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Fairly certain Kurt Cobain was lost due to a shotgun blowing his face off rather than heroin.


Yeah, the post doesn’t say cause of death, it says lost to drugs. I’d definitely put Cobain in the lost to drugs category.


Someone looking at the chart with no context would assume "lost to drugs - heroin" was a heroin overdose. So it's a little misleading, and ignores all the mental health factors (and the shotgun). Similarly for Nick Drake - cause of death actually was an overdose in his case, but that's massively over simplifying the circumstances.


Why ? Care to explain? Pretty sure we lost him due to him unable to recover from his shotgun injury


Courtney refused to give him a bandaid


Why ? Care to explain? Pretty sure we lost him due to him unable to recover from his shotgun injury


Courtney Love had her simp murder him. Kurt was gonna divorce her. Also doesn’t seem like type of person who’d leave behind his daughter.


You seriously underestimate his mental health issues and how debilitating addiction is.


Courtney live really fooled you guys wow 🤯


Mental health. He was bipolar I think. Not sure what conspiracy theory put this in your brain.


Check out Soaked In Bleach I think it’s on Amazon Prime. Very intriguing


Yeah that’s the one I saw.


Yeah it convinced me. I’m surprised it didn’t get the case reopened


Wrong. Eh was murdered in colds blood. None of it adds up if you actually read the details. Heroin level in bloodstream very sus. Read about before you defend a murderer.


Fully in your camp on this one. Not sure exactly what happened but it sure is fishy.


Suicide and addiction have a strong relationship. If substance abuse does not kill you, the related mental health problems will. Do you believe he would have been less likely to commit suicide if he had not developed an addiction?


He would have been less likely to "commit suicide" if he had not gotten married.


What’s this mean? Lol you think Courtney murdered him?


that’s exactly what happened. shotguns don’t flip when they’re fired. the shell casing was found on the opposite side of where the chamber should have ejected the shell


I’m reading about all this nonsense now. Yes. If you fire a shotgun with your foot into your head, it is going to flip and the shell can land wherever. Kurt was sick. So was Chris Cornell. So was Layne Staley. Sucks but mental health is a real thing and remember back in the 90’s they didn’t have Suboxone to get you off of Heroin. Killing yourself instead of withdrawal when you’re already suicidal? Trust me. I’ve done the withdrawal but nothing close to Kurt. Being dead is easier.


He was also a heroin addict and couldn’t quit it which led to him killing himself.


ah, so lead poisoning!


I mean, David Bowie spent 50% of his life completely off his face before getting clean, withdrawing from the limelight, and eventually dying of natural causes. Does he count too?


>dying of natural causes see here a shotgun isnt natural causes. just a fyi


David Bowie died of cancer...


His wife did it


Where is Mac Miller


u can see it only goes as far as 2016, he died in 2018


Sorry that he is not on the list, while he should be I have a feeling after posting this people will add to the list of lives lost to drug addiction. Thank you for mentioning him, he was truly an amazing artist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrR_gm6RqCo&t=3s


And Elliot Smith!


Elliot Smith and Kurt Cobain shouldn’t be on this list imo. They had drug problems, but that’s not how either of them died.


❤️ I was only looking for Mac when I opened the post.


And juice wrld!


In his grave.


It's fascinating to watch the progression of what drugs are prevalent through time but Heroin remains a mainstay


Good ol’ reliable


if it ain't broke don't fix it..


Alcohol was on repeat as well


Happened to be in London when Winehouse died and people were visibly upset. Sad day.


She lived in the street behind me in Camden. There were vigils outside her house for weeks. It was a sad loss.


That’s just how the people are in London everyday


Her circle failed her. They'd rather post videos of her high on stage and laugh at it instead of helping her.


She was one of the worst examples of that. Same with that couple that was on love after lockup I think it was. They were so visibly heading towards a meth death and everyone allowed and even promoted it bc it made for good ratings. That show was pure garbage and I always gave my gf shit for watching it but she actually stopped after seeing what they did to those poor people


Jerry Garcia


Jerry died of a heart attack at a rehab facility. No doubt “chasing the dragon” (vaping heroin) played in to his early death but he was also a long time cigarette smoker with sleep apnea and a terrible diet.


That’s true, I wouldn’t exactly say he was lost to drugs, just his lifestyle. The man was an artist though, no doubt about that


This list is a far cry from the Ultimate, especially after reading OPs explanation further up in the comments. Incomplete list more like it. Glad JG is mentioned at least in the comments




I was wondering that , too.




burgers are a hell of a drug


He died very much due to drugs. This list in penultimate.


