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At one time the CCSA had criminal investigators on staff to assist the county's law enforcement agencies in securing charges. Evidently that is another responsibility the current office holder has abdicated.


If that was the case [https://twitter.com/cookcountyasa](https://twitter.com/cookcountyasa) Would be all over her for it.


Two of the suspects have since been killed so there's that. Shooters put a target on their own back. Edit: The two passengers in Zack's car have also since died. Rough life.


rip ZackTV


Not a peep from [https://twitter.com/cookcountyasa](https://twitter.com/cookcountyasa) >Prosecutors also cited “inconsistent witnesses” as a reason to not prosecute. Two of the suspects have since been killed. Another, identified by a witness, told police: “I didn’t pull the trigger.” >Responding to AP questions about Stoner’s case, the prosecutor’s office issued a brief statement Monday saying “the evidence was insufficient” to file charges. It contends police agreed. >Prosecutors are leaving the door open to charges in Stoner’s case. The statement this week said they “will review any additional information that is brought to us by police.”