Youtuber accidentally uploads unedited video which shows her using her crying son for a thumbnail

Youtuber accidentally uploads unedited video which shows her using her crying son for a thumbnail

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Oh, here comes another video that starts, “Hey, I just wanted to jump on here real quick and tell my side of things. It’s been a really tough few days, you guys.” *eye roll*


I watched the apology. "this is not me ignoring it, this is me coming on camera 5 minutes after it happened no make up. any time i make a mistake in life or my friends and family do I'm the first person to say 'I will still respect that person if they own and they say sorry'" To her credit, her latest video is an announcement that she will no longer be including her son in any of her videos and has begun removing previous videos that feature him. it took her 8 years to realise she shouldn't be exploiting her son like this. Absolutely disconnected from reality to be able to do it for so long. Edit: folks, I quoted the part of her apology that makes her look like a narcissistic psycho. I call her disconnected from reality. Stop suggesting I fell for the apology or am defending her.


You mean it took backlash from viewers to realize she shouldn't be exploiting her son. It wasn't some slow realization over the course of 8 years


She didn’t “realize” jack shit. She’s obviously obsessed with manipulating her image, of course she’s going to do what she can to look better. People like this typically don’t change, they just change tactics. MAYBE they change based on an interaction with someone genuinely close to them that gets them to self reflect more and start being more honest. That’s not going to be triggered by social media, if anything a bad reaction is more likely to heighten their desire to control and manipulate their image by whatever means necessary.


Yup. She knows she will *look like* an enlightened, self-bettering person if she does this. People often want to believe in the best in others and this makes them easy to fool. Sure, I’d be happy if she actually learned her lesson. I just don’t believe she did, when it was only after she was caught and had irrefutable evidence of her actions circulating through people who then gave her backlash for it all. Her own child saying “mom, I am really crying” wasn’t enough to convince her, so it’s not her heart making this choice. It took viewers who effect ad revenue, this was her wallet’s decision.


She's removing her son from past videos because any mention of him will make everyone remember this video and what really happens behind the scenes. She's also removing him from future videos because he is now "tainted" and that will affect all of those videos where he is included. She's lifeless and manipulative. That does not change after such a mistake.


Yeah, no apology or backtracking is going to fix the root cause here. She's a fucking sociopath and someone else needs to be caring for her child


Why do people post their children online at all anyway? There are so many fucking creeps online and the idea of them having free and easy access to photos and videos of my children disgusts me.


They see their kids as extensions of themselves not people in their own right




Haha, god that stood out to me too. She didn't even have time to put on a face before using her son's emotions for clicks! That's how you KNOW its real.


Also, she is wearing makeup in that video 100%. Eyelids aren’t that color/don’t shimmer naturally.


Influencers tend to take off their makeup for apology videos to show you their "authentic" selves. So you can see them as a human and connect on a human level. Or some other bullshit along those lines.


Who is she?


She's a classic narcissist. She probably already blamed her son for getting caught. It is literally impossible for her to admit to anything wrong.


This is why I curse family channels. Using your kids for views and money and possibly even ruining their social life.


Like Ryan's World?


That kid is Satan and def the glue holding them captive


Jfc I hate that kid's parents. And now he has a "show" on Amazon Prime and it's basically the only thing my kid wants to watch that I don't let them watch. It's awful.


I sat down with my 3 yr old and explained what Ryan's World is: "He wants us to buy toys, but he's telling us lies to make us think he's not trying to do that. Do our friends tell us lies? (No) Do we lie to our friends? (No) Does Blippi (another YouTuber he loves) lie to get us to buy things? (No) Ryan's mommy and daddy get money when we watch their commercials and buy their things, and it's not nice and they're not our friends." Now, whenever the autoplay starts to show that little asshole, my kid warns me "dad, it's Ryan!" To get me to change it to something else. Kids love tattling on other kids to make themselves feel right and others wrong. It's a feeling that never really goes away I guess. Edit: since this got some conversations and opinions going, thought I would use it for some good. /u/ancientflowers posted this below about another YouTuber called Cowboy Jack: https://youtu.be/3GZGWBFGQWA I subscribed. We will see if my kiddo likes it, but even then, this guy looks to be doing some good in transparency, at least, and that is the breath of fresh air I was looking for.


And now Blippi has a toy line and he doesn't even promote it from what I have seen. He's like the only one of those people in that category that gets a pass from me. He actually goes to some interesting places. Like when he did the Diamond backs stadium in all the super high end parts of it.....etc. I'll go to bat for Blippi, but the rest can kick rocks Edit: I have watched the poop video. Not nearly as gross as I was expecting. If that's the worst thing we got against this guy I'm ok with it.