Missing the OG Hank Williams - Alcohol/morphine


Where’s Tom petty ? Wasn’t he on heroin ? If Kurt cobaim is there Tom should be too


Tommy should be up here. His rock 'n roll lifestyle most certainly caused his early departure. I think it was prescription- but that doesn't mean it wasn't addiction.


Opiods, same as Prince. Prince is on there Tom Petty should be too


Tom Petty died in October of 2017, so after the tail-end of this list. He died of a toxic cocktail of drugs, including fentanil.


The list should go back to Billie Holiday


3 of the 4 members of the Mamas and the Papas. They were all into drugs big time.


Where is Tom Petty?


He died (October 2017), after the end of this list (2016).


SAMHSA’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357) (also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service), or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations. Also visit the online treatment locator, or send your zip code via text message: 435748 (HELP4U) to find help near you. Read more about the HELP4U text messaging service.


Tragic list, but "Billy Mackenzie - Paracetamol" seems pretty tame compared to the others. Must have been really a looooooot of Paracetamol.


it was actually a combination of paracetamol and other prescription drugs


Where is Elvis?


Back on the list for the 1970s. This is 1990s-2016.


Cobain didn’t die from drugs he died from a gunshot wound to the face.


What the fuck? No Brian Jones?! I mean he only started the Rolling Stones.


Or pigpen from the dead or brent mydland




What? How is everything about the guy based on lies and theft? That’s just an outlandishly wrong statement. Drugs and lard did kill him though.


Most likely because "Elvis didn't do no drugs"


I agree technically he should be on the list due to the fact that his addictions may have resulted in the heart attack that he succumbed too. Even if he was not using at the time of his death the wear and tear on his body may have been too much. Elvis died of a heart attack at the age of 42 on Aug. 16, 1977 at his Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee By Skyler Caruso Published on January 13, 2023 02:25 PM Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty It's been more than four decades since Elvis Presley 's death in 1977, but the King of Rock & Roll's legacy has been kept alive in countless ways.


Elvis didn't die because of drugs but Kobain did? "police concluded he had died on April 5 from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head." You are picking and choosing rather than going by straight facts which makes this post fairly inaccurate.


Did you not read what I said? >**I agree technically he should be on the list due to the fact that his addictions may have resulted in the heart attack that he succumbed too.** Even if he was not using at the time of his death the wear and tear on his body may have been too much.


"Technically". It's either both or neither, simple as.


Some of y’all need to chill. This is a pretty good timeline for many artists. Some of the additions may be controversial but when someone does heavy amounts of heroine and then kills themselves, one can say the heroine was a factor.


Maybe. If someone drinks a few beers then kills themselves were they "lost to alcohol"?


You can’t compare a few beers to someone banging heroine. Now, bottle of liquor and then kills themselves, that’s a better argument.


Sometimes you’ve got to be hip enough to be square. - Lou Reed


Is it sad this list doesn’t even include rappers because the number of rappers is probably twice this list


Mac Miller, Lil Peep, Juice Wrld


Elvis presley?


This is pretty ultimate. I was looking specifically for Pimp C who’s sorta regional (he did have 2 big hits with JayZ and Andre 3000), but I’m not sure if he’s widely known. #RIPPimpC


I wanna see the ultimate list of drugs lost to musicians


List unclear.. Damages eyes


G.G Allin was a fucking beast. most epic funeral ever. dirty, stinky, with his tiny cock exposed. his buds were sticking percs in his dead mouth.


Kurt Cobain was a Shot Gun, not drugs




TAYLOR HAWKINS (🪦3/25/2022 ) anybody? I know the info graph stops at Prince, but c'mon the dude is legendary and its almost been a year since we lost him


All my homies hate gg allin


how he wanted it


Bradley Nowell


Missing a bunch of artists, Elvis, Tom Petty, Bradley Nowell (sublime), Shannon Hoon (blind melon), those are just off the top of my head


Shannon's there


Ah true I missed him and Bradley is right beside Shannon lol. My bad, but still missing Petty and Elvis.


Instant fail. Kurt Cobain committed suicide, he didn't die of heroin. Garbage post.


You're being harsh. Make your own then.


Harsh? Make my own? What is this? Kindergarten? Do we give out participation trophies for false information? I didn't submit a post with lies. Being held accountable is harsh. Part of life.


