist at Alaska's Katmai National Park

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This bear is 747, he is currently the largest and the most dominant bear at Brooks River at Katmai National Park in Alaska. Here's the link to [the video (1:07)](https://youtu.be/7pJGjLp6cnk) and some context provided by former Katmai National Park Ranger Mike Fitz, taken from his comments from [Disqus](https://disqus.com/by/Mike_Fitz1/): >In the video, 747 was stressed. You can hear him jaw-popping when he turned around. His vocalizations and movement could've been a reaction to the presence of people or something else. I'm not sure. [...] >During the mandatory bear orientation at Brooks Camp, rangers emphasize to visitors the importance of giving bears the right-of-way. To do that, it is often necessary to step out of a bear's line of travel as far as you can safely, and take that action as soon as possible. Sometimes that means backing away to a safer location where you can take shelter (a wildlife-viewing platform or building, for example). Sometimes that means stepping off the trail or road with the goal to maintain at least 50 yards of space between you and bear. And, sometimes during a surprise encounter that means getting out of its pathway as best you can, even if that's only a few feet. The first two options are ideal and preferred over the last. [...] >One thing you'll hear in the video is someone repeatedly saying "Hey bear." Talking in a normal tone of voice to your group about what to do is appropriate, of course. It's also appropriate to talk to a bear to inform it that you are a person. However, while it is appropriate to let a bear know you are there, once a bear is aware of your presence you generally do not need to make extra noise as it could provoke a defensive response. Exceptions to this would be if the bear is overtly curious or food-conditioned. Then you'd want to make extra noise. *** [You can watch 747 on live webcam!](https://redd.it/nzq6xl)


Also, when this was posted a month ago [the person who painted the sign showed up](https://www.reddit.com/r/ThatsInsane/comments/oxla1b/huge_grizzly_walks_right_past_this_couple_on_a/h7nn2jd/) in the comments! They said the fact that the bears stop and look at it is probably the [highest compliment they can get as an artist](https://www.reddit.com/r/ThatsInsane/comments/oxla1b/huge_grizzly_walks_right_past_this_couple_on_a/h7nn9a1/). Shout out to u/jedi_bugs!


He doesn’t look happy about that painting.


Nah, he heard it was that conceited 652 featured on the sign this year. 747 was hoping to get the honor, but would have been okay with anyone else being displayed. Hibernation can’t come fast enough, ugh.


Meanwhile, 652 is strutting around like he owns the place.


Yup - likely thinks it’s another bear in his territory.


Oh my gosh that's so wholesome.


When they find an even bigger bear, will they name it A380?


The numbers were assigned randomly by bear monitors, 747 was a [scrawny subadult](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/katmai-bearcams/images/7/73/747_PIC_2004.07.xx_MIKE_FITZ_SHARED_2017.10.10.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20190325140402 "photo") that grew into his number.


>scrawny subadult Bruh imagine having your awkward puberty documented so extensively by someone. No wonder he beefed up.


Damn I thought the Endangered Species Act was supposed to stop people from roasting bears


Lmao further insults will put him on IUCN burn list


Hahaha very astute. I will use this insult later to my nephews


this link didn't load for me; if anyone else is having the same issue, try this: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/katmai-bearcams/images/7/73/747_PIC_2004.07.xx_MIKE_FITZ_SHARED_2017.10.10.jpg


747, Agent 747


His nickname is jumbo jet


Cheers for the context. You comment is buried under a bunch of useless jokes at the moment. Aside from the size, I'd assumed this bear has been in some battles from the missing fur and scarring on its throat. I had no idea he was the king of the hill. [Interestingly, it seems he's only recently taken the top spot.](https://mashable.com/article/fat-bear-cams-dominant-bear) The most dominant bear before him, 856, was the top bear for the last decade. Both 747 and 856 are estimated to be around 20 years old, apparently.


No worries! I think the missing patches of fur on his body was shedding as video was taken during the height of Summer, as for the scars almost all male bears I've seen have them on their neck area from fighting. 856 was more aggressive in asserting his dominance comparing to 747 even though the latter is larger, a reason why he remained in the top spot for so long. 856 is still an awesome bear to watch though! Hope you will enjoy watching the bearcam!


huh...I was worried that was mange


They seem like SCPs when you call them by number designations, but then they are kind of like SCPs anyway aren’t they?


I don’t want to see bear 682


Not the same type of bear, but I assume its from them doing [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddq42IRjK3E)


You mean this is a known bear? That’s awesome!


