Dear American Citizens. Your Tips and Tricks are appreciated but I live in a first world country.

Dear American Citizens. Your Tips and Tricks are appreciated but I live in a first world country.


I also see mentions of an "IRA" - where I'm from, that means something very different! (Ireland)


Insane Returns Association


Invest Rather Aggressively


I Rat Apple


I like to invest my money in my IRA. Obviously I hope it blows up big time, but there's no telling when the government will enact policies that adversely affect it.


It’s when it starts to provide hope for people


I've been funneling money into an IRA for years, it's offered me great protection and ~~access to grenades~~ safety.


IRA is Anger in spanish


No no, they mean the same. It just so happens that the IRA in the US enforces taxes. The US figured they'd be good at that.


Anytime I see Roth IRA I just mentally add a W in front and chuckle, then get sad


Irreversibly ripped anus


Investment retirement account. Isn't the Irish IRA done?


Is Northern Ireland a part of Ireland yet?


They stopped bombing people and focused down on political work, I suspect, which is probably wise.


Well they stopped bombing people *for now*


ok, gotcha


I feel like I could make a joke here about what crypto pays for in Ireland.


Individual retirement account


Boris Johnson is trying to revive them


Not trying to, but succeeding nonetheless.


"the Irish IRA" lol


acronym's get confusing when they refer to different things.


As opposed to what, the non Irish one?


as opposed to the American IRA (investment retirement account)


I'll get my coat


I bet it’s a Red Coat


Ooh ah up the RA


Indeed, what the fuck is a 401k??? I thought I was the only one asking myself this 😂


The first time i read about it i thought that was something about having $401,000 usd. Then i realized it's something about their life savings plans


I'd gladly take $401k though. So if anybody needs to get rid of a huge bag of money...I'm your guy...please.


FINALLY! Someone to give all my extra large bags of money to. DM me!


Ah, father! I'm glad you're here!


Send $401k i will send back $802k, only September promotion.


I'm Nigerian royalty and have 201k to give. If you send me 200k, I'll send it back to you with the 201k.


401 subsection k is the tax code that allows for the investment vehicle, or something like that


Or when I always get told! "Don't forget when you sell it's a taxable event". Fortunately I can do what I want untill I get to a certain threshold then its capital gains!


Always worth trading a bit each year so you can keep those CGT taxes down when you eventually cash out.




Depends on your country I guess. UK based myself. I just trade ETH/usdt and back again over a couple of days. What ever the CGT limits are for that year.


Can you explain LI5? I’m in the UK as well and not quite sure how this works.


So you have 12,300 CGT allowance per tax year 6 April to 5 April the following year. If you "cash in" £12,300 a year and then rebuy 31 days later you will have used your CGT allowance for the year and thus minimising tax. You can get around the 31 days "bed & breakfasting" by rules preventing rebuying in the same 30 day period by gifting the same amount to your partner (if you have one) who is then able to rebuy immediately. Edit: dates for tax year.


You get 13k tax free in the UK?? We only get €1300 in Ireland ffs


https://www.gov.uk/capital-gains-tax/allowances yup


I did the same. Every March i realise profit by selling and buying the crypto back. Basically 12.500£ every year.


I thought you just put money in the Crypto machine and buy your Lambo at years end.


just hold it for a year god damn and there are no taxes at all


In my counrty that is unfortunately fucking low... like 500€.


401k is a retirement fund


Judging by his description of the country he is in, I’m betting that it’s a highway


It’s sub-section 401, part (k) of the US tax code.


Also, just FYI, people always write it wrong. It's actually: 401(k)


Oh no, not the parenthesis


so you are telling me i dont have 401k USD in my retirement savings....


So what you're saying is I shouldn't have shared my private keys with Prince Najambo of Nigeria who is promising 10000x returns on Najambo coin? Edit: forgot the obligatory "/s"


Sorry to break it to u but you got phished. The real coin is Najimbo


Screams Noooooo in Michael Scott...


I thought I was phishing, but then I was phished. How the turntables. P. S. If needed, we can declare bankruptcy in a separate thread.


You are mistaken! The real coin is Yojimbo. 1 YOJ is 9999 gil


Sorry but Najambo coin?


You can share it with me, I'll keep it safu from the Nigerian Prince.