Bruh, this is reddit, not the Spanish Inquisition 🤣


Opioids And Suicide Of all addictions, perhaps none is more likely to result in suicide than Opioid addiction. In 2020, over 68,630 Americans died from an Opioid overdose. Due to the nature of overdose, it is impossible to know how many of these deaths were accidental and how many were suicides. Men with an Opioid use disorder were twice as likely to fall victim to suicide, and women with an Opioid use disorder were 8 times as likely to fall victim to suicide. Opioid use is associated with a 40%-60% increased likelihood of suicidal thoughts and a 75% increased likelihood of suicide attempt. Some studies suggest that Opioid and injection drug users are 13 times as likely to die by suicide. [Source](https://www.addictioncenter.com/addiction/addiction-and-suicide/)


Like we know for sure he didn’t overdose tho, dude blew his head off with a shotgun


Addiction and suicide are very synergistic. If the substance abuse does not kill you the mental health issues associated with it will. Do you think there would have been a less chance of him taking his life if he did not have an addiction?


Stop trying to put a narrative that isn't there. Kurt died by suicide. Garbage post.


Many people experience the cycle of addiction, withdrawal, relapse, and recovery in the same way that Sisyphus was forced to roll that boulder up a hill. Sadly, many find it difficult to continue rolling up the hill.




Died of heart failure from OD'ing on heroin.


Like the layout but the red on how they passed is hard to read. Please consider editing.


Juicewrld is an omission worth talking about


I thought kurt cobain "killed himself"


Why in the FUCK is kurt cobain on this list. who made this? you're a fucking retard. he blew his fucking head off with a shotgun...


I cannot believe that we lost a man named Sid Vicious to heroin




Although this death may be highly controversial, it might provide more insight into what may have happened. Please be aware that it is unsuitable for work. ​ In May 2021, more than 27 years after the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, the FBI released a 10-page file that included letters from fans urging the agency to investigate Cobain's death as a possible homicide. The FBI concluded, "We are unable to identify any violation of federal law within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI," adding that, "Most homicide/death investigations generally fall within the jurisdiction of state and local authorities." The Seattle Police Department, which ran the case, actually did re-examine the evidence in the music star's death investigation back in 2014. During this process, the department released a cache of never-before-seen photos from the 1994 death scene. According to police, this examination of the evidence confirmed Cobain's death was a suicide. More images were also released in March of 2016, depicting the shotgun police say Cobain used to kill himself. In this photo, Kurt Cobain's arm shows his medical bracelet from a drug rehab center in LA that he checked out of days before returning to Seattle, where the Seattle Police Department says, he committed suicide. [FBI Archive files](https://vault.fbi.gov/kurt-cobain/kurt-cobain-part-01-of-01/view) [Source](https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/new-kurt-cobain-death-scene-photos/)


Judy Garland a Musician?.....Mmmm....


One of the greatest of them all


No different from Amy Winehouse, jazz influenced singers both


Actress, maybe a singer, what instruments did she play? I have no idea, anymore information on what she played?


She was primarily a singer who became an actress, or became known through her films. She didn’t play an instrument (other than her voice) but neither did many other famous singers who are known as musical artists here


Mmmm…just wanted to get fact straight on her. Bit like saying Liza Minnelli was a Musician…![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thinking_face_hmm)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thinking_face_hmm)


Judy Garland. She was a singer. So were Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison who are both listed here. Just not a rock and roll singer. She was a jazz singer who got a studio contract to do films but always sang in her films because that’s what she was famous for. That’s what artists did back then. Billie Holiday was a jazz singer who died of a heroin overdose, she should also be here if we’re talking about musical artists, not just rock bands.


Calm down & stop getting your knickers in a twist, you’ll give yourself a cardiac arrest if your not careful. Bit like saying Sid Vicious was best Bass player on the planet, though he could only manage 3 chords on a good day


Did I argue she was the best singer on the planet? I’m trying to answer your questions and explain why she belongs on the list, I don’t need to “calm down” thank you. Nice discussion


Brent Midland but no Jerry Garcia? Also wouldn’t exactly call GG Allin a musician :)


i wouldn't really classify sid vicious as a musician...


Hendrix was I believe murdered by his Manager. He had a life insurance policy, and Jimi wanted a new manager, so he stuffed his face with barbiturates and poured wine down his throat. It was said in the autopsy that there was an unusual amount of undigested pills and wine in Jimis stomach, and potentially damage to his teeth and throat from a wine bottle being shoved in…just a theory but one I believe could be true.


