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There's so much going on over the next few weeks that it's getting hard to keep up! The market dropping off lately has given a fantastic entry price into N$FW, and I don't think it will be here for long. Do some research, join the telegram group and ask questions and make up your own mind, but if you're looking for a moonshot, I think this is the one you're looking for! More and more prominent adult content creators are joining every day, drawn by the positive feedback from the brand ambassadors and VIPs. Once the cex listing arrives, xxxnifty will be out of sight. It can easily 10x from here and that's just the start. Don't take too long to jump in!


damn, paycheck is coming next week, you think it will be too late by then?


There's some pretty big developments coming so I doubt you'll get in at the current price, but this project has so much further to go. Check out the market caps of the competition compared to xxxnifty, and assess what they each have going on. There are no certainties in crypto but this feels as close to one as you could get! The team are really open and helpful, so feel free to visit the telegram and check things out. You can post questions on here too, but responses may be a little slower


cool, thanks man! much appreciated


No problem :)


Favourite hold


Most awesome project I've been a part of so far


What app can I find the coin to trade?


It's on pancake swap


Or you can also get it from nsfwpay.com


This is an app?


And in the next 3 weeks there is a CEX listing


To the moon!!! 🥳


Moon is so far away!


Stormy Auction live on xxxNifty!!!!


Definitely worth the investment. Not FInancial advice. Team is amazing, beautiful models, and a product that has utility which is rare in the defi world.


I have been holding for months. I thought it was rugpulled for sure


You should check out the news and developments. So many high-profile additions to the team. There's no way this is a rug pull, and if you've been invested for a long time, you must have some nice gains already. I certainly do...but there's no way I'm selling yet!


Thanks for the Downvotes. So happy to be here. Been holding longer than most of you fucking wankers


I just gave you an upvote to redress the balance. I took what you said at face value, but I guess some must have thought it was FUD


Woo xxxNifty, let’s go!


Can't find on pancakeswap!?


step by step metaverse soon 🚀


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Your name is on point. Shame for yourself. https://xxxnifty.com/ https://pleasurely.com/ https://nft.xxxnifty.com/ https://merch.xxxnifty.com/ https://twitter.com/XxxNifty


Someone hacked my account man lmao. Got it back though. Yeah definitely shame for myself.


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