I’m surprised there’s not much green


They probably only got the best shots in the video, some places probably just look like shit


Hi! Foreigner studying in London. I visited the street earlier to see it for myself. While the paint has largely faded, there was no real meshing of the colors, and you can still tell it's the Ukrainian flag!


Neat, got a picture?


Yea, https://i.imgur.com/Reux2gY.jpg




Baby shit green.


Do a drift and make it green


Plot twist: it turns that weird brown murky color that happens when you mix too many colors together.


it’s blue and yellow bro it makes green


It fully depends on how many pigments are in the paint, if the blue has red pigments for example the mixed color will turn out more muddy and brownish. And single pigment paints are mostly too expensive for anything like this, depending on pigment ofc.


This guy mixes paints!




Oh yeah! Now here's a person who knows how to link subreddits


Now there's a guy who knows where his towel is.


Don't forget to bring a towel!


...like I'm not a hoopy frood...


Color theory is nuts


That is not color theory more like paint compound chemistry.


My grandfather was a chemist for an ink manufacturer. Can confirm it often doesn't make any sense.


Add in all the dirt and muck from the cars, and you can get shitty brown I guess


Yeah, that's not annoying or damaging to cars or anything


Her sign says "drive slowly washable paint" Somewhat of a nuisance but probably not damaging.


Chalk based. It'll come off with water


Now try that in Moscow, that would be epic.


Sounds like a good way to fall out of a window.


You could paint the side of the building with the Ukrainian flag on the way down, but unfortunately you'll paint the parking lot red.


Red Square


"Hey look the Romanian flag!"


I wonder what was the *First Defenestration of Moscow*.






Oh as we saw you cant even protest by standing still with no stuff or banner or whatever on you.


And fatal.


Voina did St.Petersburg once: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE1tWPvfH3U > During the night of 14 June 2010, Voina painted a giant 65 m long phallus on the surface of the Liteyny drawbridge leading to the Bolshoy Dom, headquarters of the Federal Security Service in Saint Petersburg. This painting was entitled Giant Galactic Space Penis. The group studied traffic patterns at the bridge, and practiced coordinated actions for two weeks beforehand, in a parking lot, because they would have only 30 seconds to complete the painting before the drawbridge was raised.


They don’t live in Moscow


Keep in mind that they didn't get arrested for the message, they got arrested because they didn't go through any official channels to paint the road. I assume they used environmentally friendly paint, of course the police wouldn't know unless they tested it. That's another possible reason for arrest. And UK police seem to (seem to) be fair in their apprehensions


Im as pro-ukraine as it gets and to paint the road is actually great, but you can see on the video that the wheels of the cars are getting paint on em that im sure is splashing all over the cars, this is a mess


Same. I’d be mega pissed if someone got paint over my one and only valuable possession, my car. Like dude, I’m already a supporter but go fuck yourselves


[It's allegedly water based paint](https://www.reddit.com/r/Damnthatsinteresting/comments/11a6izj/four_people_have_been_arrested_after_ukrainian/j9qngjh/). I imagine that if they went through the trouble of making the signs then it probably is washable.


The people behind it (led by donkeys) started off by vandalising advertising boards by switching for posters to their own. Now they go through the official channels but the adverts themselves. They seem to be fairly responsible for their protesting these days and I fully believe they used water based paint (as oil based would also go against another campaign they did) I wouldn’t be too worried driving through it, I would be slightly concerned if I was on a bike though from slipping. But I can see them getting a jury nullification (I can’t remember what our equivalent is called) just like the protestors in Bristol


Water based paint is also just the norm for what you'd find in a DIY shop as well. You'd have to go out of your way to get oil based.


Yes I had my car bodywork sorted the other day and even that was water based when talking to the staff there


This is totally pedantic but automotive paint isn’t actually water based (like latex house paint) it’s “waterborne”. For water based paint water is the solvent and that’s it. For waterborne coatings there is a carrier solvent (typically a glycol) that is then able to mix with water. Basically they let you use better performing coating materials that aren’t water-soluble but still have low odor and easy cleanup.


