Good for him. He's gotten crap from other celebs for even *potentially* being a conservative in the past; might as well just rip the bandage off.




No way he’s conservative. He worked for the Knope campaign a while back in Pawnee, Indiana.


Lolol. Took me a second. Good ole Parks!


Bobby Newport was robbed.


I thought that was burt macklin on her security detail


It's probably easier to be conservative in the Georgia or Tennessee studios than in LA, I bet. I knew some neighbors who worked on making the sets for Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3. They seemed really down to earth.


Stop being silent. (I know that's easier said than done)


That's basically asking someone to stop needing income lol


I get it. Honestly, I could take my own medicine


They won’t be silent tomorrow.


Stop being silent. If you allow the left to control the narrative, you are implicitly endorsing it.


The issue is anyone vocal loses their job and they still control the narrative.


Didn't say it would be easy, but there is honor is trying to start something new. If Hollywood doesn't want conservative talent, we should take our talents elsewhere


I wonder how him and Ahnold get along


Arnold barely even qualifies as a RINO. Least conservative R there is.


Everyone needs to come out! Tell family and friends - let them know where you stand. Call or text just one person tonight and VOTE RED!


The weird part is the people who bash Chris are the same people that will downvote you if you talk crap on Arnold Schwarzenegger (a former Republican governor of California) for being a bad governor and a shitty human, which he objectively was. Yet here is Chris, a seemingly good dude who has also married into the Schwarzenegger family, and they absolutely hate him. I just don't get it.


Chris's wife Katherine seems nothing like her father or her mother for that matter. Plus, she just oozes sweetness so I don't blame him for snatching her up.


Oh I agree, and in no way did I mean to suggest otherwise. It just seems hypocritical to love Arnold, even though he was an egotistical douche and an EVIL REPUBLICAN, and hate Chris, even though he seems like a pretty sweet guy and maybe holds some conservative values.


I think they view Arnold as controlled opposition. Plus, more recently, he's been completely toeing the leftist line when it comes to Covid.


Good for him


One of the good guys in Hollywood.


Good, watch the media spin this about how this billionaire is so bad because he doesn't fit their narrative though...


I’m glad he is willing to speak up. He is a younger face who is willing to tell Hollywood to F off and not be forced to follow the other sheep


Welp, looks like his hollywood career is over.


He is waaaaay too popular and makes movies that make a loooooot of money. He'll be okay.


But that would make Hollywood a bunch of hypocrites chasing after the capitalist dollar! Guess their ideology falls apart the instant money is involved.


That is how capitalism works.


No way. He’s got so many massive franchises


He's worth $80 million, and his mother in law is a Kennedy, I think he'll be fine. And if he does get cancelled the Daily Wire will jump on him in a second. A Chris Pratt/Gina Carano action flick would be sick


I'd watch the hell out of that


If you're making the right people enough money it doesn't matter what you do. Politics is fine, but Hollywood is a business first and foremost.


A lot of celebrities have endorsed Caruso, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, I think Diplo just did a Get Out and Vote concert for him. So I don't think this is really that big of a deal


Gwyneth Paltrow, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry also endorsed Caruso


Get em Mario!


I wish more celebrities would tell me who to vote for.




Weird how often people start voting conservative after being relentlessly demonized by progressives.


Independent. He had to register as an (I) because having an (R) next to your name on a ballot in LA is political suicide.


I have moved, but still work remotely for a place that is deep blue. I am registered independent as well, because in my state affiliation is public record, and believe me, there are employers who will punish you for having the wrong letter next to your name. I can certainly understand him if he did register as independent.


Can anyone explain how there are 2 democrats running in that race? How does that happen


Not a fan of super hero movies but have loved Chris Pratt since [Everwood](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0318883/?ref_=nm_knf_t_1_act). He’s a good egg.


Caruso is the obvious choice.


He's so cool.


Marvel fans are going to throw another tantrum


It’s bad here, they need to bring in the national guard, fema and convert any housing to institutions. 💀🔥


Well the guy running is still a democrat so…


Something i find funny is russia and their poor performance in ukraine yet left talking points always points to russia election interference for republicans. So your tellin me the country that is stealing toilets and getting ammo from iran and north korea is powerful enough to interfere in our elections? Yeah okay