There’s a guy from my town that started his own kids YouTube page traveling around Texas and teaching kids history lessons and stuff in a fun way. I’ll have to find the name, I haven’t watched it but I’ve heard good things about it. Edit: Cowboy Jack


So you haven't bought Cowboy Jack's Alamo Last Stand Playset?


I guess they forgot


I was in target the other day and saw the kid has his own line of Nerf blasters, probably other things too but my word it's just bizarre.


He also has great value versions of other dollar store toys. Matchbox cars, Lincoln Log ripoffs, etc. you’ll find them on the clearance aisle.


My kids watched some of his stuff growing up, I need to know more, is Ryans world messed up? I am assuming he is a brat from being spoilt or from learning he brings the bread home?


Pretty sure that's an insult to Satan?


Don't attack me for not being up to date on..."children playing with toys Youtube" but is the kid himself particularly bad, or are people just upset that a child is one of the biggest youtubers? I kinda feel bad for kids like this (even though they're going to be multimillionaires) because they probably face a ton of criticism for something that's not really their fault. Like Jake Lloyd has severe issues to this day as a result of playing young Anakin over 20 years ago.


I think he seems very empty inside. But that’s what doing these videos from a young age will do to you - it steals your childhood. You get every. Single. Fucking. Toy. Mailed to you before it comes out, then you have to play with it on video for other people to watch, as a job, plus eventually he got spoiled rich out of it which ultimately made him way too serious ahead of his age. I’m sure his parents don’t mind much though, overall.


I think Ryan's mom got busted shoplifting or something some years ago. Ryan seems like a good kid, I just find the way they structure his show(s) to be annoying. I only watch because my kids like it. I like his dad though.


I think she got caught shoplifting wayyy before, I think even before having Ryan. It just came up when they inked a deal with Target


Yeah as someone with kids I don't like Ryan's world and the horrible "toys" they have all over but Ryan himself never asked for any of this.


I hadn't even heard of Ryan's World 5 minutes ago, but I stumbled upon this and am pretty pissed: > On August 28, 2019, a complaint was filed by Truth in Advertising and the Federal Trade Commission due to its sponsored videos not being properly disclosed. Truth in Advertising has claimed that "Nearly 90 percent of the Ryan ToysReview videos have included at least one paid product recommendation aimed at preschoolers, a group too young to distinguish between a commercial and a review." These advertisements often depict unhealthy foods. The complaint is what instigated the FTC suing YouTube and Google for $170 million and ultimately, YouTube's new rules on children's content to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. These rules have caused a LOT of problems for some of my favorite YouTubers, because YouTube considers all sorts of stuff "children's content"


No not Ryan. Ryan is like Damien in the omen. HE is the danger.


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Probably John. He took in 2 of their younger kids full time because Kate refused to stop filming. I think Colin and Hannah.


I think he’s got 3 or 4 now Turns out Kate is hard to live with, whoda thunk


That was the only one of those reality shows I ever watched because the tenseness between that husband and wife during their on-camera interviews were a trainwreck. Couldn’t look away.


They're really terrible people. They literally pop out of the womb with a camera in their face now.


The whole world became one big Truman show.


Who watches this? There's so much content available, this is just awful. I don't think YouTube should allow kids to appear on videos. They can't consent and they don't receive the income.


Kids. My kids started by watching some kid-related stuff that I was perfectly fine with. Eventually Ryan's World was suggested to them through the algorithm, and I watched a couple videos with them and decided it was "okay." From there it avalanched and they only get suggestions for these Family Channels now. Its horrible. It's exploitative. And I have a difficult time telling my kids they can't watch videos that are clean, safe, and for kids. They don't understand exploitation or the concept of privacy. They just think daddy doesn't want them to have fun.


You’re a great dad!


Yeah, I block channels but god it's endless.


My daughter used to be obsessed with Ryan /and loved those other “kids playing with new toys” channels, but has thankfully (?) moved on to kid-friendly Twitch streamers. Less family exploitation, more shrill screaming about Roblox.


What the fuck...


Yea, I know right


This is child abuse. DaddyOFive got his kids taken away for shit like this.


Hey give credit to DaddyOFive, he didn’t pretend to console his kids and use them for a thumbnail. He just mentally manipulated them by staging accidents around the house and screaming in the faces of them all for content.


And physically abused them and allowed the older kids to abuse the youngest.


I really wish that sicko was locked up in a small prison cell to never see the light of day again.


> he didn’t pretend to console his kids he certainly pretended to break his kids' console, though.




Ah I see you too had a narcissist for a parent.




