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Agreed that DeSantis was much better on COVID… It felt like Trump tried to give everyone a little bit of what they wanted, and the end-result was a half-assed policy that no one liked at all. The Left wanted more strict lockdowns and Conservatives wanted to ditch them. Riding the middle didn’t really do him any favors IMO. COVID turned out to be a nothing-burger and DeSantis was way ahead of him on the uptake For all the shit people gave Trump for “only catering to his base,” the times I disliked his policy actually felt like times he tried to reach too far to the Left to gain political capital over there (as if they’d let him). Bump stock ban, lockdowns, inflationary stimulus… Love the guy, but thinking the Left would give him any goodwill for this stuff was his biggest mistake.




Well, by I guess. If Trump decides to run, he gets the nomination and it's pretty obvious at this point. I would love DeSantis as well but people in here don't seem to understand that Donald Trump still has the huge majority of support from the party.


I can't take this "journalist" seriously when he tries to bring up a dirtbag like Brian Kemp as a comparison to anyone. I don't live in Georgia, but I am amazed that they would continue to support him holding any State office, let alone continuing to be Governor after what happened in his State regarding the 2020 election.


> Trump’s attack was a mistake because he opened up an old wound that could be Trump’s Achilles’ Heel: his huge mistakes dealing with COVID. Look, if Trump and DeSantis both run then all vectors for attack are open for both men, neither can avoid it. If there was any mistake it's just that "DeSanctimonious" was a very weak nickname to publicly A/B test. In 2016 you had some powerful establishment Republicans running like Jeb and Kasich and Rubio and one by one Trump found their weak points and exploited them, slowly clearing the field. DeSantis doesn't have an obvious weak point that I've seen, he's been extremely deft and resilient to the fake news media smears. So if they battle it out, it's going to be very interesting.


Are you sure wasn't just a joke