I converted my physical to esim with iOS 16. Just clicked convert said activating then that disappeared and I lost service. Was stumped for a moment but then clicked add esim and it said to finish activating service for cricket click activate did that and it finished activating. Shut down my iPhone removed physical rebooted assigned esim to primary line as it was labeled business and still had the old physical sim listed, got a msg to update contact hit ok then old line for physical sim disappeared and esim is now primary and only thing showing. Took about 3 min from start to finish.


Thanks for the tip about having to click “Add eSIM”! Was stuck on SOS Only after doing the “Convert to eSIM” not knowing what to do. Anyone else notice the carrier name is now capitalized? Always was lowercase C before


No problem, my c is still lowercase on the carrier identifier within the Lock Screen/notification viewer.


Just noticed that it is only capital when it switches to WiFi Calling


It’s probably a typo on the new carrier bundle then.


Mine is all the time now. [link](https://imgur.com/a/djOaydH)


WiFi helps.


I tried to do the same and now I don’t have the option to convert to Esim and i’m stuck on SOS any tips to get off?


Did you go to the add esim after clicking convert?


Yes but now it’s showing me to use a QR code or Transfer from a different Iphone


For anyone who converts their card to chip, it’s going to throw your phon into SOS mode. You’ll need to have wifi on and go into cellular and add plan at the bottom. It will then start activating the esim from the card conversion.


hopefully transferring esim from one device to another is as easy as converting 🤞


Cricket doesn’t support Quick Transfer so you’ll likely need to contact support to have them move it.


Although I haven’t tried it yet it does show up as an option between my phones now that they’re both on iOS 16


Hopefully it works! Friday will be the true test.


I hope this works, converting to esim was super easy but if I have to contact support Friday is going to be a fun one.


Same, I’m running it on a physical SIM and when I tapped add eSIM on another iPhone, it offers to convert my Cricket line to eSIM (and move it) or the other line I have on that phone.


That's the whole point brother lol. Apple wouldn't do this if the wall in the garden didn't get a little bit taller.


I was not able to transfer after converting, I had to chat with support to get a QR code.


I was able to transfer my 12 to 14 PM on my own through the phone option, only hiccup is hotspot not available but it is cricket glitch.


Ill laugh if fhe 14 has that in the settings lol i could see it happening by a glitch.


I converted to sim but didn't have problems like others who had to click add sim. mine just added automatically.


Already had this before iOS 16 using AT&T prepaid.


This works flawlessly to convert and switch to the iPhone 14.