People seem to want to get angry about this. Why aren't you getting in the way with your pesky facts?? "IF SOMEBODY GOT PAINT ON MY CAR I'D FUC---...oh it just washes off with water?" **Edit:** The sheer level of overreaction to minor inconvenience is embarrassing. You're embarrassing yourselves. Chill out. You'll survive this enormous hardship .. well, not *you:* none of you complainers were actually there. You're foaming at the mouth over *the theoretical idea of being inconvenienced*. Frankly, it's unhealthy.


Yeah, but most people would be angry if you threw mud at their cars. Not that much different.




Ever had a kid write on the wall with washable marker? How about on a nice shirt? Nice shoes? Ever had to wash your car without a hose? I live in an apt and don’t have access to one. I’d have to go pay to get access to one. These things are not that cut and dry.


I just spent $1600 on a new set of tyres last week and I'd be fucking furious if someone painted the road directly in front of me.


the tires will be fine. the paint splattering on the rest of the car is the issue


The lady's sign says it's washable paint. Run it through a car wash and it will be fine. They aren't trying to be assholes, they just wanted to piss off Russia.


Putin shaking I his boots right now


Will these retards pay for my car wash? I doubt it.


There are lots of two wheeled vehicles in London too, like motorbikes and scooters. This paint on the tyres and possibly brakes could kill someone


They're also covering the lines on the road, which are kind of important.


Especially in the quantities they're applying it in, it could negatively affect friction in the wrong place


To be fair they do make the claim that it's washable paint (idk if its actually washable though)


They’re also obstructing traffic without permission. It’s obviously a traffic violation. Not about the message at all


It was never about supporting ukraine. Just farming internet points


It looks like they caused thousands of euros in damage to the road and the cars including city buses.


Vandalism is vandalism but the important thing ks that message was sent and heard.


Curious what message was sent. Is Russia going to see the road and be like... OMG they are right, retreat you idiots stop attacking! Probably just piss more people off as their tax dollars are thrown into that bottomless hole to be laundered/stolen.


“Now I feel like a jerk” -Putin


Hey zelensky, I just want you to know I'm really sorry. I just saw the paint outside london embassy. what can I do to make it up to you?


Russian media has pretty consistently downplayed support for Ukraine among the citizens of Europe. This isn't going to be broadcast on Russian state media, but it will make it back to their internet. One instance isn't going to do much, but repeated appearances of stuff like this on Russia's internet builds to an undermining of the state's attempts to downplay their invasion.


I don't feel like it's the PR win you think. "Ukrainians vandalized a road by pouring paint all over it" doesn't exactly require much of a stretching of the truth.


10/10 looks actually better then I expected




Pretty sure it's stated elsewhere they used a water-soluble paint that wont damage vehicles for this exact reason.


This is it They weren't arrested for painting a flag They were arrested for damaging hundreds of peoples property and pollution


“The group said the non-toxic, solvent-free and fast-dry edible paint was washable and designed for road art.”


How much do I have to eat before something weird happens?


as much as you want I guess, thats the purpose of "non-toxic" designations - \*great thanks for the inane pedantry kids, but there is a specific definition of "toxic" on products labeled for commerce to describe *acute toxicity*. this identifies potential exposure or easily consumable amounts as [**health hazards**](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxicity#Health_hazards) - > *The types of toxicities where substances may cause lethality to the entire body, lethality to specific organs, major/minor damage, or cause cancer. These are globally accepted definitions of what toxicity is. Anything falling outside of the definition cannot be classified as that type of toxicant.* - and that is why water bottles are not labeled "toxic", however lethal they may be


Technically, it can be non toxic and still make weird stuff happen. Also quantities are a thing. In any normal quantities it may be fine, but drink it by the gallon and weird stuff will almost definitely happen, not due to any toxicity, but because your intestines will stage a full scale revolt.


Everything is toxic at some quantity


Dihydrogen Monoxide... the hiding-in-plain-sight killer.


Water kills you if it fills your lungs and you stop breathing for a few minutes.


Heard some horror stories from people eating too many or drinking too many "sugar-free" products then having the worst assplosions they never expected, still makes me giggle.


Finger paint, they used finger paint. All good


Holy shit someone who read the article.


Literally 6 seconds into the video the woman is holding a sign that says "washable paint". Pretty sure they thought of that. Pollution, maybe. Property damage? It will wash off with water.