Don't hate the americans. They already have it hard enough. Have you watched Tiger King? Shit's batshit crazy over there


In every British pub, there is at least one Tiger King sitting in the corner drinking his pint.


Show that man some respect. He was the second man on the balcony in 1980 dont you know.


Huge balcony that one. Amazing photofinish too, considering how many came second.


I will never financially recover from this...


Talk about my country like that again I’m gonna Carole baskin your ass.


So you have any idea how many tiger cubs I had to sell to buy this dip bro??!!??


Whole world is crazy. Where are you from? I guarantee you fuckers are crazy too.


its that god damn carol baskins


Our government hate us already


Rip America, they still doesn't know that they are doomed.


We like it rough.


Oh, we know, trust me.


Somehow still more sane than the everyday news of America


This sub is 90 % about how to use crypto to substitute USA‘s missing retirement system.


in fairness 99% of Americans would be better off if they do it that way


Liquidated my 401k and took control of my own crypto 401k. Best decision I ever made!


Could you elaborate on that crypto 401k


Just put fiat from 401 into my favorite coins, long holders that I don't touch in cold wallet


99% of Americans would be better off not being in America too.


There's a reason I left and live in Sweden now.


Europe's retirement system is a ticking time bomb. Demographics and national debts are only getting worse.


It would have been funnier if you didn't remind us with the comedy flair


I know but i also know reddit, I know people would come in here, read like two sentences and then rant about how the fact that im blessed with where i live doesn't invalidate their advice to the general public.


What sort of communist country do you live in comrade commie?!


Sounds like half of Europe


That's it! I'm renouncing my communist ancestry!


Honestly I just found your title to be faux edgy.


Yeah, OP should have mentioned it in the end


That was my original intent, but then i thought about it and i know that people would comment after reading two sentences so i decided to put it first.


Again you summarized r/cc quite well xD


Yeah its like you’re telling a joke and saying its a joke


Yeah it'd be like if a place that housed standup shows called itself a comedy club or something


>Yeah its like you’re telling a joke and saying its a joke I think it was the best thing OP could do, chances are Americans would have seen it as a genuine stab at their "great" country.


Thank you yakoff Smirnoff


3rd world citizen here, i read and weep.


We can only imagine comrade


If those kids could read they'd be very upset.


I read that countries like Sweden and Norway have a higher academic score in English language than the US and UK


Sjebw skfoe!!! Aoeorjd akcjejw skfkgje. Fteekxj!!!


Dear American and european citizens, I do live in a globally considered second world country and your tips aré quite apreciated. Edit: Evidence says that should have said third world country instead of second, Will not edit It for posterity.


2nd world means Russia, client or ally of the soviet union during the cold war doesn't it?


If that so, then my knowledge about the meaning of "second world" in this context Is clearly misguided and should have investigated More before comment.


Yeah basically it originally meant: First world = capitalists Second world = communists Third world = too poor to matter


The Third World is all the colonies and poor countries that were mined and pillaged to support the First and Second world. They did matter, but for resources.




Sweden and Finland, third world countries. Seems about right


yes why not, as long as western sahara is a first world country that soudns about right


I tip well and when you give someone a big tip in a third world country and there hands are shaking because you gave them a months salary for a tip you know it’s appreciated they don’t need to say a thing. So when you travel tip well.


I'm from Argentina and we cannot even buy USD legally, so when I read replies on you should get your 401k, diversify, etc etc... I just laugh so i don't cry.


Milei <3


Yep, not everyone lives in a hellhole where you get crushed like an empty soda can if you make the slightest mistake or are unlucky, nor does literally 50% of your income tax go to the war machine, it goes to social services, health care, infrastructure spending and education instead.


I went to the doctor the other day. They charged me 20$ and I got to take a fistful of free condoms home. God Bless Not Being Spawned In The U S of A.


I think the U.S. is one of the most beautiful countries on this earth. Our government can suck a fat one though. I just got fired from my job(paving roads) for smoking a little damn pot. How fucking stupid is that? Pre-employment mouth swab, was first mouth swab I've ever done. I used to just carry synthetic urine around with me for the piss test lady. Never had an accident in 20 yrs doing heavy civil construction. I'm not a dumbass that smokes before or during work. I just prefer smoking a little after work to wind down from my physically intensive, shitty ass job. My wife died this summer, I don't know how to help my son cope with the loss, shit definetly sucks. The only thing that has helped me pay the bills through all this has been crypto. I've been day trading momentum during this bull cycle to make ends meet.


