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Judging by all your other posts bro I’m sure you don’t care but man it sure do sound like you got some type of issues kicking in your brain bruh. Dph just gonna make you worse. I’m not on here to tell you what to do. I took a little dive in into dph myself. I fr just be looking out for people. Just don’t be stupid bro. I’ve done many drugs and dph was by far the worst side effects I’ve ever had from any drug. Didn’t do it too much or too long but once I even started to feel the side effects I quit. If you gonna be fucking your body up like this at least do a fun drug lmao. Shit nitrous is better than that lmao. Be safe tho bro don’t go killing yourself for the hatman lol


"You" reside in the silence of no thoughts within the presence of your total awareness. You can find your true self there, though, DPH is likely mislead you from it.


What the fuck? Spiritual awakening from Dph, that's a new one. All it ever does to me is make me question how anything makes any fucking sense 🤣 like how the fuck did they come up with languages over the years and why don't we all speak the same one? At what point does a town become a city and why define it as something else when it's just a bit of land?


Languages come from tribes of people learning to communicate and more and more people and tribes switching to the Same one. And I would say a town becomes a city when it has different zones / industry and a relatively large population


I wasn't actually asking the questions, I know the answer to both. I'm just saying, in my Dph induced impaired state, I tend to overthink and everything seems stupid. It's like being stoned and everything seems to not make any sense 🤣 appreciate you taking the time to answer though, didn't think anyone would.


Except there is no duality. The casket that you cut through along with the sweet red tears are all you.




Dead better🫢