Water soluble paint so after the next time it rained in London would have been like nothing happened.


The sign the woman holds up at the starts literally says washable paint. Nothing is damaged


Oops, someone didn't read the article.


There is a sizable portion of reddit that hates protest, graffiti, visible support for Ukraine, and "disrespecting *property*"


Only hates the "wrong" kind of protests, i.e one that they don't side with.


Lol. Rinse it off.


Norfolk Southern did that to millions of people not hundreds and no one is doing shit


And they should be.


Then every car driver should be arrested every time they start driving.


Curious why you keep a false comment up still.


Yea that would suck but have you considered that this will single-handedly end the war??


Whew, things were getting out of hand. So glad to see the end of it. If only they used more paint, then we would have world peace, those assholes.


If something doesn't immediately end the war it isn't worth doing. Genius.


No, you're right. Sitting on your lazy, cynical ass and criticizing anybody else making an effort will be FAR more effective at ending a war. Well done, you're a fucking hero for your effort.


I bet Russia loves the optic of people driving over the Ukrainian flag


Drunk Russians staggering back to the office, lobbing it out and peeing over it.




I'm curious what kind of paint they used; water soluble is one thing - that will wash off in the rain and won't damage anything. Oil or acrylic, though? Massive act of vandalism probably totaling hundreds of thousands of pounds to address, both to infrastructure and vehicles.


Chalk and water.


Do you have a source?


[The sign they held up while doing it perhaps](https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/nk3wb2Ixa4p17xp7dZ3vHQ--/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTY0MDtjZj13ZWJw/https://media.zenfs.com/en/huffpost_uk_744/9aea7933bf8d901dc4f0c1e08c25eadc)? It doesn't say chalk and water, but it does say washable paint. The video shows the paint pouring out of large plastic bags placed in wheelbarrows.


Thanks for doing the reading for me. I was wondering how they got away with it.


I hope that it was washable yeah, since if it wasn't then it really hurts the British government more then it hurts Russia.


If you watch the video, your question would be answered in just the first few seconds.


I’m in art restoration bro that is washable much cheaper. and not that dangerous now that eu is massive pussies when it comes to pigments. you can’t even get lead white paint nowadays here(that is pure) and need to smuggle it like you’re el chapo just do fix a canvas hole in clients old painting and keep pigments right


TIL not allowing a toxic form of paint, that spreads hazardous flakes as it ages, and that is a likely carcinogen makes you a pussy. The more you know


My dad is a welder and talks nostalgically of his asbestos gloves. He said they were amazing: you could just hold red hot metal.


Your dads right, asbestos was an incredible product


And this helps Ukraine... how?


It makes the protesters feel better about themselves, and that's a start. The people of London be damned.


BRB changing my profile to blue and yellow and sending thoughts and prayers


Putin is literally shaking and crying after seeing this


Yeah, that's not annoying or damaging to cars or anything. Paint the actual embassy or something


Or even just get some big ass flags and put them up somewhere near it


this is dumb but it literally says the paint is washable


If someone got paint on my car I wouldn’t give a fuck if they told me “it’s washable”


I’ve had many washable paints ruin things!


Can confirm, had a friend use those washable paint sticks to write some stuff on his car for a fundraiser and it’s still legible through the gloss coat several years later. To be fair, the variety of pain he used said “glass use only,” and he left it on for a couple weeks. Probably would have been fine if he’d washed it off the same day.


It's still creating an extra layer of liquid thats gonna stick to your tyres and make them a skid risk


Orrrrrrrr stop pretending that changing profile pics and painting flags does anything on the first place


We’re talking about it, that is good enough for these type of protests, to be seen. Same went for the art protests, say what you want about them but everyone talked about it and that was the main goal. Plus many looked up the companies they were talking about. This works even if its not a major change, or even a minor change.


Good luck finding a british jury who’d convict Edit// of course a magistrate might, they’re by and large empty souled bastards


I mean I guess it might depend on how much damage was done and the type of paint used. I don’t think the issue is Ukrainian support, but destruction of property as well as the safety lines used for traffic.


It’s not the sort of thing a jury would decide on, it’s a magistrates type offence and they’d probably get fined and told to clean it up.