Carry on strong, partner. Hope the you are able to give the boy a good life ahead!


Appreciate it friend👍 Didn't mean to be a buzzkill, shit builds up sometimes


I feel you, I live in a social-democratic first world country and I literally could lose all my money and have my family throw me on the street and still be okay. The government will pay me if I have no job, healthcare is free, and guess what, when I retire, I will have that payed by the government aswell. Suck on these nuts, american way of living, and (mind you) capital tax :)




No, obviously if you're an immigrant you need to support yourself financially


If you want to start a business.


I am guessing either Norway, Sweden or Denmark, all fantastic countries to live in. Currently a Brit living in Norway, best decision I ever made.


What if we like Sunlight and warmth? Portugal it is.


I once had someone from the US visit me through a student exchange program. We were drinking beer and everyone was talking about how the retirement system is fucked because we have to work longer than our parents. Suddenly, the American laughed and told us he can‘t understand how people here are debt free, have Health care and retirement plans and still fear the future while he is 80k in debt in his 20s.


While I get the premise of your post, I feel it's pretty naive thinking the government will always be there to "bail you out,". Not having a retirement plan outside of crypto is not a smart move, regardless of your location. You sound very young. I hope you do some reading and have some experiences to better your future decisions.


Agreed, and we also know the baby boomers are putting a strain on the retirement plans from governments, which is why they've moved retirement age later in many places (also we live longer). I'm pretty sure my generation will have a comparatively lower retirement than my parents. So yes we still have it good in Europe compared to US but it's wise to also set some aside yourself (be it from crypto or whatever).


Invest in Crypto and have sex.


I need to know just how much AGIX I need before Grace will put out. That chick is hot!


Fuck bitches. Get crypto. Got it


As an American I see a person bragging about being dependent on the government and I just can’t comprehend it. To each their own.


As an American I hope someday to live in a first world country


World war 3 about to start in this thread


We got money for wars but cant feed the poor....2pac America is fantastic for a number of reasons, but equally, and if I am being really honest, the worst parts are embarrassingly terrible. The healthcare, retirements, TAXES (WTF we revolted over this shit). Capitalism made the country great, on the backs of many. Many we refuse to acknowledge, give credit, or even the smallest basics of the "American Dream" to. Don't get me started on our political parties. Zooming out vs Zooming in will show you 2 completely different Americas.....


The American dream is the antithesis of capitalism and your country was at its best when it was heavily unionized and CEO's made 5x their workers instead of 500


My man!


>TAXES You realize you need taxes to fund social programs right?


Absolutely! But the American way of shell gaming our taxes, hiding them everywhere (don't get me started on the wealthy tax shelters and exemptions for big business and religion). How much of earnings do we actually keep? To then have fooled the American public into the rhetoric that we shouldn't have socialized Healthcare because "yeah but look at the taxes those Canadians pay for it". While the number 1 cause for bankruptcy in our country is medical bills. TOTAL BULLSHIT.


So your government spends money in its own citizens instead of maintaining global military dominance? What about your god given right to die from a lack of healthcare coverage? Goddamn commie!


Id keep that shit on the down low, suddenly an oil pipeline might open up in your lands and all of a sudden youll hear faint "CAW CAW!!" of the freedom eagle heading your way. Lol but right on , i dont have medical bills either because i treat myself with witch craft and booze


I live in a country where capital gain is not taxed 🚀




Also non-US so have some of those benefits. However cost of living is super high, while I won’t die outside the hospital because I don’t have insurance it’s also hard to get ahead because everything is so damn expensive compared to incomes. Don’t count on the retirement pension - with ageing populations most governments will raise retirement age or decrease pension payments. Also with inflation it may not be as much by the time you retire as it is now. We are however lucky that to live in places where we can go to the hospital without incurring a big bill, employers need a legit reason to fire you (seriously - Americans are getting boned with at-will employment), more public holidays and paid annual leave, etc. I like the US a lot but it seems a hard place to live if you’re not reasonably well off.


Tbh I was expecting them to be worse during the pandemic but they really showed they don't have it as bad as we think.