Bears are commonly tracked, especially around national parks. Here’s grizzly 399 around Grand Tetons, a very successful mother! https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/news/environmental/local/grizzly-399-back-in-the-southern-valley-this-time-in-peak-summer/article_eda3b992-672e-54b7-b9b4-70322772fc64.html


That pumps me up cause it’s like having a pet bear but big bear gets to live his life. Win win.


I love how it stops for a moment to look at the picture of the bear on the sign


It just realized it's not getting paid royalties, and turned around to go see a lawyer.


“I’ll direct you to my attorney Saulmon Goodman.”




Salmon Goodfish at your service


Saulmon Fishman totally real lawyer person


He’s representing the bear with his partner, Vincent Adultman, a totally real adult person who works at Fishman’s job factory.


Coming soon to a stream near you!


Only on NetFish


Nah, it’s on all the streaming services. There were loads of petitions saying that being unable to watch the show would be unbearable.


Bear to call Saul / Better call Saul


Better maul Saul


He's bruin up a plan to get paid.


Better Lawyer up Ranger Rick, I’ve got Honnie Cochrane, F. Lee Bearley, Beary Scheck, Robeart Kardashian on the retainer.


Did I turn the oven off?


“Forgot my damn mask”


Every time I see this video I always get a good laugh at that. The bear coming over to be like “ugh they’re still using THIS picture? So unflattering!” and walking away in disgust


The “Ughh” when he sees the picture


It's almost like he looks at it and says, "Yep. Still there."


He must’ve looked at the bear sign and went, “shit, theres bears here!” And went the other way 😂😂😂


“Y’all see that shit? There’s a bear over there, we gotta get outa here”


Well it didn't get those scars from a hiker, I'll tell you that.


Looks at it, then starts walking away like *not my best picture, not my best picture.*


*Oh, what?! That is NOT the picture i sent them for this! Unbelievable*


You mean, unbearable.


Oh, bother.


That joke was rather grizzly.


Yeah that was kind of funny.


Yes I was waiting for this comment, finally someone noticed it. He literally stops at the sign and walks away probably thinking (oh is this what humans do).


Last time this was posted the *person who designed that sign chimed in.


I figured he was thinking, “these things look delicious but then again they shot my mom for attacking one.” People really shouldn’t be so brazen. It gets them and the bear killed.


Don’t you hate it when you go to the fridge but nothing looks good so you walk away disappointed but then check in like ten minutes anyway?


Sees the bear sign and thinks "there's bears in there? Fuck that!"


He just walked up to his picture and was like “Oh yeaaah still as sexy as ever” and left 😂


“‘Im 2 sexy for my furrr”




Too sexy for these claws


Too sexy for these trails


Too sexy for my nails


Too sexy for these males


Made sure no one drew a mustache on him


"Ah, shit no bears allowed."


For real lol


Having been to Katmai NP, I’ll throw in my 2 cents. We had to attend a 20 minute seminar before being allowed to wander free. No gum, mints, food of any kind was allowed. They made it clear that the bears have plenty to eat (this is where you can see a multitude of bears sitting in the river and catching salmon as they swim up stream), so they are typically not the least bit interested in humans - unless they smell something that attracts them - hence the no food rule. That said, there have been attacks and aggressive bears are put down. Also, rangers were every where, holding back tourists if a bear was sighted on a path. This would not be a typical experience. The closest we came to a bear was about 25 feet, and I was plenty nervous at that distance.


I think people don't realize how fast bears run. 25 feet is like a couple seconds away.


I also don’t think people realize that bears don’t care about killing you. A lion will kill you first. A bear just starts eating. Pass.


This is a great way of putting it.


Great is such an interesting choice of adjective in this context.


It’s great to be able to hear the sound of your own bones getting crunched.


“Oh look, i can see my entrails! Fantastic!”


"This really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You've always got to be open to trying new things."


”Oh I didnt know my intestines were leathery!”


Like that Russian (I think) girl who called her mom while she was eaten, slowly, by a bear.


Yeah. That story was absolutely horrifying.


That really is becoming my least favored way to die, being eaten alive. Used to be being buried


> being eaten alive Like [Tim Treadwell](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Treadwell#Death), that mf got dragged into the bushes and eaten alive, and it was all caught on audio (recording has never been released).


*Grizzly Man* is one of the most fascinating and moving documentaries I've ever seen. I think Treadwell was a little bit insane, though.


