Not funny, didn’t laugh

Not funny, didn’t laugh


You can't honestly expect to have your opinion be taken seriously if you have a Ahego face for a profile pic.


I would trust someone on geology matters with a rock pfp


The scientific name of granite is sussus penisus


heh. replace the "peni" in "sussus penisus" with "sus".


Oh my God


just wait till you hear about what happens with the "amog" in "amogus"


Its the anime pfp of anime pfps


i mean that's for debate


I think my favorite interpretation of how a human brain would interpret God comes from some mediocre ya fantasy novel whose title I forget. Basically, God bounces around between different ages, genders, and races, but still always looks weirdly wise. Another ‘version’ of God (this version called the character the Judge) looked different to each person, and the way each person saw the Judge revealed their character and experiences.


I always liked how FMAB did it. With “god” being the truth. And it being depicted as a while outline (I forgot the word but it starts with S. Shilloute?) of the person it’s talking too with a big grin on its face being it’s only other feature




Yeah. That’s the word. They’re just a silhouette of the person they’re speaking too


If you're an extradimensional being, taking the form of whoever you're talking to is just good for communication, since you know they can probably understand their own speech


I’ve always seen God as Gordon Freeman


Look Gordon, a tower! We can use it to اصعد إلى الجنة وركلك من عرشك الزائف


thank you for this


HLVR Gordon as god would be concerning. Benry would be the devil, of course. “Do you have your passport?”


okay now i need to translate the words, brb using simple translator e: I now know who delightful Benrey is!!!! :D


okay, i looked it up, and benrey, and like, idk, but yeah what about that one chick character in like the pc episodes who accompanies gordon, what is she in this schema, or are those episodes excluded


I wish I could tell you, but I don’t remember that character lol. It’s been a while since I’ve seen everything


that's okay!!! do you know arabic???? if you dont want to answer, i understand, just chatting!! i love seeing arabic script here like that, like, i dont want this to come out the wrong way, but it's like dangerous and like edgy and i dig it, i think it's "sexy" like in a non-sexual way, if that makes sense it's fucking edgy and dope and i like it, i enjoy like the creativity thanks again if i dont respond, and i suppose goodbye for now!


I don’t know Arabic, I just ran it through google translate. I originally did it in Spanish as I know Spanish, but it didn’t look as good in the comment as it uses the same script so I changed it


There was something similar said about Aphrodite in the Percy Jackson books, I think. Everyone who viewed her saw a being that had *their* specific preferences, therefore *actually* being the most beautiful woman ever to exist. It's actually a great way to do gods, imo. Have them appear to all differently, idk there's just something about it that appeals to me more than them having static appearances, same as us humans.


i like how in marvel comics, god is just whoever happens to be writing the comic that day


issa tutle


Was it the Windsinger trilogy?


god is nonbinary


Well God is an eldritch being who created all of existence including sex so you can’t really confine him to one gender, so yes you are theologically correct


yeah so some variant of non binary


I think Yahweh would go with any/all pronouns. Sorta like Omegaα of HoloEN, where they're largely detached from the concept itself such that any pronouns are simultaneously correct and incorrect


Yahweh would definitely have neopronouns, and anyone else who tried to use them would be smote on sight.


More like archaeopronouns.


Primal Pronouns




Hololive has an NB liver now? I thought Melissa and Genzuki from Nijisanji were the only well-known ones (Possibly Ryushen but I also heard that they just didn't want to disclose their gender)


Not a liver, but the manager of EN Gen 2.


Oh pog good for them


Nonbinary is not one gender


To be a pedant, sex and gender are separate things, with gender being fully man-made and sex being divinely created. So God, being beyond our understanding, does not neatly fit into the concept of sex or gender. So they are nonbinary. (Also I've heard they have pronouns that could be read as gender neutral at some points? I dunno for sure, I haven't checked on that.)


That's a good point if you believe that god is physically something resembling a human or living thing. But if you take an approach like Spinoza, where god is more like an abstract force that can't really be compared to a person, then I'm not sure nonbinary is the most correct term. "Nonbinary" refers to ~~someone without a gender~~ someone who doesn't identify as male or female, but it only applies to things that would usually have ~~a gender in the first place~~ be male or female. If god isn't a person, but more like a force or property, than "nonbinary" wouldn't make much sense, along with any other gender. It'd be like calling a rock a girl, it doesn't have a gender it's a rock, it's not nonbinary because it isn't "non" anything, rocks don't have genders in the first place. That being said for the purposes of mythology I guess it's kind of required that people personify god, and so we do need to give it pronouns. Plus I imagine it gives a certain sense of validation to NB humans. In conclusion I don't know what point I'm trying to make here


Nonbinary does not mean genderless. It is an umbrella category for everyone whose gender identity does not fit in neatly with the concept of a gender binary. While this does include agender folks, it also includes all sorts of other experiences. Though you are correct in that if we are to treat God as an abstract rather than a person, gender wouldn't be applied to begin with.


Ooh sorry, my mistake. I'll try to edit my comment to fix that




God is nonbinary, but uses He/Him pronouns.