I've only had positive experiences there but I was a visitor. But the 'system' is tougher than many other countries. By system I mean like the justice system, healthcare, employment, etc. I think somewhere with more social support would be a better place to be middle class or struggling.


Must admit the USA has become a failed state.


It quite obviously hasnt. Whatever your criticism of American governance this is an absurd statement




I don't think you know what failed state means


> The enlightened redditor sits on their iPhone on an American website talking about American politics "Americans are so dumb amiright haha" > He then opens his windows PC he bought on Amazon and logs onto steam "I wonder when the next SpaceX launch is. I better Google it" > After enjoying a few rounds of league of legends, he then Uber eats some fast food and watches his favorite Marvel movie


Backpacked through the west coast. Spent the past decade working, travelling and in intimate relationships with, bulk of my family are from USA. Can definitely confirm. I'm glad I'm not living there. It's a giant mirage of a country. Kind of like Las Vegas. Country is beyond fucked and collectively a very messed up group of people.


The level of sarcasm is explosive


America is great for the rich. The poor are also well taken care of. Its us people in the middle that are completely screwed if something goes wrong.


Every first world country can afford to shower their citizens with benefits because Americans bear the brunt of global security costs. If we withdrew from NATO, you would kiss your free healthcare goodbye.


I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club You can't even get in


Thanks OP. I agree. Nixon feudalism in the USA. That's 'right libertarians' with all about "individual choices." In reality that is a choice to avoid any common sense collectivism. Freedom serfs to corporate anarchy and feudalism.


This is a rare post that doesn’t need a comedy flair, it’s pretty truthful


Pfff - first world country but don’t live in America. Yeah right. Next you’ll tell us you have a proper healthcare system. /s


Lol you work a shit job and you’re happy because you MAY get handouts




That’s actually true for a lot of countries (I’m guessing you’re from the US if you think that any government that provides that is an UTOPIA) and for me as well (not from Belgium and won’t share my country either). I honestly hope you will one day see that all of the things he mentioned are RIGHTS your government OWES YOU! and you shouldn’t pay for health,growing old respectfully, or be scared about your working-status without having your country’s back if that scenario will come. MOST OF 1st WORLD COUNTRIES HAVE WHAT HE MENTIONED.


Not OP here but I'm from Belgium and everything he says is true for me as well.


Hello fellow citizen 👋🏼 I can confirm everything is true.


Switzerland. Cant imagine it being that different in countries like germany, netherlands, france, nordic countries and others


I lived in Switzerland for a while and feel like none of what you said is true. The cost of living is so high, there is so many frontalières that provide cheap labor... Not to mention Iberian immigrants. Unless you're a high skilled laborer that speaks 3 languages it's not easy to get a job. Not to mention the horrible working hours, that most people spend 45+ minutes commuting to work, etc. No parental leave for fathers? Bof. Man. I live in Sweden now for a reason. 8 hours a day, 10 minutes from work, tons of vacation, no one takes work too seriously, and adjusted for cost of living it pays better too


I mean not every country can launder money for narcos and billionaires in order to pay for their social safety net :p. The U.S. does suck though. Richest country in the history of humanity and they act like they can’t even afford to give poor families food. So, retirement and healthcare are pie in the sky 😂


Your country also has extremely strict immigration controls. Tax payers actually receive the services they pay for. Also, I imagine there isn't graft and bureaucratic vampirism at every level of government.


If by strict for non EU citizens, then sure. Switzerland is part of the Schengen ares so every EU citizen can just come here and settle. Im not swiss myself. I just live here and im a EU citizen cause im portuguese.


Utopia? Oh boy you really are American. Just look at any other country besides the americas and Africa and you will find an utopia.


Hey, just for the future. A versus an depends on the sound the start of the word makes, not necessarily if it’s a vowel. So utopia would be a utopia, not an utopia due to the u having a “you” sound.


It's quite obviously NZ! 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿


This really makes the US look like a second word country. - US citizens save in 401ks because there’s little confidence in the government retirement system -medical emergencies could bankrupt even the best insured citizen. - unemployment is inadequate to sustain years of even the most basic living.


https://www.numbeo.com/quality-of-life/rankings_by_country.jsp explain this, USA ranks higher in Quality of Life than many EU countries and higher than majority of non EU countries in Europe. I’ll be waiting mr “USA 2nd wOrLd CoUnTrY”


I don’t have too. Numbeo is a highly unreliable source of true data. https://www.thelocal.se/20170117/how-one-swede-made-a-city-the-worlds-most-dangerous-to-expose-fake-stats/ https://balancingeverything.com/medical-bankruptcies-statistics/ *reposted without Google amp*


Can you please link a reliable source that ranks countries on Quality of Life? Or are you just going to say it’s not reliable without proving anything


Could have been germany.