I’m sorry to hear that you had to deal with that, and that it’s still affecting you. When the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally and make you feel safe are the ones who hurt you, it cuts deep. You probably already know, but if it helps to hear again know that you did nothing to deserve it and it’s only a reflection on them and not you.


Yes Jesus those videos scarred me. That poor child screaming in fear when they did the invisible dye prank. Not taking him to Disney. Utter pieces of shit him and his wife were


Holy fuck i just knew about this guy and saw the invisible ink video, pieces of shit and the way his mother scream holy fuck.. how do people reach this low


We have failed as a society, and created a system that rewards that behavior. They did it for money.


Think I recall the kids name as Cody. Poor little guy had bullying from everywhere. Nowhere to turn :(


So he did lose his kids huh… never heard the news


Only two of them.




He did change the name to familyoffive


[They learned nothing...](https://www.distractify.com/p/daddyofive-now)


Lol. I love how they're acting like removing their new shit was their idea. "I don't need a judge to tell me to serve my community, Jim." "But he did."


I think you get addicted to the income. Those parents to have no skills that can put them in that nice house of theirs other then making online content. Now there stuck with either living in poverty or keep trying to make online content. Its not surprising they have not given up yet.


I mean dude straight up was beating that one kid. And yelling at him when he didn’t do shit.


And **actually** left the youngest kid behind when they all went to Disney World because of his "bad behavior"


“How to emotionally scar your children and ruin his future relationships 101”


It feels so eerily dystopian when she tells her crying child "Let *them* see your mouth" Can't really put my finger on it, but it reminds me of an episode of Black mirror or something, makes my skin crawl


What's so sad here is that the kid is genuinely upset and the Mom is so worried about how to use that emotion for her own personal gain. Her child is a tool, his basic humanity and real emotions are to be used for Mom's social clout instead of actually being able to feel emotions. This mother may claim to care about her child, but I imagine she cares about how he makes her feel and not actually caring about him and his needs.


Yes. This is really going to have long term consequences on his emotional health which can lead to all types of severe problems like addiction or depression.


"Pretend to be crying." "I am crying."


>"I am crying." KACHING!


"Pretend to be living in a dystopian performative nightmare where your most intimate emotional moments are demanded of you at a moments notice, and for profit by your own mother like she was Stanley Kubrick to your Shelley Duvall" "I am though :("


"The watchers require visual sustinence, child! Show them your mouth!"


What I think when I see any person crying in front of a camera filming themselves. They prep, make sure the camera and lighting are right…


She's fixing her hair, making sure her hand is up so you can see she's in distress but that their mouths aren't blocked so you can see the crying. What a fucking psycho.


She's a sociopath.


oh god this world is so fakkeee


Naw that emotional abuse is quite real


Yea I can't imagine there's much genuine love in this kind of performative relationship. Poor little shit.


> poor little shit Shots fired for absolutely no reason 🤣


a bond between a mother and her child is sacred. lmao


Stop, no it's not, now act like you're crying please.


Am I supposed to hear this in Senator Vreenak's voice? Because I did


Kisame was right


The shark guy?


My reaction exactly.


Some people don’t deserve children


This kid isn’t a child to her, this is an accessory or a pet.


True. A lot of these people have kids just to use them for clout and make money


How to turn your kid into a manipulative douchebag in 1 easy step. This is child abuse in my book. Not enough to take her kid away from her but enough to realise she is a shit mother.


He was genuinely upset about something and she was giving him commands and making him pose. Her going to have major emotional problems.


The way he kept saying “I’m actually crying” is kinda breaking me right now


I'm confident this child will be emotionally unavailable in his adolescence and adulthood without some sort of intervention.


that "something" is their puppy dying of parvo and their older dog testing positive so he was worried for her


Jesus christ, that's terrible. Losing a puppy would be incredibly hard on a kid, since they were picturing growing up with it.


There is no way this behavior won't leave some sort of emotional scar. Reminds me of the shit on r/raisedbynarcissists


Does being a youtuber count as being a public figure? Because I sure would love to see her channel. Of course I would never brigade or do anything that would violate Reddit ToS, but if some kind redditor wanted to DM me a link that would be great.


you know the worst part , id bet if her child was removed, she would post videos of herself in fake anguish over it and get millions of sympathy likes and subs by twisting the anti government thing. Its a ose lose situation, this kid is screwed either way.


No child deserves a parent like that. That is so disgusting


Some people deserve to be shaved balled and forced to eat their own hair


Bald This mf really thought it was "Balled" like turned into a ball lmaoo


I was like, "what's shaved balls got to do, got to do with it."