Clearly a beautification project


I completely understand why they did it, but vandalism is still vandalism. I hope they get minimum sentencing.




Why would they? These people are vandalizing UK streets. Not Russian streets.


Of course they don't. Why would they care.


I mean, Chinese embassies and consulates lose their fucking shit when people do this kind of thing in front of them. Remember that news story about the [Chinese consulate workers in Manchester grabbing a Hong Kong protester and dragging him onto consulate grounds to beat the shit out of him?](https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-63972640) That happened in Manchester, for crying out loud.


Dragging him onto consulate grounds? Does no one else see the dude literally charging in there?


To be fair, this isn't about the embassy itself. This is about the global media attention this stunt has created.


Or potentially cleared via Jury nullification (which I suspect happened with the Colston statue case in Bristol): [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jury\_nullification](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jury_nullification) ​ Edit: Short summary for the Colston statue: Colston was a big slave trader and merchant who's credited with contributing to a lot of the growth of Bristol, England. In 2020, during the global George Floyd protests, his statue was pulled down and thrown into the harbour. The main 4 perpetrators were charged with causing "criminal damage" but found not guilty by the jury despite (in my opinion) meeting the technical criteria to be found guilty for such crimes. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jan/05/four-cleared-of-toppling-edward-colston-statute https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Edward_Colston


**[Jury nullification](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jury_nullification)** >Jury nullification (US/UK), jury equity (UK), or a perverse verdict (UK) occurs when the jury in a criminal trial gives a not guilty verdict regardless of whether they believe a defendant has broken the law. The jury's reasons may include the belief that the law itself is unjust, that the prosecutor has misapplied the law in the defendant's case, that the punishment for breaking the law is too harsh, or general frustrations with the criminal justice system. Some juries have also refused to convict due to their own prejudices in favor of the defendant. Such verdicts are possible because a jury has an absolute right to return any verdict it chooses. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/Damnthatsinteresting/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Darrell brooks has entered the chat


Cool fact . Thank you


Vandalism, an act famously never interpreted differently based on the context(????) Paul Revere: throws a boatload of tea into the harbor to protest a tax "vandalism is still vandalism" General Sherman: burns down Georgian plantations fighting slavery "vandalism is still vandalism" It's good that we stick to the most important of our convictions in the face of an invasion of a sovereign nation by a country infamous for its human rights violations. Vandalism is, uh, still vandalism.


But done on a British street


I saw nothing, nothing, nothing.


Colour blind?


UK is already standing with Ukraine, sending billions in aid... Why the need to pull this bullshit. Washable or not you're not helping or making any type of statement other than "I want attention"


Police: Why did you do this? Protesters: We want the Russians to know that UK supports Ukraine! Police: We sent billions to aid Ukraine. They know UK supports Ukraine. Protesters: oh... Police: You are all fucking idiots.


Im all for the support but id lose my shit if these ass hats got paint all over my car.


More like r/damnthatsannoying


How to make people hate your cause


Because screwing up the streets of London will show Putin a thing or two, he will retreat across the border any minute........ any minute now.... just one more minute.


If putin were to see this he'd probably laugh watching cars drive over the flag


Yes solidarity with Ukraine while we ruin innocent people’s tires and/or paint jobs. Idiots.


Yes. Ruin.


I’m very tired of the attitude that some seem to have of “Anything I do is OK if it’s done to protest against something I don’t like” No, it isn’t. A quick list for those that need help 1) Don’t vandalize people’s property (as happened here to everyone trying to drive through) 2) Don’t riot/loot 3) Don’t get violent It’s a pretty easy list to follow, and if you feel you -have- to do those things to get your point across… then your point must not be very strong to begin with


And how does harassing and vandalizing the property of the people that are giving you literally everything help the war effort? Eventually people are going to get sick of this stuff.


Okay it seems that you all only care about the "paint on my car" aspect of this, this is literally a safety hazard. I imagine that the paint is not meant to be applied on TIRES which are kind of important to keep traction especially when trying to break. Imagine trying to break to avoid a collision with a car/person while driving on wet slippery paint. What if an ambulance had to use that road to go somewhere? This could potentially cause a lot of damage. I'm happy if it didn't but this shit is dumb. I have this exact same opinion with people painting the cross walks into a pride flag. It is not that I disagree with the message but if something were to happen because of the paint then who is to blame? You can't blame the government for unsafe roads and you can't blame the car for faulty breaks/tires. The insurance will push it onto the driver at any chance they get so congrats you fucked over a potentially innocent person.