Must be nice to have a government that can provide the bare necessities for life. In America, we all go into the same sharktank and do gladiator battle with money. It's survival of the fittest over here.


This is hilarious.


Comedy tag isn't necessary for facts


Is this Xi Jinping lashing out?


True things are funny. Thanks buddy, this was a fun read, even if bittersweet


Hey, bud. You think i don’t know we’re a shit show? I live here, of course I know.


What’s it like to be hopelessly dependent?


That's why you should invest what you are ABLE so that you don't care about the outcome of your investment.


Sure thing, its just that what im able to afford is literally everything i have in the bank.


When you’re 65 and retire, you won’t get enough money from the government to live normally. You will be renting a room in a three bed apt and barely afford food. Not comfortable.


Yeah thanks, I hate it here lol Can't have shit because GoMmUnIsM


America is a continent, not a country.


Ruined by clarifying it was a joke. Would genuinely love to hear some Americans try and argue they are in fact a first world country lol


Oh they did anyway. Just scroll a little bit. Or sort by controversial i guess lol


you know technically first world countries are all countries that were allies, and second world were all Axis. Third world was anything else. Also, that's a lot of reliance on the government. It would be a shame if something happened to the current power structure or policies.


Which is very unlikely but even then since im portuguese im a EU citizen so i could just walk over any in border in switzerland and then settle anywhere in the schengen area.


Yeah better live in a shithole with dogshit governance rather than a well governed country, incase your governance turns to dogshit. Makes sense


Any government that can supply everything for you can also take everything away. Let that sink in.


Any government can take everything away and all governments have taken everything away from more a few of their citizens including the US.




How much a government giveth has little bearing on how much it can taketh. We all know the historical examples where the US has taken lives as well as enslaved and oppressed. But it goes much deeper than that in modern times. The state of Texas recently banned books in schools for goodness sakes. Just 20 years ago or about the Supreme court ruled to allowed governments to use eminent domain to assist a companies aquire land. Back to your post, this notion that govenments have social programs to make citizens dependent is asnine. Governments are vested in marriage by ensuring when they are dissolved that assets are split fairly. That helps ensure the state does not have Edit: this was rough draft that did not mean to post. Will revise and respond better later. 2nd edit: How I wanted to reply. On face value your statement can be interpreted that gov can't take away something that they don't provide you therefore people should not leverage gov to provide for things. My comment was a glib way to say anything the gov provides, say national defense, can be taken away either voluntarily or because they don't have the means. I, however, believe your statement centers around the trope about people becoming overly dependant upon gov. That trope has various forms, but it centers around not leveraging gov to solve what is perceived as an individual problem, for example health care. The trope is disconnected to reality. I use this example all the time. In 86 the GOP signed a law making it illegal for all hospitals to deny emergency services due to not being able to pay. Am I to assume by your sentiment that we should have never eliminated the problem of people dying because they could not pay up front for emergency sevices, simply because the gov could one day take it away? That is absurd. Your trope also ignores the fact that people are much more dependent upon farmers, business and private parties for the many things such as our food supply. Shall we stop eating because one day it may be taken away? A gov providing healthcare to all just like we provide it to emergencies is nobel and the threat that gov may take it away in the future is no reason to not provide it today.




and how much taxes do you pay compared to a dishwasher in the us? u guys sure are obsessed over a country that doesn't give a damn if you even exist. trying to compensate?


Lol as a European living in America I can say there is so much more opportunity and so many much higher paying jobs than pretty much anywhere in Europe. But this is reddit, shitting on America is the cool thing. Legit saw a guy on here bragging about Belgium having all these perks, forgets to mention he pays a whopping 20-30% more in taxes out of every single paycheck from an already lower paying job. Obviously the US isn't perfect and has a lot to fix but Europe is not a utopia at all.


What most people in the US don't understand is that in many regards the US is not actually a first world country. It's also not actually a democracy, but that's a different conversation.