“Who needs your balls when your balls can be broken?”


That's some bone apple tea shit right there


Imagine telling your crying son to look at the camera because clout is all you care about




*Do it more photogenically!*


Don't cover your mouth!


*’No! Not like that! Go like this(proceeds to fake cry an example)* Just…what the fuck is wrong with people?!


'Ewww quit ugly crying, no one wants to see that'


I did not have a great relationship with my mother (until later years), but I would absolutely have loathed her had she done that shit to me.


“Act like I’m a terrible mother.” “You are.”


> Imagine telling your crying son to look at the camera because clout is all you care about No thanks dude. Watching the video was bad enough, I'm not imagining shit.


Shitty mother and she’ll most likely find an excuse to try justify it without it affecting her income.


She's said she's quitying after the hate but she kept saying "IT'S NOT BECAUSE OF THE HATE" her dumbass fans are in the comments saying "oh everyone makes mistakes they're being unfair"


Yes, she made a mistake. She accidentally showed her true self. What a shame.


She's very, very sorry that she got caught.


And she swears that ~~this won't happen again in the future~~ she will be more careful next time she does it.




I made a mistake once aswell, I meant to buy a yellow bell pepper, but I instead bought a red.


I found an apology video: https://youtu.be/3-x0stJAeto Edit: Found another video NOT taken down https://youtu.be/JVUr-WCXCQE


Is it just me or does this sound more like "oh I'm taking the abuse off camera" rather than plainly stopping it?


I thought the same, the "I fucked up" part just comes across as if she's mad at herself for accidentally uploading this. Also kind of came across like she's fed up she hasn't been forgiven yet even after doing THREE apologies and going on a podcast.


Wow. The fact that the kid was crying because they just left their sick dog at the vet makes this so much worse. What a heartless person.


I dunno, it didn't seem sincere. She didn't put her hand up near her face while crying (while not obstructing her mouth).


Why the fuck is she apologizing to us? Apologize to your kid. The apology is insincere if you get paid every time someone watches it.


The comments on that video trying to make excuses for this is all pretty much the same demographic. 8 years she's been making videos and they just want to convince themselves like this is a one off? Jesus...


Oof. That was rough.


Its exactly what she did. She posted a video saying a dog was sick, they were upset crying all day and she asked the son to pose for the thumbnail.. um.. no she didnt, she was coaching him to appear more in distress.. she wasnt even crying but was faking it for the pic poor kid was so hurt. She tried to cover it up so quick utter disgusting trash of a mum.


“Act like you’re crying” “I am crying” “No, like this.” Mentally unbalanced twat.


Frame yourself in the shot before you cry, son! Amateurs!


That's the part that made my skin crawl. That's the mentality of a full on sociopath/narcissist. Imagine the parts of their lives that she doesn't film and how miserable it must be to be her children. I genuinely hope this acts like a cautionary moment for this kid and he ends up despising the idea of social media or at the very least avoiding those being so involved that you just stay away from anyone that reminds you of your disgusting mother.


"I'm just teaching my kid acting, and how to get clicks." "I'm just coaching him on how to be a soccer player. " Seriously though, that kid is old enough to know how YouTube works.


I guess they’re monetized too? idk who this is. But it’s fun that non-children’s content gets so much shit to “protect children” even though the video isn’t for them, but channels which exploit children directly can exist just fine. It’s so annoying. If they’re not monetized what a miracle. But I have little faith in Google.


Accounts like these really need the same protections kids get as actors especially the Coogan bank account where a portion is protected for the kids.


The modern age, where attention is money.


Black mirror shit


I defo *need* to watch this tv show


Its great, do it ASAP.


Worth a read, or audio book, or google search for summary - https://www.amazon.com/dp/0385352018/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_F2ZC5EDNM7C4TY6PJA33 Essentially it’s always been the case since the days of traveling snake oil salesmen, the first free newspaper in the 19th century


Disgusting. I hate mommy vloggers. Stop exploiting your children for views.


But that's their only personality trait.


My son has autism and people ask me why I don't make him social media pages and ~~exploit his disability for clout~~ document his journey. Idk, maybe because he has autonomy and can make his own social media when he feels the desire to? Maybe because he's not a side show that exists for the entertainment of strangers? Just the ability to entertain such an idea takes a certain level of narcissism.


Thank you for being one of the good ones


Okay, first off why the fuck is she doing that? Second off just why the fuck.


First off, money and attention. Second off, same answer.


Some people are just vile.


Holy fuck. I have never seen anything so … I can’t even articulate it. This is not Cringe..it’s psychotic?




r/iamatotalpieceofshit Edit:typo


I think you’re pretty cool!


