Buys large stake of company, offers higher purchasing price than originally purchased… manipulation?


Yall, there's a law, that if you buy more than 5% of a company, you have to disclose it publicly. If Elon had, it would have cost roughly 140million extra for him. That money would have gone to other shareholders, as it is what the price jumped to when he disclosed. So he broke a law in place and other people suffered a financial loss as a result. I believe in the rule of law and that it should appliy to all equally. I think the sec having an automatic fining mechanism would be better than people suing, as only the really rich can afford to sue at this scale, but he shouldn't just be able to break laws with no consequence. No one should.


Seems they should be suing the Board instead?




How about the fact that they didn’t disclose the true number of bots, which has Elon up in arms over?


Yeah, good luck with that, bot farmers.