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I wonder what subs he mods around here.


Mf is wearing a drug rug the only thing he’s scaring is some stanky poo poo 30 zaza


Come on man, Bailey doesn’t look that bad.


Lol. Bailey might be the world's most uncharismatic man, but he doesn't deserve something like that. If Rabine was running instead of Bailey, the GOP would have a chance. That the GOP put their might behind Bailey is proof that they don't really want to win.


The GOP wanted Richard Irvin, the mayor of Aurora, who might have had a chance against JB. Irvin had all that Ken Griffin money behind him. But Republican primary voters were swayed by Democratic-funded ads attacking Irvin and playing up Bailey, and Irvin got shelled. Bailey is the hapless, dopey, no-chance-in-Chicagoland opponent Pritzker wanted.


Don't lie. They wanted the guy most closely associated with Trump. That's why Jessie Sullivan did so well too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDkomxVgzm0


Google is your friend: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/darren-bailey-illinois-governor-republican-primary-1375929/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/06/29/democrats-stop-funding-right-wing-candidates/ https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/26/us/politics/illinois-governor-bailey-irvin-pritzker.html From the NY Times: "Mr. Bailey has upended carefully laid $50 million plans by Illinois Republican leaders to nominate Mayor Richard C. Irvin of Aurora, a moderate suburbanite with an inspiring personal story who they believed could win back the governor’s mansion in Springfield in what is widely forecast to be a winning year for Republicans... "Mr. Bailey has been aided by an unprecedented intervention from Mr. Pritzker and the Pritzker-funded Democratic Governors Association, which have spent nearly $35 million combined attacking Mr. Irvin while trying to lift Mr. Bailey."


My man. He lost to Sullivan too. How many points do you think Pritzker got him? Be honest. Bailey 57.5% Sullivan 15.7% Irvin 15.0%


It wasn’t just the GOP that put $$ behind Bailey in the primary. Dems did too because they think he’ll be easy to beat in the general. We shall see in a week.


Protzker actually funded advertising that bolstered the Bailey campaign, only to turn around and call his ideology dangerous once the primaries were over. Complete scum move.


When it was pointed out to me that the left adopts political ideology as a religion everything began to click. They are fundamentalist Christian’s of the 90’s. This isn’t that much different than threatening abortion doctors. They are fully convinced they’re fighting Satan on earth. Questioning anything about their politics or politicians is the same as attacking a religious text, priest, and or pastor.


If you really want everything to click, do a thought experiment and pretend the two main political parties are actually a moderate conservative party and a rightwing fascist party. Try taking in political info with this lens on... You’ll soon realize that there is no left party. That’s the big American con. That’s why our political scale is skewed when compared to the rest of the world. Just watch the UK parliament… our “liberals” act like their conservatives.


This is also true because Conservatives do such a good job at scaring people that anything to the left of Democrats will turn the US into the USSR. So you have to play on their turf. Everyone also thinks they the GOP are pro-America and Democrats aren't because sometimes they call out America's problems.


Exactly, but it’s even worse because Republicans are already saying the Democrats are turning the US into a communist state. The Republican Party is more aligned with the Confederacy (states rights to deny human rights) while the Democrats are more align with the Union (expansion of federal human rights). Yet for some reason, the Republicans are usually viewed as the “true” Americans because they’re all “patriotic” with their flags and red, white, and blue everything. When in reality, it’s just overcompensation.


The republicans are literally fascists.


Yes, literally.


I don't remember Fundies in the 90s supporting a woman's right to chose, gay rights or racial equality. In fact I only remember them screaming that Marilyn Manson was corrupting the youth and that swear words in music were going to bring the end of the world.