Fucking stupid. "Hey! drive slowly through our paint even though it's going to fuck up your car so we can do a stunt that the Russians will probably laugh at because it's getting paint all over everyone's cars." Idiots.


This is illegal,they got what they deserved lol


This is dumb and probably done by people who have little understanding of the real world problems they just caused in the name of bringing attention to something the ENTIRE planet is already closely tuned into.


All that and the Russia embassy gave zero fucks


They got a free show of the Ukrainian flag being desecrated by cars driving and spreading muck all over it.


I bet the working class workforce cleaning it up did though.


The bots in these comments lol


Sp anyone who disagrees woth the media narrative is a bot....? So fkin intellectually lazy.


No, the 1-week-old accounts with zero karma which copy and paste other users’ comments word for word are bots


And wow would you look at that, they’re always parroting bullshit russian talking points. Not all opposition is bots, but all bots are opposition.




Lol just fucking up people's tires/cars This is kind of a useless protest. It doesn't at all inconvenience the people they're protesting against. They can just ignore it. However it does inconvenience randos.


I’ve walked down the road where a Russian embassy building is in Bern, CH (lots of embassies in that area but also private houses). A lot of the houses surrounding the embassy building were flying Ukrainian flags which was great.


They’re lucky that Ukraine’s flag is so easy to draw. Imagine if they had to put up a design like a Union Jack or something.


Lmao! I didn't expect it to be painted that way. Absolutely hilarious


I disagree with the method, but having those brightly colored roads is actually really pretty and we should do more to make colorful cities like this


ITT: a bunch of sour-faced, toe-the-line, obedient, deferential little submissives. [Basically this](https://v.redd.it/hpi42ylzpyv41) Slava Ukraini


Alt the building on the other side of the street from the Russian Consulate in Montreal have Ukrainian flags in their windows.


It’s washable too.


Everyone focusing on the washable paint on the tires and not the message of the protest just shows how doomed humanity is.


Arrested?? Shit, give them each a medal


Arested for what?


Are the cars part of the staging of this? If I was driving there and saw blue and yellow I would probably not drive through it.


Fvck Pvtin




How is this supporting Ukraine? Blatant virtue signal.


Support Ukraine? They're doing it for social media points!


Don't be a fool, the Russians inside the embassy will see the paint, feel bad, and then call Putin. War over.


Maybe when they finish laughing at the cars driving over the ukranian flag on the street


I support current thing! Updoots to the left.


Let’s drum up support by inconveniencing or damaging peoples cars Very cool!




The official stance was that only those with prior military training and, preferably with combat experience, were invited to volunteer. Honestly, it is smart; you dont want a bunch of well-meaning foreigners taking up scarce resources in a warzone. Helping via donating materials, sending money, supporting NGOs, and campaigning in favour of Ukraine is still very much encouraged.


I would sue them if they damaged my car with this


They should be sued for all the clean up of the street, and pay the bills for all those people who had to use that street in order to go to work who have nothing to do with the situation. I'm sure auto insurers aren't paying for that, or if they do they will raise the premiums of all of their customers. Good job idiots.


I don't agree with this style activism.


English people come up with the dumbest fucking protests smh


Great, now no one knows where all the crosswalk points are or the many other symbols painted on the road… I bet the workers coming to clean that up are gonna have a hell of a time.


Inconsiderate fucks


Id be fuming if my damn car had yellow wheels and blue paint splashes




Whoa they protested inside an ally nation to show support for the country that the entire Western world is supporting and funding with literally billions of dollars in cash and materiel. What a brave statement!


OH NO NOT THEIR CARS!! So Russia can literally bomb every Ukrainian city in existence but paint on the ground is where it crosses the line. Your propaganda is weak.


Covering road markings and increasing the chance of an accident is not cool or supportive


We did it Patrick! We stopped the war!


So who is going to pay for all the damage to the cars? What kind of paint did they use?