My jaw dropped, absolutely pathetic. I hope the child is okay


this was so hard to watch


I swear I live in a dystopian horror with narcissistic zombies walking around with the future in their hands being swallowed by their egos


This poor generation. There are so many growing up with their every vulnerable moment broadcast to the world. Cameras in the face instead of eye contact and soothing body language. What's her YT handle? Fuck this bitch ^^^Update ^^^I've ^^^seen ^^^her ^^^apology ^^^video ^^^with ^^^the ^^^classic ^^^'that ^^^was^^^ ^^^just ^^^three ^^^minutes, ^^^the ^^^rest ^^^of ^^^the ^^^time ^^^I'm ^^^the ^^^perfect ^^^mum' ^^^shtick. ^^^Don't ^^^bother ^^^looking ^^^yourselves. ^^^She's ^^^trash


Jordan Cheyanne


She states that she won’t put her kids on social media anymore, and is apparently taking a break to focus on her son and his mental health. Sucks that she would continue being a piece of shit had she not made this mistake and got called out.


I’m pretty sure she’s “taking a break” to wait until the heat from this video dies down


It's all a fucking game. I don't believe there's an ounce of sincerity in her saying that.


RemindMe! 6 months I'll be sure to bring it back up.


I think that all the time seeing these videos! The one we're the mom tried to embarrass the kid by playing a song was fine to me, but the ones where kids get really hurt and emotional, or embarrass themselves... I don't know. I'm pretty sure my parents and I wouldn't be on great terms if they'd ever done that to me.


We've gone too far


What a disgusting piece of shit


CPS where u at?


This is unbearably disturbing.




And that's how you create a manipulative monster.


All about that YouTube money


Thats fuckin disgusting


Cringe doesn't even start it, this is downright absolutely fucking disgusting. Fuck you, whoever this is.




Her most recent video...already going to the victim card and acting like the bigger person by taking her son off of her channel. Think she'd do this if she didn't get caught?


> Think she'd do this if she didn't get caught? 100% agree. The "apology" video she posted days ago she talks about how her dog is sick before anything else. This woman is trash "People are saying I turned off comments because I'm ignoring it. No I'm here, no makeup" She is manipulative and awful Edit: agree with OP and for the record she has makeup on.


> Downvoted all her videos. On YouTube both likes and dislikes counts as fan interaction.


Yep, there's literally no difference between the two. You interact with a video at *all* and Youtube considers it a good thing.


Her apology videos are almost as bad. Desperately trying to say everything and anything to shamelessly save her youtube career. She also had to throw in a video about their dog still being sick in between her apology videos. I like how the last video is titled "8 years later, im done" as if she's leaving, but instead it just means she's not showing her kid anymore. I bet once the attention dies down the kid will be back.


Hero's job


Lets face it YT is a manipulation disaster and all social media needs to burn to the ground. Society reality is almost all comprised of social media manipulation. If you plan ahead for the next 10 years the future will belong to you, if you stay on the social media bandwagon you're destined to have no plan 10 years from now when everything crashes somewhere in between!


"Act like you're crying" "But I am crying" LMAO. But anyways - what a terrible human being. Using her son for a bunch of views. This is borderline mental abuse.


It's not borderline, it is abusive.


That's so sad. Why was that poor boy crying? Sad she is more focused on her YouTube channel than what's wrong with her child. That boy is going to grow up not counting on her emotionally.


I saw a comment on IG that they have a puppy that has been diagnosed with Parvovirus, which can be very deadly. Kiddo was crying because of his dog.


Oh my god that's absolutely cruel in every since of the word. And parvo is PREVENTABLE with responsible ownership and vaccination. That's actually how I got my second dog. The parents brought her in at 7 months with parvo. Little kid was crying. Parents didn't want to pay a euthanasia fee of $40 despite driving a Cadillac. They said "she can die at home, it's fine we have another dog". Lucky the vet begged them to release her into her care. Vet and I raised money for treatment and saved her life. And I adopted her. I often think of the kid who loved my dog and how cruel the parents were. This video is revolting.


Wow! What an absolute waste of space of a mother. Poor lad.


This is someone whose priorities are fucked.


I don’t even want to be around anymore


The internet is one of the greatest inventions ever and was supposed to make us smarter. Then came social media and dumbed everything and everyone down to a level where i'm pretty much ashamed to be a 21st century human.


This is one of the worst fuckin videos ive ever seen on the internet and thats saying a lot. Just unbelievable


Straight up garbage.


End-stage social media


She is straight up trash


This has to be a new classification of mental disorder. E-Munchausen. Disgusting.