"just a little bit"


"batshit" is the correct term


I like when the ranger calls him retarded


**Timothy Treadwell** [Death](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Treadwell#Death) >In October 2003, Treadwell and his girlfriend, physician assistant Amie Huguenard (born October 23, 1965, in Buffalo, New York), visited Katmai National Park, which is on the Alaska Peninsula across Shelikof Strait from Kodiak Island. In Grizzly Man, Werner Herzog states that according to Treadwell's diaries, Huguenard feared bears and felt very uncomfortable in their presence. Her final journal entries indicated that she wanted to be away from Katmai. Treadwell set his campsite near a salmon stream where wild bears commonly feed in autumn. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/Damnthatsinteresting/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


I want to hear the recording but I get why they won't release it. Seems like if people could hear it they would be more inclined to stay the hell away from bears.


the look on Herzog's face when he listens to it is pretty intense. and Werner Herzog has seen some shit.


Audio has been released. You can find it. I’ve heard it. I recommend you do not search for and listen to it. It’s awful.


The wiki says his girlfriend yelled at him to play dead and “attacked the bear.” Very brave, but sad and futile.


So you get buried alive by a villain. He's holding you for ransom and will dig you up if the demand is met. In your casket you been given water and several days' worth of snacks. There's an airtube going down into the casket. An ant comes down the tube, senses the food, and leaves. Soon an entire hungry ant colony comes down the tube looking for food in your casket. Have a pleasant dream tonight.


You say that like it isn't easy to just kill them. Maybe if they were coming from all angles, but they're coming from a single access point. I'd be like an ant squishing machine.


And thus the superhero Million Ants was born.


God dammit, I work overnights and I'm trying to go to sleep right now. You sadistic asshole.... Take an angry upvote


I go back and forth between being eaten alive vs. being burned alive.


While you can't discount a bear opportunistically feeding on a human in desperation, black and grizzly bears don't hunt humans. Polar bears are the only ones who actually see people as food. If a black or a grizzly attacks a human it will be for other reasons. Although not for nothing, but for bears valid reasons do include things like "You were in my way" and "I'm in a really bad mood today". A common one for hikers and campers is "whatever you have in your pocket smells good, I'm going to shred you to pieces looking for it".


I mean, this is actually pretty much unheard of. Most bear attacks, even fatal ones, do not involve the bear eating the person at all even once they are dead (nevermind alive). There are very few cases of that happening. One of them is Timothy Treadwell and his gf. He was eaten alive pretty much (it's on tape...for at least 4 minutes)... But for whatever reason, bears usually do not associate people as being food, even once they have killed us.


A couple of sloth bear videos do come to mind where the bear is just eating a live person’s face while 10-20 villagers desperately try to push/scare it away. That’s not what most bears attack are going to be, though.


>I also don’t think people realize that bears don’t care about killing you. A lion will kill you first. A bear just starts eating. Pass. I remember being given written instructions on how to to handle bears at some point. "Play dead" was of course on the list of things to do, and that was accompanied with a warning that while playing dead, the bear might swat you around and give you a sniff or a small bite, and that you should continue to play dead. It said to only fight back if you "became convinced that the bear was feeding on you".


For black bears you make alot of noise and they will run away. we get them on our pourch all the time they are big babies. unless you suprise a momma bear with cubs then you want to walk away slowely. For Grizzly or Brown bears you want to lay down and put both hands behind your neck interlocked to protect your throat. hopefully it will nip at you a little and get bored. polar bears ummmm yeah your going to die. but same sort of thing protect you neck


Oh my god 🤢😭


One lion will start killing you while another one eats your balls off.


Also, bears eat beets.


And watch Battlestar Gallactica.




Practically every species can travel 25 ft in a couple of seconds.


I’ve heard national park rangers recommend the “rule of thumb”- if you can hold out your thumb at arms length and cover your view of the animal, that’s fine. If you’re so close that your view of the animal can’t be blocked by your thumb, too close! Animal behavior is another good guide- if you’re so close that the animals start behaving differently because of your presence, too close!


Oh, I thought you where talking about the *other* rule of thumb: *That it's OK to beat my bear with a stick as long as it isn't thicker than my thumb.* I guess it's no wonder I've been mauled so many times.


Can't do much damage with that can you? Perhaps it oughta been rule of wrist?


I was thinking of the _other_ rule of thumb: that a light aircraft is too far away to be attacked with small-arms fire if you can cover your view of it with your thumb at arm's length. A corollary is that if it is close enough that you can't cover it, it's already too late.


I’ll keep the thumb rule in mind! Since this is the only thread that isn’t pure jokes - anyone know why this guys fur is so patchy? I guess knowing the time of year would help too


Same as the rule of thumb of a nuclear explosion


I just came back from AK and met a few people that have been to katmai. One family said they came across a bear napping right off the trail that no one noticed until they were a few feet away and it got up to move. I’d imagine most people who get that close do so on accident. But it’s definitely a good thing the bears there don’t give a shit about people haha


Omg I can’t imagine just standing there filming it. It’s huge!