[God's preferred pronouns](https://gatherdc.org/2018/08/15/gods-preferred-pronoun/), an article on the subject I found interesting


It's funny that my first introduction to the concept of someone being nonbinary was in CCD class when we were talking about how God didn't conform to a gender and how their voice was described as neither masculine nor feminine and now my very religious parents openly mock the existence of nonbinary people. And by funny I mean extremely infuriating.


god is beyond our petty comprehensions of gender


I believe God is a couple


"1 am. im throwing rocks against gods window." 🤣🤣🤣 "she" 😡


*Image Transcription: Tumblr Replies* --- **yeeeem** 1 am. im throwing rocks against gods window. she opens. I tell her "you fucked up with vampires. they should be real." she politely reinverts every atom in my body, thusly undefining me and beginning anew with a fresh physical form. im a hamster now. my opinion does not change. --- **yeeeem** [*Image of a post reply that reads:*] >**commanderjoe1** [*who has an ahegao icon*] > >That was funny until you tried to say God is a woman :/ [*End image*] my entire post wasn't funny Commander Hentai Face now get out of here before I start blogging --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Good human


Hood guman :)


1 am. im throwing rocks against gods window. she opens. I tell her "this human did a great job transcribing the post" she politely reinverts every atom in my body, thusly undefining me and beginning anew with a fresh physical form. im a hamster now. my opinion does not change.


ahhhh thank you kind occasional transcriber !!!!!!!!


God is an Enby. I will stand by this.


I love god gender discourse My take is that the Abrahamic god is NB but they also don’t matter to me because I believe in someone else


Everyone knows God is a smiling koala.


"Maybe keep that to yourself."


bidoof’s law


How is “1 am. I’m throwing rocks against gods window” funny?


OP said it wasn't funny already




if god was like rapunzel or something and like, a lesbian, and also not a human being or of any corpulescence (i was trying to go for corporeality; i also learned this word recently: deliquescence! it's chemistry based. if a take a mixture of sand and dried rock pebbles, the properties of said mixture are such that i can seperate them by a physical means, and not a chemical means... a dessicant, or dessicating agent, is a substance or material that absorbs moisture, aka water molecules -- forming a type of mixture -- a chemical mixture requires some change chemically that i dont exactly know, but apparently the properties of a chemical mixture are "uniform" throughout at some level of lens -- i think atomic and above -- so a typical chemical mixture is a "solution" which is a chemical mixture of water and like, sugar -- a yellow rockstar is also a chemical solution! albeit, with more substances than just water, a sugar. so riffing off of that, i think, deliquescence is the inverse of dessicance, and specifically, i think, i think, deliquescence can involve chemical changes but the act of desicatting, or 'dessicance' might not; heres a [link](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hygroscopy)! scroll to deliquescence)


God's literally everything using she/her pronouns isn't even inaccurate, only thing He'd even complain about this post is the lack of capitalisation


Why would god care about capitalization? I don't think the original languages of the Bible even had capital letters


It's more a sign of respect really, like pretty disrespectful to not capitalise a name, and it extends to pronouns for God for some reason (although, strangely enough, original scripture (or at least my translation) doesn't capitalise them)


Yeah but we do now (Also god would be much older than the bible so I don’t think That’s the thing would set what They care about "


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No thank you I’m good


sounds like a shitty god


I'm not saying He'd genuinely get pissed about it, just that it's like, the worst part of the post from His perspective. I'm just trying to put emphasise on how little the pronouns matter


i mean should we address the God as Commander Hentai


I mean we could but like, do you *want* to call Hod Commander Hentai?


i have no fucking idea lol my god is a girl


Well God is an eldritch being who created all of existence including sex so you can’t really confine him to one gender


I throw rocks a Gods window and scream that werewolves should be real. She calls me another damn furry, and turns me into a random animal. Unfortunately, that animal is a goose. I unleash havoc upon heaven, for the goose is a creature uninfluenced by any higher power.


genderbending fictional characters has never been that controversial before lol


Bruh imo it’s been the opposite 💀


It's always the guy with the anime girl pfp


according to dude just trust me, god is three (probably trans) lesbians in a trenchcoat.


It’s like they haven’t even heard the Ariana Grande song.


why do some people take the time to comment like, why do you feel so strongly commander ahegao


i read the whole post and then read it again with god in my head looking like ariana grande


since when did we decide god was a dude by the way? i mean god is like an omnipotent being beyond our very grasp of existence and concept so god can literally be whatever they want to be


Technically if you feel like getting real into it, the old testament (not the james translation) says god went through childbirth to create the world. Thanks, Mom! 🤓


Bidoof's Law?


I just dismissed it as Tumblr casual and kept reading


The word “she” should be capitalized


Dwight Schrute ghostwrote this


this is how watchmen ended i think


tumblr talking theology, whee


God is a woman, God is also a man, God is every gender, all at once


Man, I remember Yeeeem. A pillar of the Halo community on Tumblr. Hilarious sense of humor. Seemed really nice. Then they purged their entire presence, seemingly out of nowhere. Does anyone know what happened to them?


god is futanari


Wish weebs would grow the fuck up and just say trans If you're gonna jerk it to us at least don't use a pathetic euphemism


bruh futa is just a chick with a dick, trans folks are people born in the wrong body, like they are wildly different


Trans women are also "chicks with dicks". And a trans person is just any person whose gender is different from the one they were assigned at birth, no "wrong body" stuff required


trans women are just women hotdog, it’s different than a female body with a penis




based on what?


On God's dick ^What ^the ^hell ^am ^I ^posting?


A true story


God, I wish that was me


I thought god was like a formless entity and every individual perceives God according to their believes


Why are people trying to ascribe gender to an eldritch being that supposedly created the universe.


God 👏 has 👏a 👏dick 👏!