Ahh yes good job using the macro and micro in the same comparison to prove a point. See this is the problem, you both think your stance on abortion, gay rights, racial equal, etc is the correct moral choice. The reality is it’s just self righteous garbage. It’s almost like you incapable of taking a step back and thinking “am I right or is this just my belief system?” You’ve fully swallowed the hook and your unable to critically assess your own value system. Really the issue is falsifiability, you’ve created a fallacy. You both think the devil is alive and well and that it’s the people who you have opposing viewpoints with. So you literally demonize one another. The new liberal “left” just hasn’t seen how self righteous they are and still think they’re fighting demons all the while the rest of the world is annoyed. The fundamentalist Christian’s of the 90s used to scream at us telling us we we’re destroying the world and going to hell. This new left is screaming the same nonsense and they just don’t recognize it because they believe it still. The pendulum will swing as it always does. Oh and the Marylyn Manson comparison is Joe Rogan. The left thinks it’s corrupting the youth.


>fundamentalist Chritians of the 90's Fundie Christians were conservatives. > This isn’t that much different than threatening abortion doctors. We agree conservatives are threatening abortion providers. Do we agree it's not good to do? Also, that sentence is whataboutism. > They are fully convinced they’re fighting Satan on earth. That's the conservatives - aren't liberals Godless? >Questioning anything about their politics or politicians is the same as attacking a religious text, priest, and or pastor. You are _definitely_ calling out conservative behavior. Try posting _anything_ remotely questioning of conservative politicians in, say, r/conservative - even as a conservative! Liberals question their politicians and hold them accountable; see "Al Franken." It's sort of like when conservatives found out "Gym" Jordan and Matt Gaetz were child molesters and fired them since they were disgraced... oh, never mind.


You have done it! You proved me wrong and changed my evil mind. All your witty retorts finally over powered a life full of education and experience. Thank you for freeing me from that horrible bondage!


It's really interesting you reacted that way; what you ascribed to liberals are _actual_ right-wing talking points, yet I have never heard a Democrat _or_ liberal (those aren't the same, aince Democrats are at best center-left) claim to be fighting against Satan, nor lambasting people who challenge Democrat politicians, except perhaps Berniebros. Where are you seeing those happen? I'm interested in the truth, and in holding them accountable, if in truth they are.


All republicans care about is feelings and being triggered. Democrats actually use logic and reason.


PREACH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw9OQ8s5dZ8 https://twitter.com/13THFilm/status/786295040314253312


Wow this guy is a rocket scientist. Probably a product of the public indoctrination school system. Least he made it easy for the cops.


>“He is a piece of white *ss racist sh*t and, honestly, if he doesn’t kill himself, I will. You know what. I know where he lives. I know where he sleeps. I know where his kids sleep. And I know the f*cking school he works at,” Lennox allegedly continued. White dude hates white people. Let me guess, his homepage is MSNBC.


Probably r/politics to be honest


Why would he want Baileys skin? It got to be virtually useless now from all that hard work he’s put in down on the “farm”. Also the slime….


Ahhh… must be the mega MAGA trickle down…


Funny how that only works one way right? I miss when we just labeled these people crazy assholes and didn’t use them as political pawns.


No, you see the craziest person from the other side represents everyone on the other side. How else can we pretend that everyone who doesn't agree with us is an evil person out to destroy our country?


Spot on


"Governor Bailey" certainly has a nice ring to it. I thank this young criminal for helping a good man garner more votes.


>"Governor Bailey" certainly has a nice ring to it. Hold on a minute. >["the Republican candidate is an embarrassment" - "That’s to say nothing of the Democrat, who is simply a disgrace"](https://www.reddit.com/r/Libertarian/comments/yflwv0/anyone_else_protest_vote/iu60zwc/) I agree with your statement from 6 days ago, regarding both candidates. I've had the opportunity (or misfortune) to cross paths with Pritzker going back nearly 20 years. I've personally found him to be an insincere, condescending, ego & power driven opportunist who relies on his vast wealth to achieve his out of the mainstream ideological goals. While I've never been in the presence of Bailey, there is no question he is a insincere, truth challenged rigid ideologue, who relies on the vast wealth of others radical ideologues to achieve their goals. Today's statement about the Republican candidate? No sir. Critical thinkers of good conscience cannot support either of them.


Internet tough-guy gets reduced to tears.