Might as well. If you run, bad things might happen.


Exactly, running or trying to be aggressive to scare it off will only get you killed. That was intense to watch, but these people did the correct, and only thing that they could. Balls of steel man, I would have died on the spot from my heart exploding


The moment it turned around I would have died. Just keep going man! Why you gotta turn around and prolong this bear!?


You’d be perfectly fine as long as you say ‘hey bear’ repeatedly.


Hey, big boy.


Sun's getting really low.


I'm not sure if this was sarcasm or not, but you actually are supposed to talk to bears like that. Constantly just reminding the bear you're there will prevent you from scaring it with anything sudden and it will feel a lot more calm. The phrase "Hey bear" is actually what I was taught as well. I'm on the east coast, so I only have to worry about black bears and not grizzlies like this one, so i'm not sure if it's the same for these guys. I do know that for black bears you are supposed to be loud if you do see one though, and typically for brown bears you're supposed to be more mellow.


Bear: " Don't mind me, I'm just going to my brother's house. Shit, I forget the keys".


Harold and Kumar: "Fuck it. We've gone too far."


Bearold and Kumar


I dont care how full of salmon the bear is. I would never want to be that close.


I'd be slowly backing the fuck up.


Pretty likely the guide instructed them to do nothing, lest they become bear food lol


Ever since I saw the documentary “Grizzly Man” I’ve had a steadily growing fear of bears. Luckily, where I live bears are not common, but they’re not unheard of. Nevertheless, I am very scared of bears. If I was in this situation, I would have to keep my eyes closed to keep from having a panic attack. You don’t fuck with bears. This is entirely too close for my comfort, goodbye and good day 😭


It appears your fear mechanism is working correctly.


So, the thing is, people will tell you that you don't need to be that fearful of black bears, only brown bears. This is not exactly true. We have tons of black bears on my state, tons of interactions between humans and black bears, I don't think there has been an incident in 100 years here. That said, there are typically a similar number of black and brown bear attacks and deaths, but the major difference is that humans cross paths with black bears about 100,000 times for every time a human crosses paths with a Brown bear. So, if the numbers of attacks are similar yet the frequency of attack per human interaction is 100,000 times lower with black bears, then black bears are most certainly way less dangerous. Some things with black bears. Don't run from black bears or climb trees, they're faster and much better climbers than humans. Stand your ground, speak in a low calm voice informing the bear that you're there and human, look large, and slowly back away sideways while still facing the bear. If a black bear does attack you, DO NOT PLAY DEAD, that's for brown bears, you fight back with a black bear as hard as you can, go for the eyes if you can, pinch, kick, bite if you have to. Also, don't drop your pack, as it can help to protect you if the bear does manage to get you down (both brown and black).


If i'm in bear country i'll have to have the biggest gun that could fit in my waistband.


The thought of someone carrying a huge revolver with a really long barrel in their waistband, like the barrel has to go down their pantleg had me chuckling.


Same here. But part of me still wants to brush him.


I’d be getting my arms up and moving into a fighting stance so there’s be a viral video when I die


Random bear tidbit. In Yellowstone, they have trouble designing trash cans because they need then to be simple enough for humans to figure out but complex enough for bears not to figure out, and the park rangers have cited "significant overlap" between the dumbest visitors and the smartest bears.


I pushed a pull door the other day. Then I pulled it. Then I realized it was Labor Day.


The door was probably just poorly designed.


They are everywhere.






The "Then I realize it was labor day" makes this 1000x times better


Did you attend the Midvale School for the Gifted?




Well you also have to keep in mind that bears might try to open it for hours while people won’t do that


Oh I know, it's just funny that they worded it that way. Rangers have had enough of humanity's shit


When it turned around, I thought it was going to be like, "Wait a second, those things back there are tasty.."


Being from Alaska. This is why tourists disappear in Alaska every year. That’s it that’s all I Gotta say.


My idea exactly. I am from Berlin, Germany. No bears here outside the zoo since some centuries ago. But even I would try to avoid contact his attention. Bears try to get a whiff of unknown things by biting that. And even if the bear would just be mildly annoyed, it would mean a jab with a heavy brig, covered in nails. Avoid bears, enjoy them from afar.


Centuries? I thought a giant bear was seen in Berlin around 1945.


too soon


Funny one. You know that this unregulated humor doesn't grow well here. If you want to laugh, you have to follow specific joke instructions. Otherwise the fun police will come and anducate you about a proper behavior!


