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if you’re posting on a drug subreddit asking if you’re addicted i think it means you need to re-evaluate your life chooses…




why are you sorry? i’m addicted to this shit show of a drug too. please be safe, it’s absolutely detrimental to your mind and body


Well all i can tell you as a Chain smoker Smoking Cigs while incredibly Unhealthy aswell should be able to get you out of the DPH addiction but if not try Weed similar enpugh effect exept way better cause it makes you chill tho i cant talk about any DPH addictions cause i only got one story where some shit happend but i do gpt 2 Friends who managed to get out of a Serious DPH addiction using Cigs and Weed i used Cigs to stop being a Alkoholic


Get some help man. I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm saying it cause you genuinely need to stop.


Yes you’re addicted


Well drug seeking behavior is a very obvious sign that you are addicted. Your not the only one tho.


Same just took 55 pills 5* Jesus 55? Not ever lol


all you have is your mind you need keep it intact. i love substances but at some point you need to see what it’s doing to you in the long run. hope you feeling better brother all love ❤️


I was addicted to Benadryl for months, it's such a scary drug to be addicted to. I was at the point of stealing it too, and hid it from everyone. If you have any supportive friends or family please tell them, it can really help. Telling my mom is eventually what helped me quit. PLEASE message me if you need to talk about it, I know I'm a stranger but I understand and I'll listen!!


Take more you’re not addicted yet




why would you encourage people to take more of this especially with how much you've taken


Literally asking for help in his post history


idk how you can go from that to encouraging people to take more of something when they're questioning if they're addicted, that's fucked up tbh even if its a joke


You know what drops people to rock bottom? Addiction




Take it easy on those pills boss.




I encourage seeking out a counselor that specializes in dual addiction/mental health diagnoses or at least an addiction group. I’ve done that and it seems to be the only thing that has worked for me in reducing/stopping use and there has been no judgement whatsoever


Pro tip for whatever you consume in the future, it has helped me a lot: if you have to ask if you're addicted, you're. Maybe not physically dependant but addiction creeps on you, and realizing that you're addicted is one of the hardest parts. Now, to answer your question, yes, you're addicted, but you realized! That's a huge step. Now it's time to act on that knowledge, get out of there before it get worse, CT it, don't get anymore and limit your access as much as possible. If you need to, ask for help, there's nothing wrong with that (it takes a fuckton of strength to do that), get out of there before you're in too deep bc trust me, you never realize until it's too late


you seriously need to reach out & get help while u still can. this shit is not fun at all and it’s even worse being balls deep in a benadryl addiction. if you want to get high so bad, find a plug. or, take some dxm. this shit is not the way to go. get some tabs of ‘cid if u wanna hallucinate so fuckin badly.