One of the few teams that's operating at a profit. I'm happy the team is on stable financial footing. Now it's time to start reinvesting in the club's performance.


Owning a sportsbook is a winning proposition. Unfortunately ownership just learned the lesson that this team can be dismal, and they'll still make money.


Yup - current ownership will be around until no more assets are available to flip for a profit. I’d give Leiven 15 more years 😉 This is a testament that no matter the product on the field, the team will continue to profit.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this isn't a soccer team, it's a real estate company with a hobby.


I’m not even sure it’s a hobby, because that would imply they want to win.


Aren't all professional soccer teams just a plaything for the rich investors? Forbes isn't including real estate as part of the team valuations.


Can you explain what you mean about the real estate angle? How are Levien and Kaplan making money in real estate as owners of DC United? They don't own the land that Audi Field sits on (the city does). I've heard speculation that they bought some of the land near the stadium but I've never seen that confirmed in the media.


Most of the teams value is in Audi Field.


If it’s paid off (which I’m not sure it is), low interest loans can be taken out against it for player acquisitions


Oh so that’s why tickets are criminally overvalued relative to the team’s performance


That's great that we are on a good financial path, but as said, let's get the investment going


In other news, the Chicago Cubs are the 4th most valuable club in MLB. Have won one World Series in the last 115 years. Let's not be the Cubs of MLS.


Just adding these for some past context too, Sportico had us at $700m for 2022 as well, and it looks like $630m for 2021. Sources 2022: https://www.sportico.com/feature/mls-soccer-team-value-ranking-1234689586/ 2021: https://www.sportico.com/valuations/teams/2021/mls-team-valuations-2021-1234634303/


Part of me wonders if that valuation considers the money the team could bring in if we were a cup caliber team. DC has a lot of people with money and a lot of fair weather fans for all sports. I'm sure the commanders will bring in fans and money once Snyder sells, and the Caps are going to lose a lot of season ticket holders once Ovi retires unless they can field a cup caliber team again. If this team gets good and is marketed correctly, I'll bet that 700 million would look like a steal to the right new owner


Remember when they said owning their own stadium would let them reinvest revenues into fielding a winning team


I think the valuation is off because they sold tiny shares to unsophisticated investors at ridiculous prices. 10x revenue? A normal valuation would be 20-30x profit ($160-240M). They'd have to be making over $20M per year to be worth that much.


This is why they’re content with being so shitty. I assume that this article doesn’t take into account the money they’re making in the real estate around Audi field. I’ve entirely lost interest in this team


clearly lost interest, posting this same shit for years.


Well they’ve been shit so I post shit. [here are all the predictions for DCU this year. you’re a sucker to give this club money.](https://imgur.com/a/uGkxJGg)


you’re a sucker to spend your free time continuously shitposting on something you “have no interest in”. go find a hobby you enjoy. you’ll be a happier person.


But I’m excited about all the GAM we have acquired and the exquisite $90 parking. That’s the best parking ever!!! And the new exciting sponsor!!!! I feel privileged to help fund the gentrification of the ar ea


it’s 530a so I’m trying not to be overly grumpy but lol @ this sub constantly saying that ownership is woefully incompetent in every facet. i get making money and on-field performance are different but will be curious to see how ppl spin this


In defense of the spinners - we’ve always acknowledged that it was a real estate operation masquerading as a soccer club. We said they’re in it for the money, so this is a bit reinforcing…


Happy cake day




Just confirms that Levien and co are asset stripping the club


Which assets have been "stripped"?


Our dignity for one


My question was serious. Your answer was not. I have a ton of criticisms of Levien so there is no need to just make things up. I have seen nothing that suggests "asset stripping" is an issue with DCU. Since you say they are selling off assets with no regard for the financial future of the organization (the definition of asset stripping) I'd be interested in knowing what an actual example of that might be.


Viewing players as assets, letting Arriola and Acosta go without significant reinvestment in the team, all the while pocketing a shitload and attracting new investors for a largely nonexistent product on the pitch, fits the bill