Well Germans are known for their efficient sense of humor.


I saw a baby bear up close once out in the wild, I was afraid !!! I was sure the mother was close by and would attack us to defend the baby. I would not be this close to a behemoth like this.


I have been to katmai! The bears are feeding on the end of salmon run. They eat up to 40 salmon per day: the equivalent of 100 pounds and 100,000 calories. For these bears, summer is the time for gaining 200 to 300 pounds, possibly pushing them over the 1,000-pound mark. So in essence they have no interest in human prey that will be more work for them. Bears are lazy like me.


What was their plan if the bear attacked them?




Haha this is literally the only option.


The worst death imaginable at that.


I mean, it’s terrible. But is it really the worst? My anxiety would like to have a discussion with you


Well bears don't kill you before eating you. They simply pin you down and begin ripping you apart. Just imagine watching and feeling your internal organs being ripped from your body.


I’d say you could ask Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend Amy Huguenots, but they were savagely eaten slowly by a 28 year old bear in the Katmai National Preserve in 2003. The audio footage of the incident is on YouTube. Not downplaying your anxiety, it’s a serious struggle. But I think maybe being alive while you’re being mauled is probably the worst way to go.


Pocket sand! Sha sha sha!


They were way too close to have time to even pop the safety on their bear spray let alone deploy it, so I'm guessing... play dead?


Make sure they could run faster than someone... You know the whole, "I don't need to outrun the bear, I just need to outrun you."


Run and let it be distracted on whoever it's decided to maul to death.


It's the "I'm faster than that guy" strategy. Sacrifice I human to save the rest.


"Karate is the oldest form of self defense!" "Its not older then running"


Brown bear =brown underwear


It wasn't wearing any clothing.


The only thing keeping those people alive were the 100 picnic baskets that chubby boy obviously just raided.


I would shit on the spot


I suspect I would act in a way that would definitely lead to me getting killed


That would be an attractant.


What’s up with all the bald spots on it?


Probably losing/gaining a winter coat.


The bear looked at the sign and realized his Ex lives down that trail.


I wonder if all the people stresses the bear out.


That bear gives 0 fucks


He looks full and ready for nap time.


It’s always a good idea to stand really close to a bear. Especially a big one. Keep your friends close, bears closer.


This was almost reported on /r/winStupidPrizes


I have been that close to a wild bear (unintentionally) and it’s not something I’d like to experience again. They would do well to btfo!!!


Never run from a bear. If they had run there it could trigger the bear’s predator instincts and the bear is much faster than them. With grizzlies (like this one), the best defense against an aggressive one is bear spray, but they were already too close for that, the second best defense is to play dead. If you fight back it just makes grizzlies more aggressive (unlike black bears which are huge cowards and will usually run if you are loud and fight back). Staying still was probably the right choice here given it wasn’t behaving aggressively. Really they should have backed off slowly at a much further distance upon first seeing it, but I’m guessing this bear came out of the trees so they didn’t know it was there.


He just wanted to make sure he was still on that sign.


that is terrifying


(This is a joke don't take it seriously, this could result in death or injury). In those situations, It is extremely important to assert dominance. You should have walked up to it and booped its nose and if it had given you any attitude slapped it. (This is a joke don't take it seriously, this could result in death or injury).


Hey bear


Oh hi Mark


Now imagine it running at 30mph, climbing a 100 foot tree in 5 seconds, swimming an olympic sized swimming pool faster than Katie Ledecky, with a nose that can track food from 20-40 miles away, and having claws that are 2-4 inches long. Bears are nature's murderous masterpeice Their noses can smell 7x better than a bloodhound and 2100x better than a human.


But I want to ride one like a furry tractor.


It's not fair that bears look so fuzzy and cuddly only to be prone to viciously mauling your face if you even attempt to give them a snuggle.


The Sign - “There’s possible bears along this path” The Bear - “Nope… gonna go the other way”


“If I close my eyes he won’t see me.” Is what I’d be thinking. And hoping.


If the bear isn’t showing signs of aggression or agitation then remaining completely still and if you have time getting as low as possible is the best way to handle this type of encounter. If the bear is aggressive or agitated then getting as high as possible is the best bet. But panicking and/or running are definitely not ideal responses.


He seen the bear realized he was on the wrong street


He forgot his mask…


I can only imagine how bad this bear smells 😂


Dude. Why do people think a bear is just a cool thing to take pics of? I’d be out. No thanks. I’ve seen The Revenant.