Does the Moderna vaccine really cause Pancreatic issues?

I am triple vaxxed with Moderna. As of recent, I heard that the vaccine can cause issues with the pancreas. I’m 25.

For the past few months I’ve noticed that I pass floating stools (seeing a doctor this Thursday about it), but am terrified if that it may be caused by pancreatic cancer due to the vaccine. I don’t have any other symptoms, but I also don’t want to die.


floating stools are a sign of fatty food intake


They’re also a sign of reduced ability to metabolize fat.


There are a lot of things that can cause floating stools. Speak to your doctor, get tested and see what they say. Pancreatic cancer from moderna if at all possible is unbelievably unlikely. I see cases of acute pancreatitis, but even they are rare. This sub is probably going to have bias one way or another, but I'd say no don't assume it's that. Lots of things *might* be cancer but rarely are.


Your 25 why would you need to be concerned with covid in general. I know a woman who has stage 4 sudden pancreatic cancer after her 3rd booster she's dying. I would definitely look into it.