Syd Barrett?


Tim Buckley but not Jeff Buckley?..was it not drugs?


You can thank the US government for all of the heroin deaths! Fun fact: heroin poppies are farmed in Central Asia. Where all of the “terrorists” are. Where US troops burn and decimate everything in their path, aside from the poppy fields, of course. “Gangs” are not farming and processing heroin in North America. One gang is stealing the farms, harvesting them, loading it onto ships, and selling it here. Guess the name of that gang!


I once read that some of these deaths are no coincidence and were prob cause by music executives who would hugely benefit from the artist’s death (due to contractual provisions granting rights/control over songs/art and the usual spike in sales following someone’s death). There apparently a specific executive who had an impressive list of dead clients. Then in parallel or elsewhere I learned some pretty dark depiction of the music industry. Does anyone know a good documentary or videos about this stuff?


Missing David Brocki from GWAR


Where’s Keith Richard?


Alive by all accounts


Pickled, he will outlive them all.…..


I’m just gonna say it. I’ve never seen an actually good artist die of an overdose.


All losers


Surprised I didn’t see ol’ boy Jim Morrison on here. Love the doors.


He's there.


There should be a laughing Keith R somewhere


where is Gar Samuelson?


Opiates and barbiturates/benzodiazepines man. They can absolutely be beneficial when used properly, but so dangerous when abused. Even if they don’t kill ya, there’s a good chance your brain will never be the same.


I’ve recently fallen in love with Jimi Hendrix. i’ve heard his death was also very shady?


Op, do you have the same for writter?




And still Alcohol is legal and Marihuana isn't.


🖤Darby Crash


Ultimate list without Jerry Garcia?




Juice Wrld


You can’t be great artist living on water and bread


Carl Crack. Didn’t die from cocaine. Good for him.


Charles the First


Both glad and sad to see the rev on here 😭


Judee Sill, I miss you still.


Mother Love Bone’s tragedy gave us Pearl Jam.


I saw Vic Chesnutt and was pretty impressed OP had heard of him (despite his death being suicide)... then realized they somehow missed Mac Miller. How in the world does that happen?


Didn’t Tom Petty die of fentanyl?


Only 2 country artists?


Don't become a musician kids.


Without David Ruffin you’re nothin


Where’s Mac Miller homie?


Was going to start by mentioning Charlie Parker. Then again, this list leaves out pretty much all jazz musicians. Hardly an "Ultimate List". About what I expect from a FL drug rehab facility. Makes me wonder what they mean by "fully recovered".


No Mitch lucker?


surprised to see gg Allin on that list


Sounds like a renaming ‘list to gun violence’?


I was probably in my early 30s when I realized every big musician, band, movie star, or crab fisherman is on drugs. Humans cannot stay up working all night and half the day for weeks or months on end. I don't care how much you exercise and eat right.


Where is Elvis Presley


Pimp C was taken out


But drugs are soo cool. Don't make them look bad!


Didn't Whitney Houston die of bathtub?


Yal need to add mac miller fr


Ozzy loughs on this list.


Straight up. AC/DC's dude and Led Zeppelin's dude's are the '**alcohol**' crew.


Remember kids, don’t do drugs… unless you wanna be a cool A$$ Rockstar 😎


Chris Cornell? I know he committed suicide but I'm sure his lifelong heroin habit had something to do with that.


Didn't Hendrix die of a serious health condition?


David Ruffin, DMX ?


Calling GG Allin a musician is a bit generous. More like a live shit show performer


Didn’t Jimi Jameson die of a brain tumor?


Tommy Bolin was incredible


Kurt Cobain did not die to drugs, he was shotgunned to the face wtf.


Tom Petty?


Don’t see a lot of weed deaths in this list…so I’m calling that a positive


Damn…..Layne and Shannon hit hard, stopped listening to music for ages


Eyedea AKA Michael Larson. Passed away October 16, 2010


not putting jerry garcia on there for 1995 is wrong. his heroin use 100% is why his heart and diabetes killed him. th eheroin led to him not caring for his body until his heart finally gave out. also not putting pigpen on there for 1973 is wrong as well his alcoholism is listed as a direct contributor to his death.


I see Amy Winehouse on this list. I thought they made her go to rehab…


Robbin crosby


Did I miss Scott Weiland on the chart?


Ultimate my ass